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HeavyFeet – V’s Up

12 Jan

Tune in to this new HeavyFeet release on Stamp Beats featuring remixes from RacknRuin and Markus Visionary. Find it on beatport and sample the mini mix below. Also grab the original mix which is a freebie!

_HeavyFeet – V’s Up Minimix

_HeavyFeet – V’s Up

Göndmolchliab Technostubete

12 Jan

This Saturday is the Göndmolchliab Label night at the Sedel, Luzern. Featuring Lu K, Der Schlechte Einfluss, Dubstep, Ramin and Dietrich & Strolch (freundeskreis) plus Suffix on the visuals. If you haven’t heard of these parties and this location, you best get going!

D3viant Ways

11 Jan

Introducing D3viant Ways aka Jonny Riga from Geneva, Switzerland. Only just heard of this guy through Oh My Days and frankly I am quite impressed with his productions, being that he has just recently begun! Tune in below to these two dubstep gems, one a d.r.e bootleg and the other a roots-step freebie.

_Dr. Dre – Next Episode (D3viant Ways Bootleg)

_D3viant Ways – Release the Lion

Fake Blood – Medieval

11 Jan

The song says it all.. looking forward to a new EP, stoked on some new Fake Blood!


10 Jan

I became a fan of this guy after hearing River’s Fate. Here is a little description of his style, I quote from his soundcloud:

“Imagine, if you can, a fusion of punk, rave, jazz, minimal, Eastern European folk music, classic house and swinging 60s soundtracks fueled by the a passionate love for found sounds and eccentric experimentation. If you can imagine that, you’re getting close.”

Below are a few previews of his stuff including a teaser for his new album ‘Meteorology’ which will be released in February. Also drop by his website and myspace. Enjoy

New Years Footage

7 Jan

Check out some footage of the rave we mixed in over New Years! Took place in a closed down factory hall that we rinsed with bass and several hundred people within 20 minutes of entering. What a night!

Joyce Muniz – Spooky Dusty

7 Jan

Tune in to this spooky Dusty Springfield bootleg preview from the one and only Joyce Muniz! On ExploitedUPDATE: Exploited Records / Joyce Muniz is now giving this track away for free exclusively! Download link’s below, enjoy!

_Joyce Muniz – Spooky Dusty


7 Jan

One of my new found favourites of 2010, I present to you Seiji with a few giveaways. Check out his soundcloud and website to preview more tracks and to find lots of goodies! Also below is his seiji 2 mix that he did for the straylight/weedkiller release. Bangin’! and here the tracklist.

_Seiji – Whiskey

_Seiji – Seiji 2 Mix


Seiji – Whiskey

Seiji – The King

The Correspondents

6 Jan

If you haven’t heard of this duo already, today is your lucky day. I would define their music as electro swing hop n bass but have a listen yourself to form your own opinion. They are being very generous and letting you download all three of these tracks! (the first one’s a 128 unfortunately but the others are high quality) Check out their myspace and soundcloud for more info. Also below is a short introduction video of them..

_The Correspondents – Look what you get

_The Correspondents – I want to be like you

_The Correspondents – Ah ha


5 Jan

I first heard about this guy after he remixed Amadou et Mariam a while back. Go check it out, its a freebie. He is a DJ and producer from Rennes/Montpellier, France according to his soundcloud. A fan of bassmusic and on the label Get Flavor who have got producers such as Stinj, Deebs and Harry Benson. Below are two recent choones from Dakunt. Enjoy

_Dakunt – Dedja

_Dakunt – Del plata

G Swing Remixes

5 Jan

Out on beatport January 5th! Remixes from Payme and Basement Freaks.

Krafty Kuts Relicks and Rerubs

4 Jan

Here are a couple Krafty edit giveaways. Party masher electro breaks to get the crowd goin’..

_Afrojack – Pacha on Acid (Krafty Kuts Bonkers Vocal Re-rub

_Ou Est Le Swimming Pool – Dance the way I feel (Armand van Helden mix – Krafty Kuts Electro Re-lick)

Tavo Remixes

3 Jan

Here are two very lovely remixes from columbian producer Tavo! Very looking forward to these two releases which will be out in the near future on Wired and Erase Records.

_James Curd – Be my Baby (Tavo scratch the sh*t out of this Remix)

_Enzo Siffredi – Song of the Dawn (Tavo Remix)

Noisia – Alpha Centurai (Elite Force Revamp)

3 Jan

Here’s an Elite Force new years giveaway! Enjoy..

Noisia – Alpha Centurai (Elite Force Revamp)

Popof – Wax Machine EP

2 Jan

Tune in to the new Popof EP released on Form Digital. Below are my picks and here’s the beatport link.