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Tune in to Greenmoney

30 Dec

Swick – Jogalani (Vhyce Remix)

29 Dec

Damn!! how do you spell b-a-n-g-e-r? this one’s a wicked sick Vhyce remix of Swick‘s Jogalani and due to come out on No Brainer Records end of January ish. Looking forward!

Joyce Muniz, Shanti Roots – Maluca

29 Dec

This Joyce Muniz and Shanti Roots track was released last summer (which feels so long ago with all this cold) – now it’s being given away for free via Jackmode. Grab it on their soundcloud! enjoy

freundeskreis label release

27 Dec

Here is a live recording of my dj set at the freundeskreis label release.. what a great night!


1. Meati & Meech – Favela
2. Pow! Pow! – Golden Circle
3. Filtertypen – After Laughter
4. Hanne & Lore – Morgens Fango Abends Tango
5. Enzo Siffredi – Song of the Dawn
6. Super Flu – Didschn (Format B Remix)
7. Max Bett – Click
8. James Copeland – Bowler Hat
9. Parov Stelar – The Snake
10. Underworld – Always Loved a Film (Solo Remix)
11. Bassanovva – Chicken Lover
12. Channel X – Stupid (Format B Remix)
13. Pizeta – Remzelk (Andy Kohlmann Remix)
14. Andhim – Drosselschnaps
15. Nick Maurer – Lowride (Hanne & Lore Remix)
16. Stan Garac and Piek – La Gondola

Check out the DJ set recordings from Simon Marty and Der Schlechte Einfluss below. And here is a little bit of footage from Der Schlechte Einfluss!

Simon Marty (dj set)

Der Schlechte Einfluss (dj set)

One for the Ladies

26 Dec

Was a bit worried at first when I read the name of the track but its all good! Swing techin’, out on January 3rd! peace

Bryx Mashups, Edits and Freebees

25 Dec

Presenting Bryx from Canada with a bunch of freebie funk jams, mashups and edits to download and listen to this christmas season! I call it heavy hip funk which is highly grooveable! My picks are the iron man vs outkast, we play the music and of course Eradicate. peace and love

Stanton Warriors – Turn me up some

24 Dec

Preview the new SW track on Zane Lowe’s show on BBC radio 1. Not so classic stanton’s breaks but still bangin!

seijinx ruffbuzz

23 Dec

A track and a remix from two of my favourite artists – Seiji and Jinx. Out on Enchufada‘s hard ass sessions IV and Functional Records

dj ramin

22 Dec

Here’s a fresh mix from dj ramin featuring hanne & lore, tavo, shemian and many more.. This will most certainly get your feet tapping and head bobbing!

Stinj – Zumba EP

22 Dec

Tasty treat! Be on the look out

Balkadan – Generation Swing

22 Dec

Here is a splendid mix brought to you by Balkadan from Tel Aviv, Israel. It’s “a mix focusing on the House side of Electro Swing, spiced up with Balkan horns and Klezmer strings.” “It’s the music of yesterday with the beat of tomorrow!” says the man himself. Enjoy and check out his soundcloud for booking info and more. UPDATE – and this mix is back again, with a couple of changes due to copyright problems.. Below is the updated tracklist as well.. Swing away!

01 Tape Five – Bad Boy Good Man (Ft. Henrik Wager) // Chin-Chin
02 Cory Blaine – Hot Plate // Mixpak
03 In-Grid – Vive Le Swing (Rivaz Club Remix) // X-Energy
04 Isaac Fresco – Foxtrot (Mesdup Dub) // Guesthouse
05 Tavo – Hollywood (Black & Tan) (Tavo’s Nuclear Remix) // Bedroom
06 Hickup – Mitzvah // Sweat It Out!
07 Turk Disco – Balagan // Bucko
08 Malente & Dex – In Nightclubs // Exploited
09 Acidkids – Greek Geek // Acidkids
10 Will Gold – Swing Time (David Jones Edit) // Starlight
11 Paul Carpenter – Minnie The Moocher (Olli DJ Remix) // Spectra
12 DKS – Sing With A Swing (A New Thing Remix) // Pacha
13 JFTH – Modern Times // Wired
14 Slap In The Bass – Padrino // No Brainer
15 South Of Roosevelt – Get Lo Get Hi // Guesthouse
16 Goldfish – Wet Welly // Pacha
17 Zombie Disco Squad – Hobo // Play It Down
18 Round Table Knights – Cut To The Top (Ft. Reverend Beat-Man) // Made To Play

Bowski has done it again

21 Dec

Play this one out real good! A remix from Bowski for your listening pleasuras! Also check out the mix he did for WeAreBlahBlahBlah..

Last of all, looks like he’s on a remix mission for the Keep, here’s a unmastered preview. peace

White Noise – A Ying Yang Ting

21 Dec

This electroswing ep featuring White Noise, Olmec and Atomic Drop is out now on Broken Records. Grab it on beatport. Tune in below.


21 Dec

Boy 8-bit‘s Tropical Heat is out now digitally and on vinyl. The Roy Apron Dub is my pick of the two. Listen below!

And now for a moochy-disco bonus jam from Bowski!

Daniel Steinberg – Shut Up

21 Dec

Daniel Steinberg’s debut album coming out January 24th, 2011 on Front Room Recordings! Sample this tech-house delight below.

Black Rose – Anthem

19 Dec

Again, rather then writing up my own text, there is quite a good one already, on Made to Play’s soundcloud, about Black Rose (aka Henrik Schwarz and Jesse Rose) so here is a segment:

“This ad lib project came about organically after Henrik suggested he play live while Jesse DJ’d and after just a few performances, has been dubbed the best ever Live/DJ collaboration by Groove Magazine. Soon after, the talented twosome took to the studio with nothing more but a shared passion for infectious grooves and by casting away the fast food electronic sub genres that have been corroding the pure, Black Rose have sculpted a brilliant reggae infused single that is guaranteed to make your mouth water and your feet tap.”

This release should be out sometime in January 2011, looking forward!

freundeskreis label release

19 Dec

Join us this Thursday at the freundeskreis label release party in Bar 59, Luzern.. Featuring Der Schlechte Einfluss, Simon Marty, Dietrich & Strolch (live) Maverick Renegade and half of Ducks on Repeat! Here’s a little teaser made by lejoerg… Hope to see you there!

It Began in Africa Vol. 2

16 Dec

Here is round two of the “it began in africa-ca-ca” compilations on Kittball. Money spent on these tunes are donated to the African Children’s Choir. So check em out here! This release features 26 tracks from the the likes of Daniel Steinberg, Andhim, Tube & Berger, Rauschhaus and many more.. You can preview the snippets below. peace

Pow! Pow!

16 Dec

Here is Pow! Pow!‘s Larry Bird vs Bolingo Gringo bootleg and its a freebie download..

All that swing

15 Dec

Here are a couple more swing-fo-yo-ears tracks I found, brought to you by Sound Nomaden who is based in Münster, Germany. Show him some love!