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Déjà Entendu Volume 2

28 Jun

Here is the second mix in the series for your listening pleasures with some world influences jacked up with beats and basslines. Enjoy!

Dfind – Déjà Entendu Volume 2 by ducks on repeat

Mediafire: Dfind – Déjà Entendu Volume 2 (192kbps)

1. Shalom – Riot Kid
2. Dirty Blonde (Malente & Dex Remix) – Femme En Fourrure
3. Babarabatiri – Electricano
4. Es La Vida – Daniel Steinberg
5. Didschn – Super Flu
6. Speakeasy (Beware & Motorpitch Remix) – Manaré
7. Rush Me (Format B Remix) – Daniel Steinberg
8. Mountain Ride – Wareika
9. We No Speak Americano (Urchins Are Multi-lingual Remix) – Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup
10. Bushes (Norman Cook Club Mix) – Markus Nikolai
11. Swing Bop – Der Dritte Raum
12. Bulgarian Chicks (Riva Starr & Jesse Rose Remix) – Balkan Beat Box

Ducks on Repeat @ Electrolaps

24 Jun

Come check out the second round of Electrolaps brought to you by Ducks on Repeat! This time with support from the west side of Switzerland with Sir Charlie (dj team) and RamDam’s crazy visuals! We’ll keep you on your dancing feet with Ethnic tech / ghetto electro / tech house and lots of bass!


20 Jun

Fabric 8000

20 Jun

And now for an after hour journey starting off with some techy ethnic steez onto some deeper darker stuff. Take a trip with us!

Fabric 8000 by ducks on repeat

Mediafire: Ducks on Repeat – Fabric 8000 (192kbps)

Balkanika (Mendo Remix) – Sabb
Es La Vida – Daniel Steinberg
Grounded – Style of Eye
Conta (Momma’s Boy Remix) – Sunnybeach Happyslap Mardigras
Face Down – Gaiser
Speakeasy (Renaissance Man Remix) – Manare
Fernweh – Extrawelt
Jackie (Solo Remix) – Mundyke
Hakazou! – Hickup
Twang Chung – Claude VonStroke
Tribe Waves (Miniminds Remix) – Dyno
Fancy (Popof Remix) – Zoo Brazil
Frelons – Sebastien Leger
Planet Nr 3 – Laserkraft 3D
69 – Harvey McKay


15 Jun

If you haven’t already checked this out from Manaré aka Riot Kid I recommend that you do. This was released last month on Youngunz and frankly susan I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to learn that every track and remix is bangin’. Grab it here on beatport!

Here’s the freebie: Speakeasy (Renaissance Man Remix) – Manaré

Ducks on Repeat – Kaya Burna

10 Jun

Finally we present to you our first dubstep mix dosed with reggae flavors. Enjoy!

Ducks on Repeat – Kaya Burna by ducks on repeat

Mediafire: Ducks on Repeat – Kaya Burna (192kbps)

1. My Story – Emalkay
2. 10 Tonne Riddim – Jinx in Dub
3. Jump – 16 Bit
4. Ghetto 119 – Dub and Run
5. Thief in the Night – Digital Mystikz
6. Wa do dem – Tes la Rok
7. Murderer (Diplo & Jayou Remix) – The Partysquad
8. Duck Jam – JFB
9. Get Down – Vaski
10. Whistler Choon – Bassbin Twins
11. Do Not Bend – Tek-One
12. Murder – Vaski
13. Something Else – Nero
14. Rumble Inna Station (Skream Remix) – Skream
15. Screw Face – Ruckus & Roke
16. Kingston – Bassnectar
17. Independent Life (TRG Remix) – Rob Sparx
18. When Science Fails (Rusko Remix) – Mike Lennon

Dfind – Break Selektor

3 Jun

Another breaks mix brought to you by dj dfind. In this selection are a couple of classic tunes from a while back on the breaks side of the musical journey as well as some newer tunes that are keeping it real in terms of breaks in my opinion! Hope you enjoy this snare drive.

Dfind – Break Selektor by ducks on repeat

Mediafire: Dfind – Break Selektor (256kbps)

Slyde – Jetset
Hybrid – I Choose Noise (Elite Force Remix)
Stanton Warriors – Bollywood Beatdown
Soul of Man – The Outback
Lo Key Fu – Gung Ho (Klaus Hill and Dopamine Remix)
Unknown – Painted Beats
Stanton Warriors, Bassbin Twins – Rhythm Rocks The Blue (Elite Force Mix)
Plump DJs – The Funk Hits The Fan
Jinx in Dub – Rockerz Dub
Journeyman, Barrcode – Blood For Blood (ID Remix)
Slyde – MGMT Bootleg
Bonus Track: Deekline – Jackson 5 Surprise

Round Table Knights @ freundeskreis

2 Jun

Come check out Round Table Knights this Friday June 4th @ freundeskreis in Luzern. Why? because they reprazentin Switzerland with wicked sets and productions. Recently recruited to Made To Play (Jesse Rose’s label) only good things are ahead for them. Check out their spring mix below and see you this Friday! peace

Catacrypte 2010

1 Jun

In case you missed it, heres a short montage featuring Vacintosh and Ducks on Repeat @ Case à Chocs. Insane zombie party!