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Kolombo & Loulou Players // Don’t Go Away EP

31 Aug

The kitties are not big fans of this trend of deep house tunes with indie and poppy influences and big basslines. It’s not a matter of quality but quantity. Although sometimes you get gems like “Don’t Go Away”, the new tune from the prolific duo Kolombo & Loulou Players. It’s a nasty and minimalistic house song with a weird bassline and funny voices. A potential dancefloor hit. Two of our favorite artists of the moment – Zombie Disco Squad and Snuff Crew– are on the control of the remixes. Zombie Disco Squad keeps the nasty flow of the original with an explosive baseline. Snuff Crew brings his characteristic old school groove, making a basic but fun version of the original one. We cannot forget about Nanana, a disco monster. (Suara SC, 2012)

The Doors // Light My Fire (Arts and Lohr Remix)

31 Aug

Always enjoy a good Doors bootleg – this freebie being from Arts and Lohr, a dangerously fresh combination to some groovy ass tech! Click on the track name below for download.

_The Doors – Light My Fire (Arts and Lohr Remix)

Swinger Club

30 Aug

Groovy tech house release on Ostfunk Records! “Swinger Club” with tracks from Klangkuenstler and Wolfgang Lohr. Especially feeling the tuba track. Preview below and order your vinyl here!

_Klangkuenstler – Darling

_Klangkuenstler –  Tuba Libre

_Wolfgang Lohr – Chicken Swing

_Wolfgang Lohr – Manouche

Addison Groove // Adventures In Rainbow Country

29 Aug

New Addison Groove record out Sept 14 on 50 Weapons! Preview below.

Kanzler & Wischnewski // Volture EP

29 Aug

Fresh Kanzler & Wischnewski ep on Ton liebt Klang! Beatport here.

Sandro Beninati // Shamanik

27 Aug

Fresh Sandro Beninati release on Ton Liebt Klang! Diggin’ the Andy Kohlmann and Arts & Leni remixes! Be on the look out next month.

_Sandro Beninati – Shamanik (Andy Kohlmann Remix)

_Sandro Beninati – Shamanik (Arts & Leni Remix)

Peggy Lee // Fever (Stavroz Remix)

26 Aug

Stavroz gives away this perfect summer vibin’ jazz house freebie of Peggy Lee’s Fever! First heard it in his capital of the sun mix from a month ago, then spotted the giveaway thanks to Sunday Swing – which you should also check it out!

_Peggy Lee – Fever (Stavroz Remix)