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Papa was a Rolling Stone (Drauf und Dran Bootleg)

31 Dec

Drauf und Dran on bootleg duty with this classic tune by Temptations! Also check out a bunch of xmas bonus giveaways below. Enjoy

_Temptations – Papa was a Rolling Stone (Drauf und Dran Bootleg)

Bonus giveaways

_Phil d’bit & Sebastiano Sedda – We did it again

_La Caravane Passe – Bulibasha (DJ Click Remix) vs Daft Punk Bootleg

_Diego Quintero – Minimal Revenge

Erotic Discourse (Wolfie Remix)

31 Dec

Another holiday giveaway this time from Wolfie reppin’ Australia with his take on the classic from Paul Woolford and Bobby Peru!

_Paul Woolford and Bobby Peru – Erotic Discourse (Wolfie Remix)

Original Don (Berts on Beats don dada bootleg)

31 Dec

Grab this tropical bass bootleg giveaway from Berts on Beats!

_Major Lazer – Original Don (Berts on Beats don dada Bootleg)

Roy RosenfelD // Brownies & Last Chance EP

29 Dec

Apologies for the lack of posts, abroad at the mo! But for now tune in to this fresh EP from Roy RosenfelD out now on Incorrect Music. Roy Rosenfeld supplies us with a colorful and spacious techno masterpiece, ripe with stripped back brilliance and quirky ingenuity. “Brownies” and “Last Chance” both illustrate Roy’s technical prowess as his warm basslines thud perfectly while trippy lead notes and percussion dance around in the arrangement. His specific sound is unmistakable and perfect for heady techno aficionados. (RR SC, 2011)

Arts & Leni´s Weihnachtsbäckereien Edit

24 Dec

Xmas freebie from Arts & Leni, reppin’ Hamburg!

_Art & Leni – Weihnachtsbäckerei

Ghetto Funk Presents: SLYNK

24 Dec

Ghetto Funk Presents: Slynk (GFP07) for more info check the blog (Ghetto Funk SC, 2011)

Jack Beats // Make the People

21 Dec

First of “Dubs for Clubs” – a new giveaway series from Jack Beats!

_Jack Beats – Make the People

C2C – F.U.Y.A.

20 Dec

Monkey Safari // Fat Papa

20 Dec

Fresh Monkey Safari out soon on Sweat it Out!

Kackmusikk // Back and Forth

15 Dec

Kackmusikk (half of Hood Regulators DJ-Crew) has his debut EP “Stella” ready and it is definitely influenced by and dedicated to the dancefloor. Along with crispy 808-sounds and impulsive rhythms, the subtle acidlines and harmonic synth-pads add some extra pressure to the whole release, the smooth and cutted vocals on the title track are sung by the talented Lucerne based post-rock band “Field Studies”. The Affinity to the current UK-Bassmusic hype is just unmistakable. Fast rimshots and rattling clapsnares transform the original into a true footwork-anthem – a massive clubbanger! A 3-track piece to celebrate club culture without disregarding the subtleties of electronic music.
The EP will be released on the 30th of december 2011. More infos here. (Korsett SC, 2011)

_Kackmusikk – Back and Forth

Meano // Hold My Tea

14 Dec

Tune in to this pushy tech piece, courtesy of 16 year old Meano from Adelaide Australia! Big up

_Meano – Hold My Tea

Mushroom Mountain // Little Green Men

13 Dec

Cheeky oompa doompa release by Mushroom Mountain, out now on beatport via Sweat it Out! Preview the ep below!

Wasabi // Somebody EP

13 Dec

Wasabi makes his debut on the new sub-label of Erase Records Dedicated to Tech House and Techno grooves for dirty dancefloors The First single is a tech house rollin tune with groovy vocal hits and nice purcussions! Alex Costa and JFTH on rmx duties! (Once Again SC, 2011)

Beatport it here!

Niconé & Braemer // Liar

13 Dec

Future Swing Stories // Ghetto Swing

12 Dec

Serious big up to Future Swing Stories for mixing/passing us this amazing ghetto swing mix! Most definitely one of the best electronic swing mixes I’ve heard – probably due to the perfect balance of dirt, hip hop beats, bass, swing and ghettoness. Show em some love by tuning in below and downloading it from their FB page! Here’s a lil’ description text:

The first half of the 20th century saw periods of prohibition of the bottle in several countries around the world. Prohibition became increasingly unpopular during the Great depression, with Bootleggers, Rum runners and organised crime syndicates cashing in on this, the streets were a muck but the speakeasy’s flourished making way for an extraordinary time for music, a time of elegance, grandeur and down right naughtiness.

This mix attempts to translate the period of prohibition in the United States, from inception to ratification and the dry bits in between. (Future Swing Stories SC, 2011)

_Future Swing Stories – Ghetto Swing Vol 1

Regulate (Outlaws VIP Bass Mix)

12 Dec

Tune in and grab this OG Ghetto Funk Dancefloor Outlaws remix of the classic Nate Dogg choon taken out of Disco Cakes Vol 3!

_Regulate (Outlaws VIP Bass Mix)

Shemian // Jazzylicious

12 Dec

Preview the funk the fresh the new jazz/swing tech album from Shemian – out today on Erase Records! Beatport it.

With his unmistakeable sound of jazz, swing and house, Shemian has established himself as one of the top music producers of the 
recent years. The now available album, ‘Jazzylicious’, demonstrates this distinctive sound. The 11 tracks reflect the mood of the swing era in an inimitable way of the 20’s and 30’s. (Shemian SC, 2011)

Stereo Express // Shadoorack

9 Dec

Kitten And The Hip – Don’t You Worry (TrockenSaft Remix)

8 Dec

Cheeky swing-tech freebie from Trockensaft. Preview below then hit up their PDJ page for some more goodness!

_Kitten and the Hip – Don’t You Worry (TrockenSaft Remix)

Oliver Klein Remixes // Kling Klong Records

8 Dec

Two picks from the new Oliver Klein remix ep on Kling Klong Records! Aka Aka can’t go wrong with their oompa suspender tech vibe where Klein’s re-edit of Straight to the Point pushes us good, simple and effective. Find them here.

_Oliver Klein – Suspenders (AKA AKA Remix)

_Oliver Klein – Straight to the Point (Re-edit)