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LeBreton // Steam EP

30 Apr

Upcoming Blood Music release by LeBreton! Out May 20. Brrraap

Bonus: Jagerverb – Vega (LeBreton Remix)

Slick Shoota // Percussion Skank

29 Apr

“Percussion Skank” is 3 catchy, next level originals from Slick Shoota, showing us how he flips traditional Chicago Juke like no other. Each 160bpm track stands on its own as a unique percussion assault on your ears. Mediafire     (Mad Decent SC, 2012)

Lazor Sword // Memory

29 Apr

Roy and Rutledge… …teamed up with Modeselektor’s Monkeytown imprint, and put together Memory, an accomplished 11-track effort that is without a doubt the best thing Lazer Sword has ever done. (Modeselektor SC, 2012) Read full text here! Out now on boomkat.

Parov Stelar // The Princess (Part 2)

25 Apr

New Parov Stelar album, The Princess, out now! Preview Part 2 below, it being my pick even though quite a few have been out a while now! Stream Part 1 here.

Beatport here: Part 1 // Part 2

Trinidad // Indian Summer EP

25 Apr

Tune in to this fresh ep from ours friends Trinidad reppin’ Bern, Switzerland. Indian Summer EP out this month on DubNoir Music! Also check out the vid below.

_Trinidad – Indian Summer Minimix

Filthy Dukes // Whether With Me EP

24 Apr

Filthy Dukes return to the underground with their ‘Whether With Me EP’. A collection of tracks that revel in the pair’s love of house and techno and showcases their production skills with real breadth. The EP kicks off with title track ‘Whether With Me’, a dark edged, tech fuelled house number that draws on bubbling bass, arpeggiated synths and rolling drums to deliver a wonderfully atmospheric and brooding cut. Following this we have ‘Let’s See’ a deep journey into electro influenced house that fuses old school drum machines and subtle melodic elements to create an instant winner. Penultimate track ‘100’ sees Dixon & Lawton step into downtempo territory with a hypnotic, nu-disco tinged workout with a retro eighties feel, quality stuff. Finally we have ‘Drop You’ a mesmerizing and bleepy slo-mo house affair that is a perfect closer for this superb EP. The Filthy Dukes have made a bold statement with this new EP, releasing a collection of deep cuts that reflect their passion for underground music and their intent for the Kill Em All label, enjoy! (Filthy Dukes SC, 2012)

Out now on Kill Em All, beatport here!

Max Bett // Promo Cuts

23 Apr

Tune in to these tech fresh promo cuts from Max Bett – hopefully out soon!

_Max Bett – Funkyland

_Max Bett – Digital Bird

_Max Bett – Mirror

Jesse Rose & Oliver $ // Walkie Talkie Dub

22 Apr

Grab this unreleased Walkie Talkie Dub from Jesse Rose & Oliver $‘s Sample Pleasures mixtape!

_Jesse Rose & Oliver $ – Walkie Talkie Dub

Monkey Safari // Happy Body Music

21 Apr

Check out Monkey Safari‘s new LP on Mambo – Happy Body Music! Some pretty sweet tracks. Beatport here!

The Maytals – 54-46 Was My Number (Wolfgang Lohr Rmx)

21 Apr

Tune in to this wicked Wolfgang Lohr ska tech remix of the classic Maytals song, 54-46! Hear and download below!

_The Maytals – 54-46 Was My Number (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)

Gold Panda // 4

18 Apr

Gold Panda // a track I made on a korg es-1 in about 10mins and jammed out for my mate called “Infinite Livez” to freestyle on at a last minute gig/dj set thing in Berlin a while back and I hadn’t eaten much and also had to dj and I’m a shit dj but I just played a bunch of records anyway and Inf’ helped me out by freestyling for me. He’s a nice bloke and a great artist. I just made a cup of tea. Maybe I’ll invite him over. (Gold Panda SC, 2012)

_Gold Panda – 4

Munich Motion // Riesenfeld EP

17 Apr

I’ve only heard one song from this EP so far (remix by Wolfgang Lohr) but yet I have a feeling it’s going to be a big! Have an early bird preview below and lets wait for news from Munich Motion or Zuckerton Records!

_Munich Motion – Riesenfeld (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)

UPDATE: Here’s KlangKuenstler‘s melodically driven approach on Riesenfeld.

_Munich Motion -Riesenfeld (KlangKuenstler’s Sommerorchester Remix)

Seth Schwarz // Magnolia EP

16 Apr

Tune in to the upcoming Seth Schwarz EP! A violin to electronic fused recipe spiced with hip hop, oompa and more. Out end of April on What! What! Records.

Da Fresh // Jackpot

16 Apr

Pushy tech house free wheel from Da Fresh!

_Da Fresh – Jackpot (Free Download)

dangerDAN // The Count EP

16 Apr

Tune in to dangerDAN on Blood Music duty plus Boy 8-bit on the remix! Out now on beatport!

Meano // Run Run

15 Apr

Another Meano giveaway! Won’t attempt to state a genre, have a listen below!

_Meano – Run Run

DJ Format feat. Edan // Spaceship Earth

15 Apr

DJ Format feat. Edan – Spaceship Earth

DJ Format // Battle of the Planets

15 Apr

DJ Format (feat. The Simonsound) – Battle of the Planets

Alec Troniq // Rueffel EP

14 Apr

Alec Troniq presents two fresh cheery tracks: In “Rueffel” he’s piping, drumming berserk and doing echoism. A sweet remix is delivered by Stereo Express from Atmosphere / Burlesque, well-known for their bombs “Shadoorack” and “La Vie En Rose”. On B1 Alec crashes a russian wedding, kidnaps “Ljudmila” and entrains her to his own spring meadows. The groover on B2 is remixed by a guy named Bunched – cutting, stomping and constantly stepping forward. As a bonus there’s a digital only “Behende Version” of the title track: more rave, less gadgets – with a free download code enclosed to the vinyl! (Alec Troni SC, 2012)

Out April 27 on Ipoly Music.

Traumfabrik // Anna wisch ab

13 Apr

Fresh release from Traumfabrik, out now on Ton Liebt Klang featuring remixes from Arts & Leni, Tonmotiv and Felix Bernhardt.

_Traumfabrik – Anna Wisch Ab

_Traumfabrik – Anna Wisch Ab (Arts & Leni Remix)

_Traumfabrik – Anna Wisch Ab (Tonmotiv Remix)

_Traumfabrik – Anna Wisch Ab (Felix Bernhardt Remix)