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Acidkids – Greek Geek EP

30 Nov

Short review + Listen below = grab on beatport

dj ramin

30 Nov

Presenting DJ Ramin in the vicinity of Voodoo Industries, Wuzz Täzz Universal and Libido-clubbing.. This guys quite a legend around the Luzern area where it has been said that he can spin quite a variety of style while always keeping it real.. Check out this tech house trip below as well as his soundcloud. peace

Shemian: Der Besoffene Trompeter EP

29 Nov

Shemian presents Der Besoffene Trompeter EP. Out on Erase Records December 6th, 2010! Preview it below.. my pick is the JFTH remix!

La Charma EP

28 Nov

Here’s a gypsy/balkan tech treasure that was just released from Prince Club (ex-MadKidz) on Discobelle. Preview the submarine mix below and check out the full EP here!

Come together

28 Nov

Can’t think of a better tune to enjoy on a Sunday after a hard weekend of bass and tunes. Check out A. Skillz’s bootleg of the Beatle’s Come Together that he’s giving away for free.

And here is A.Skillz’s Beatles Mini mix that he did for BBC radio 1 which was quite a success. Tune in!

Introducing Urulu

26 Nov

Here are my two picks from Urulu whom I don’t really have any info about. All I know is these two tracks are highly grooveable!

Kookaburra (clip) by URULU

Greetings From Nazarovo (clip) by URULU

Drop the Lime – Hot as Hell

25 Nov

Drop the Lime, DJ and producer from NYC, and the man behind the Trouble & Bass club nights with a new release coming out early 2011.
Some Rockabilly fueled dancefloor action!