Tambour Battant and Mr Strom

31 Jan

Caught these djs in action in the Zoo (the ‘Fabric’ of Geneva) the other weekend. I was quite impressed with the live drum action and power of Tambour Battant. Below is some footage I filmed.. what a night! Last up was Maelstrom whom I’m more familiar with, also spun a splendid set. Below are a couple giveaways and a couple of previews of some upcoming and some past tunes from the two. Atomic Cirkus is the first track in the video featuring the live drum sesh.

_Tambour Battant – Yo! (Pro7 Remix)

_Perfect Loosers – Bandits (The Unik & Tambour Battant Remix)

_Teki Latex – Dinosaurs with Guns (Tambour Battant Remix) – freebie

Maelstrom – Atomic Cirkus (Maelstrom Remix) – freebie

Crystal Distortion – Bez Zar Jarre (Maelstrom Remix) – out soon on Expressillon Records

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