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Tune in to Greenmoney

30 Dec

Swick – Jogalani (Vhyce Remix)

29 Dec

Damn!! how do you spell b-a-n-g-e-r? this one’s a wicked sick Vhyce remix of Swick‘s Jogalani and due to come out on No Brainer Records end of January ish. Looking forward!

Joyce Muniz, Shanti Roots – Maluca

29 Dec

This Joyce Muniz and Shanti Roots track was released last summer (which feels so long ago with all this cold) – now it’s being given away for free via Jackmode. Grab it on their soundcloud! enjoy

freundeskreis label release

27 Dec

Here is a live recording of my dj set at the freundeskreis label release.. what a great night!


1. Meati & Meech – Favela
2. Pow! Pow! – Golden Circle
3. Filtertypen – After Laughter
4. Hanne & Lore – Morgens Fango Abends Tango
5. Enzo Siffredi – Song of the Dawn
6. Super Flu – Didschn (Format B Remix)
7. Max Bett – Click
8. James Copeland – Bowler Hat
9. Parov Stelar – The Snake
10. Underworld – Always Loved a Film (Solo Remix)
11. Bassanovva – Chicken Lover
12. Channel X – Stupid (Format B Remix)
13. Pizeta – Remzelk (Andy Kohlmann Remix)
14. Andhim – Drosselschnaps
15. Nick Maurer – Lowride (Hanne & Lore Remix)
16. Stan Garac and Piek – La Gondola

Check out the DJ set recordings from Simon Marty and Der Schlechte Einfluss below. And here is a little bit of footage from Der Schlechte Einfluss!

Simon Marty (dj set)

Der Schlechte Einfluss (dj set)

One for the Ladies

26 Dec

Was a bit worried at first when I read the name of the track but its all good! Swing techin’, out on January 3rd! peace

Bryx Mashups, Edits and Freebees

25 Dec

Presenting Bryx from Canada with a bunch of freebie funk jams, mashups and edits to download and listen to this christmas season! I call it heavy hip funk which is highly grooveable! My picks are the iron man vs outkast, we play the music and of course Eradicate. peace and love

Stanton Warriors – Turn me up some

24 Dec

Preview the new SW track on Zane Lowe’s show on BBC radio 1. Not so classic stanton’s breaks but still bangin!