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Tambour Battant and Mr Strom

31 Jan

Caught these djs in action in the Zoo (the ‘Fabric’ of Geneva) the other weekend. I was quite impressed with the live drum action and power of Tambour Battant. Below is some footage I filmed.. what a night! Last up was Maelstrom whom I’m more familiar with, also spun a splendid set. Below are a couple giveaways and a couple of previews of some upcoming and some past tunes from the two. Atomic Cirkus is the first track in the video featuring the live drum sesh.

_Tambour Battant – Yo! (Pro7 Remix)

_Perfect Loosers – Bandits (The Unik & Tambour Battant Remix)

_Teki Latex – Dinosaurs with Guns (Tambour Battant Remix) – freebie

Maelstrom – Atomic Cirkus (Maelstrom Remix) – freebie

Crystal Distortion – Bez Zar Jarre (Maelstrom Remix) – out soon on Expressillon Records

Monday Frisbees #2

31 Jan

I guess we all need a free tune fix every once in a while. Here are a bunch of tunes that these artists are giving away usually via soundcloud. A collection of what I’ve blogged in the last month plus a few extras. Featuring tech house, electro swing and tech funk grooves. Enjoy

Joyce Muniz – Dusty Spooky (Exploited Records Exclusive)

Chris James-The Swagman Returns (Dub Version)

Prince Club – Humpty Dumpty

Simon Marty – Tecadent

Jet Project – Oya (Holla)

Pow! Pow! – Larry Gringo

Prince Club – 303s & 808s

The Correspondents – I want to be like you

Django Reinhardt – Minor Swing (Don Johnston Remix)

Nas & Damin Marley – As We Enter (Skinnz Remix)

Daniel Haaksman – Tamanehro feat. MC Fodate

Malaga La-La-La (Frohlocker’s Sweet Duck Edit)

Hizatron – Von Glooperstein (Mr Scruff Remix)

28 Jan

This one’s coming out on Fat City Recordings March 7th with the original mix. Here are a few words from mr scruff.. Tune in below

“I was thrilled when Fat City asked me to remix one of my favourite tunes of recent times. I have played the original version (released on Berkane Sol records) at pretty much every gig for the past year!”

_Hizatron – Von Glooperstein (Mr. Scruff Remix)

Peo de Pitte – Burning Up

27 Jan

Something new from Sweden’s Peo de Pitte, out now on beatport via U&A Recordings. Tune in below this this broken step bass madness + a mix he made for this release.

_Peo de Pitte – Berlusconi

_Peo de Pitte – Burning Up

_Peo de Pitte – 2011 Burning Up Mixtape

Congorock – Babylon [Peo de Pitte feat Chronz RD Remix]
Luisa Maita – Lero-Lero [Seiji Remix]
Daft Punk – Derezzed [Breakdown Remix]
Bart B More & Harvard Bass – Listen to this
Cantor & Peo de Pitte – Mo Fire
Will Bailey & Mikey Hook – Turn out the intro
Birdee – Shake it
Coldcut & Hexstatic – Timber [Seiji Remix]
DJ Jazzy Jeff – House of tribe [Kenny Dope Beats]
Arveene & Misk – Love & Lust [Tag Team Terror Remix]
Phantoms Revenge [Peo de Pitte Mashup Edit]
Zap! Pow! Die! – Bounce [Fuck this mix]
Peo de Pitte – Berlusconi
Tony Senghore – If you came here [Peo de Pitte Remix]
Haggstrom feat. Terri Walker – Be my baby [Peo de Pitte 2010 Remix Edit]
Sonic C – Stickin’
Heavyfeet ft. Kovas – We came to party [Tom Stephan Remix]
Ciara – Deuces [NGUZUNGUZU Remix]
Erol Alkan & Boys Noize – Death suite [DJ Mehdi Simple Acid Edit]
Deadmau5 – Cthulhu Sleeps
Peo de Pitte – Burning up
James Yuill – This sweet love [Prins Thomas Sneaky Edit]

Herz. Willk. Amster.

26 Jan

Freundeskreis presents Herzlich Willkommen Amsterdam with special guest Homework (made to play)! Location: Bar 59, Luzern and here’s the line up:

22.00 – 23.15 – Simon Marty
23.15 – 00.30 / 0.45 – Jimi Jules
00.40 – 2.30 – Homework
2.30 – open end – Ducks on Repeat

Below are a couple of teaser mixes as well as some freebies from Homework! Tune in

_Ducks on Repeat – HWA Teaser

_Simon Marty – Mini mix

_Traffic Signs – The Big Fake (Homework Bootcut)

_Art Nouveau – Paradise (Homework Remix)

Urulu – Kookaburra EP

26 Jan

Posted something about Urulu a while back.. Check out this EP thats coming out

Daniel Steinberg – Shut Up

25 Jan

Stoked! The wait is over – Daniel Steinberg’s Shut up (Front Room Records) is out now on beatport! My favourites are Save My Darling, Chintonic and Atencíon.

Super Flu’s Pitbull Butterflies Remix

25 Jan

Here’s a lovely recent remix from Super Flu featured on this Dapayk Solo record.

_Call me names (Super Flu’s Pitbull Butterflies Remix)

Camel Jellyjazz EP

24 Jan

Looking forward to this release on Blotter! Preview the originals below.

Camel Jellyjazz E.P. out 10.02.2011

1. Camel – Jellyjazz
2. Camel – Jellyjazz (Mr Ho Remix)
3. Camel – Jellyjazz (Playmode Remix)
4. Camel – Jellyjazz (Pow! Pow! Remix)
5. Camel – Coconuts
6. Camel – Coconuts (Act Yo Age Remix)

_Camel – Jellyjazz

_Camel – Coconuts

Bassbin Twins – Skroo Ep

24 Jan

Here comes some fresh bass from Bassbin Twins!

_Bassbin Twins – Skroo

_Bassbin Twins – Blow Em Up

No Brainer Snatch

22 Jan

Out now on Riva Starr’s Snatch! Records – my pick would be Homo Sapiens – what a groove! Beatport / Soundcloud

Been waiting for this release too! Great pieces of tech house tropics to get down to! Beatport / Label Soundcloud – tune in below.. Really diggin the Vhyce remix!

JFTH – 2 Fingers

20 Jan

Looking forward to some new JFTH out January 24th on Wired! Tune in below

_JFTH – Two Fingers in the Swing

_JFTH – Without Words

freundeskreis presents…

19 Jan

Another event brought to you by freundeskreis. For more info check out their facebook group and soundcloud.. peace


19 Jan

Uno es tropical bass vibes, dos with mj cole’s tgv journey? y tres with what to expect with a foamo and randomer collab!

_Extract from “When I’m Tropicall, I’m Dancing”

_MJ Cole – TGV

_Foamo & Randomer – Pull Up

Dfind – Deep Sea Moocher

18 Jan

This would be what we call a ‘bloody8bit’ mix.. heard the term ‘mooch house’ once before but don’t really know if this genre exists.. cracky, bloody, moochy or whatever you want to call it, tune in to what  I’d say is a sequel to Bottom of the Sea. A fresh mix for 2011 including some new stuff as well as some classics.. Enjoy!

_Dfind – Deep Sea Moocher

1. Terry Toner – A Walk in the Dunes
2. XY-Me – B Acid (Bowski Remix)
3. Peter Horrevorts – Labyrinth
4. Rachel Barton – Goose Step (Justin Martin Remix)
5. The 2 Bears – Work It Out
6. Dub Dummies – Mantra (Phil Kieran Dubbed Out Mix)
7. Boy 8-Bit – From the Depths
8. Pan-Pot – Black Horse Down
9. Bowski – Leggings
10. L Kubic – Voyager (Frogs in Socks Remix)
11. Phil Kieran – Odd Ball
12. Made to Play All Stars – Yeah
13. B-Ju – My Sneakers
14. Fairmont – Gazebo (This is Kokuz ReChop)
15. Knuckles – Tragus
16. Caro, Dapayk, Padberg – Island (Noze Remix)

Mom & Dad

17 Jan

Great couple of remixes from Mom & Dad, the first a carioca tech rinser which will be hopefully out soon on Plant Music and the second a tech house percussion spitter which you can find on beatport. Turn up dem speakers!

_John Roman – Sala (Mom & Dad Remix)

_Wolfie – Summer Flex (Mom & Dad Remix)

Get flavor Christmas Pack

17 Jan

Yes it’s a bit late for christmas presents but just in case you missed it here’s a gift from Get Flavor!

Get Flavor Christmas pack


-Dakunt « T’a surdou » (Lorcan Mak remix)
-Harry Benson « Kudzu » (Raziek Remix)
-Stinj « Jambo » (Rishi Romero Ghetto Electric remix)
-Skipteque « Jaguarundi » (Original Mix)
-Deebs « Sir-D » (Dakunt & Stinj Remix)
-Stinj-vara lubirii (Brenmar Remix)
-Dakunt « Ice-Kube » (Original mix)
-Roy Ayers « Everybody Love The Sunshine » (Stinj Early House Edit)
-Timmy Thomas « Why can’t we live together » (Stinj Early House Edit)

A Bit Alarming

15 Jan

Tune in to this wicked tech house track by Biscuit Reality! They’ve also got a pretty crazy bio-story on their soundcloud as well as heaps of killer tunes. Also check out their recent Get the Curse podcast. The link and track list are below.

_Biscuit Reality – A Bit Alarming

Biscuit Reality – Get the Curse podcast

01> Cagedbaby – Medicine (Fine Cut Bodies rubber mix)
02> Fever Ray – Keep The Streets Empty For Me (Biscuit Reality remix)
03> Biscuit Reality + Fine Cut Bodies – Garrison Gallop
04> Radiohead – Nude (Justin Martin remix)
05> Biscuit Reality – A Bit Alarming
06> Robert Boogert – Assassins
07> Jesse Rose – Where Were You Last Night
08> Biscuit Reality vs AMB – Winnie On Acid
09> Brandt Brauer Frick – Iron Man (Lee Jones remix)
10> Riva Starr feat Noze – I Was Drunk (Biscuit Reality remix)

Citizen Sound – Wa Do Dub (Jstar Remix)

14 Jan

Here’s something a little different from Jstar (who’s usually remixing hip hop reggae boots). Tune in to this heavy dnb remix which should be released February 1, 2011!

_Citizen Sound – Wa Do Dub (Jstar Remix)

Jerome Ferry – JF Airlines (Tavo Jackin the Plane Remix)

13 Jan

_Jerome Ferry – JF Airlines (Tavo Jackin the Plane Remix)