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Restless Remixes Session 3

31 May

Tune in to Format:B‘s Restless Remixes Session 3 featuring remixes from Uto Karem, MadSkillz and Fernando Tessis! Beatport here.

_Format:B – Pianoman (Uto Karem Remix)

_Format:B – Socks and Sandals (Madskillz Remix)

_Format:B – Warped (Fernando Tessis Remix)

Anabatic Records // Nu-Bay$$ Vol. 1

30 May

Tune in to a a new compilation series on Anabatic Records called Nu-Bay$$ which is all about the low end and tracks that get the floor moving.
…five new and upcoming producers… …who are making the kind ghetto ass bass driven tracks we dig. 
(Anabatic Records SC, 2012) Check out the full descript here and preview below! Out June 5th.

JFTH // Yeah Yeah EP

30 May

Fresh JFTH ep out on Wired early June!

Boy 8-Bit // We Move By Night EP Preview

29 May

Tune in to a preview of the upcoming Boy 8-Bit EP out soon on Blood Music!

_Boy 8-Bit – We Move By Night EP Preview

_Roy Apron – Two Theories (Also out soon!)

Modeselektion Vol 2. EP

29 May

Tasty primer for the Modeselektion Vol. 02 compilation.
(Modeselektor SC, 2012) Out June 1st on Monkeytown Records!

Ado // Pressure EP

28 May

Twin Turbo reaffirms its commitment to puttin’ it all the way over the top with a new release from Scotland’s Ado, formerly best-known for his work on Fake Blood’s Blood Music, and now widely-beloved for his association with us. Ado (pronounced “Ay-Dough”) describes his sound as ranging from “stupidly heavy” to full-on “stupid”, which is something we can very much get behind, and has formed the basis of the label’s most successful grant applications. This is the kind of release that’s all about release, harnessing the tension of the loudest club you’ve ever seen with tracks that build endlessly into the peak-time ether. Twin Turbo – these are the MP3s you’ll be telling your grandkids about when you’re telling them where grandkids come from. (Turbo Recordings SC, 2012)

_Ado – Pressure EP Preview

West D // Rick Called EP

24 May

Here’s one I meant to post last week. Some OG tech vibes from West D reppin’ Fribourg, Switzerland via Flashcut. And on the remix is MikIX the Cat. Tune in and beatport here!

Digital Soundboy Soundsystem // Fabriclive 63

23 May

The Deadstock 33’s // Stranger EP

22 May

A freshin release from The Deadstock 33’s my pick being the Hannah Holland remix all the way! Out May 23 on Batty Bass Records.

Zombie Disco Squad // Brains

22 May

Looking forward to ZDS‘s new album out on Made to Play May 28th!

T.E.E.D. // American Dream Part II

21 May

Popcorn Beats EP

21 May

Here’s a preview of Umami‘s remix of Stereo Express and Stavroz‘s Popcorn Beats – another release to look forward to from Atmosphere Records! Out June 15th on vinyl and digitally the week after.

UPDATE: and now the original to tune in to as well! check a lil’ descript here.

_Stereo Express & Stavroz – Popcorn Beats

_Stereo Express & Stavroz – Popcorn Beats (Umami Remix)

Phon.o // Black Boulder

21 May

Phon.o‘s “Black Boulder” delivers… …a fresh blend of bleepin’ Technoid Garage…” (MS SC, 2012) Read full text here!
Out now on 50 Weapons – beatport here.

Ducks on Repeat // Rok After Hour

17 May

Here is the recording from last weekend’s after hour set at Rok! quaaack

_Ducks on Repeat – Rok After Hour Set

Zombie Disco Squad // Twerk

15 May

MTP051 – Zombie Disco Squad, Twerk
Coming out: Monday 14th May
Released on: Made To Play
(Made To Play SC, 2012)

GoldFFinch // Model EP

14 May

GoldFFinch delivers once again with this bangin EP! For sure feeling Model and Belle the most! Out June 4th on Audio Culture. Preview the three tracks below then re-listen to model while watching the colour halftone trip of a video.

_GoldFFinch Model EP Preview

The Chosen Two // Choose Your Destiny EP

11 May

The Chosen Two with a fresh ep on Powder & Louder, now available on vinyl! Digital release soon.

Juan DDD, Johan Dresser // Locomondo EP

10 May

Tune in to release number one on Juan DDD‘s new label Triplepoint!

Slyde // Make It Loud

9 May


Anotha banger from Slyde, out now on beatport!

Robert Boogert // Halfvol

9 May

Half full or half empty? Grab this optimistic Robert Boogert tech tune fo free!

_Robert Booger – Halfvol