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G-Swing 003 sampler // James Curd

31 May

Sample of the 5 new songs by Greenskeepers for the new G-Swing 003!
1. Caper Full
2. Sucka
3. Religion
4. Bang In Your Face
5. Caper Instrumental

_G-Swing 003 sampler

Introducing Loonic

30 May

More music, less words. Check this tech from Loonic on Discotech Records!

_Loonic – Ring

_Danny Jay – Alright (Loonic Remix)

_Loonic – Second Chance

ZZT – ZZafrika Remixes

28 May

Looking forward to the remix ep from ZZT’s ZZafrika out on Turbo Recordings May 31st! There are a couple of goods ones but my pick at the moment would be the Gesaffelstein remix! Banger.. Here is a deep message from Tiga:

100 years ago i had a dream: release music I love, with pro graphics, without going bankrupt. 100 12inches later, Turbo stands high on the rubble of crumbled empires: Mo’Wax, Factory, EMI all dead in our wake…. we will never give up the fight: music we love,.dressed for success, format-democratic, NEVER going bankrupt. Climbing to the stars, 300 copies at a time. it’s just us and Jack White, motherfuckers… bring on the next 100. See you in 2017.

Love from Montreal, 

Dynamode: Bing Bam Boo

27 May

A new artist on Erase from the UK: Dynamode 
‘Bing Bam Boo’ a really house killer track with two Great Remixes: 
Shemian from Germany, System Rec and Cr2 with a House dancefloor bomb rmx.The second one is our Favourite Producer with South American roots, Tavo. He delivers a huge Cumbia rmx influenced by a great local Colombian Latin Band!

Released by: Erase 
Release/catalogue number: ER165 
Release date: May 23, 2011 

Nick Monaco – Emailing Tijuana / Boom Soul! EP

26 May

Tune in to this new Nick Monaco EP out on Dementomori with remixes from Manaré, Ardalan, Meatie & Meech (whom we had the pleasure to mix with last weekend – thanks again!), Femme En Fourrure and Poupon. Now for a little s-cloud knicked text about Nick Monaco:

Nick Monaco began his career as a DJ/Producer at the ripe age of 13, scratching his dad’s prized Queen records. He quickly became a connoisseur of hip-hop culture, studying the old school dogmatically. At the age of 15, when he could afford a Roland keyboard, he began making hip-hop and r&b beats.

Nick Monaco hails from northern California’s Bay Area, the cradle of hella, hyphy, and 808-heavy house. Monaco quickly discovered San Francisco’s dirtybird records who managed to seamlessly weave all three into what he refers to as “hella hyphy house.”

Monaco’s sound is very friendly to booty’s, hips, and everything in between. His name should make it somewhere into your vocabulary in the near future.

Release date: June 6, 2011

Ducks on Repeat // Strichpunkt Vol 2

25 May

Here is a live recording of the warm-up set we did for Schlachthofbronx and Hood Regulators earlier this May at Strichpunkt.. Something a bit more heavy and tropical bassy! Quack

_Ducks on Repeat // Strichpunkt Vol 2

The 2 Bears: Bear Hug (Annie Mac Special Delivery)

25 May

Have a listen to the 2 Bears have a chat and preview with Annie Mac about their new track “Bear Hug”. Looking forward to the release on Southern Fried, May 30th! Enjoy

_The 2 Bears: Bear Hug (Annie Mac Special Delivery)

One Hump Or Two – Detrot Grand Pubarz – ZDS Boot

25 May

Here’s a funny freebie bootleg of DGP‘s One Hump or Two that Zombie Disco Squad are giving away. Enjoy!

_Detrot Grand Pubarz – One Hump or Two (ZDS Bootleg)

Bongo Banda – Cat Parade EP

24 May

Swing to this groove to this swing on DubNoir music with a new release from Bongo Banda. Releasing his first EP on Dubnoir Music titled “Cat Parade“, Bongo Banda hails from Russia, and is making quite a name for him self using elements of swing, funk, tropic and afro styled music combining it with quality tech house. Also featured is a remix from Sick Jargon. Tune in below and be on the look out for a June 20th release!

Sascha Braemer – People

24 May

Artist: Sascha Braemer
Track: People
Label: Stil vor Talent (SVT059)

Video by: Kowski Media
Illustration by: Christian “Lake” Wahle
Track w&p by: Sascha Braemer & Dan Caster
Vocals by: Niconé

James Curd – Party Over Here ( Remix)

24 May

The original from GreenskeepersJames Curd was a great one and so is this one! Now for some words from the president or himself: I did this remix a long long time ago – I think a short time after our new orleans track! The greenskeepers liked the remix but it was never released. This is why I now am giving it to you as a free gift!

_James Curd – Party Over Here ( Remix)

Introducing incontroL

23 May

Introducing incontroL – a french producer, jazz enthusiast and the guy behind Below are a few of his productions which he claims are works in progress. Enjoy!

Enzo Siffredi – Green Smoke

19 May

These days you can always count on another satisfying Enzo Siffredi tech groove.. This one’s out on Wired May 23rd!

_Enzo Siffredi – Green Smoke

Nat Self – Dinner Party on the Moon EP

18 May

Tune in to a debut release on Jackmode from half man half zombie, Nat Self! I’d imagine a jungle oasis floating in outer space with a tribe called house. Tune in below along with remixes from Rachel Barton and Hanne & Lore.

Hickup – Bikini

18 May

Tune in to another great tech groove from Hickup – they never seem disappoint! And they were kind enough to give a free 320 of it.

_Hickup – Bikini

Mahala Rai Banda vs TrockenSaft – Mahalageasca (Club Mix)

17 May

Here us free release number three from KDB Records with TrockenSaft on the Tech to Balkan mission. Preview it below and hit up pdj for the free download!

_Mahala Rai Banda vs TrockenSaft – Mahalageasca (Club Mix)

Rico Tubbs – Hot Girls Dope Boys (Maatela Bootleg)

17 May

Another bootleg from Maatela to giveaway, this time of Rico Tubbs‘ Hot Girls Dope Boys which came out on the original Gangsters LP! Keeping the old fresh to go. Listen and download below.

_Rico Tubbs – Hot Girls Dope Boys (Maatela Bootleg)

Parov Stelar – La Fête EP

17 May

And another welcomed Parov Stelar release on Etage Noir out now. Snatch your copy at beatport! Below are some words from the label..

Many People are asking for the new album of Parov Stelar – and yes, it´s coming in October 2011 – and for sure it goes in a different direction than his clubtunes. But before the new longplayer comes….you get a new EP with the most powerful basslines Parov ever did. If you like „The Paris Swing Box“ you will fall in love with „LA FETE EP“… Beside the two brand new tracks „Diamonds“ and „LE PIAF“ you get a special remix of the 2004 released „WANNA GET“! Let the sun shine…and play it loud!

Pizeta // Tikitaka

13 May

A new single from Pizeta out on Autan Records now with remixes from Apparell, Berny, Modz and more.

_Pizeta – Tikitaka

Pow! Pow! – Watego EP

13 May

Quite pleased to hear another release from Pow! Pow! on Blotter with some groove munching tech house that suits the approaching warmth outside. You know the drill, ear it then head to beatport!