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Sixteenofive // Platform Vol. 9

31 Oct

Our Platform series has reached Level 9 and we have a quadruple dose of futuristic syrup for you to sip on. George Privatti’s strong chugger “Kolunga” starts things off with old-school influenced bass and some euphoria thrown in during the breakdown, while the Venditti Bros step right up with the busy drums and rumbling sub frequencies of “Deseo”. DJ Fronter opts for a ride down hypnotic lane with an array of vocal manipulation and his trademarked groove, clearing the field for David Devilla and Daniman’s “Tucan” with their percussion-heavy approach and tribalistic vocals. (1605 SC, 2012) Beatport!

Niconé & Sascha Braemer // United Colors of Language

30 Oct

Last year’s ‘Romantic Thrills’ album was testament to Niconé & Sascha Bramer’s impressive knack for delicate melodies and soothing vocals, seamlessly woven into powerful house music thanks to the warm pulse of the kick drum. Here, on their new EP ‘United Colors of Language’, the duo delivers three stunning tracks to rival their previous output in both, romanticism and danceability.

On the A1, the vocalist Narra once again lends her fabulous voice to an arrangement of harmonious guitar loops and euphoric build-ups. Much like ‘Caje’ before it, ‘Rej Senhor’ sets itself apart as an all-round secret weapon that will work in the club or at an open air, during peak-time and after-hour alike. A little more forward, ‘Cold World’ loops a fluidly rolling piano towards a break in which Niconé’s own vocals bedazzle. Finally, the pair draws us into an Algerian lullaby in the form of ‘Raoui’, which combines the empathy and melancholy of ethnic folk music with a hands-in-the-air groove.

With this standout EP Niconé & Sascha Bramer achieve what they set out to do – they prove that music is the most powerful language of all! (Stil vor Talent SC, 2012) Beatport here!

Wool // Rock Opera EP

29 Oct

Glen Brady aka Wool is here with his latest release titled “Rock Opera”. This is the California-based producer’s best work yet and reiterates why he’s become synonymous with acid house.

The first track “Illuminate” is a deep house track with a steady throbbing beat with synth sounds from outerspace. On first listen to “Rock Opera,” it’s immediately evident where the name comes from. Soprano operatic vocals arpeggiate up and down over fat basslines come together perfectly to remind us that yes, you can mix genres and yes it can sound fantastic. “Birth Control” starts with a diminutive smooth as butter beat assisted by the sound of hi-hats and vibrating synths that whisper softly in your ear. This is the track you want to get lost in to the early hours of the morning.

Leading the pack of remixes is Delect’s interpretation of “Illuminate.” It comes in with whirring synths that crescendo into telephonic sounds that will send you careening down a dizzying spiral. Next up are three remixes of “Rock Opera” by Reilly Steel, Wax Romeo, and Boyfriend. Reilly Steel taps into raw industrial noises and phone dials. A big bass line and eerie pulsating synths will be sure to get your heart rate pumping. At points it sounds like lasers bouncing off a funhouse of mirrors, flashing disorienting light keeping you the psychedelic trip the track started you off on. Wax Romeo takes a more rhythmic, rock-inspired approach with his remix that comes at you full force.The operatic vocal samples come to the forefront and are sped up, accompanied by growling synths. Finally, Boyfriend’s remix is one R&B and hip hop lovers will gravitate towards. Nasty is the only way to describe this track with the BPM turned all the way down to 78. (Discobelle SC, 2012) Beatport here!

Night Owl – Freak / Get Up

28 Oct

Night Owl’s debut release out now on Overcooked Records! Beatport here.

Kry Wolf & Claude VonStroke // Turbosteppa

27 Oct

Forthcoming fresh and bassy collaboration between Kry Wolf and Claude VonStroke out on dirtybird Nov 21!

_Kry Wolf & Claude VonStroke – Turbosteppa

NU – BAY$$ Vol.2

27 Oct

With the big success of the first NU-BAY$$ comp from this summer, we have decided to go ahead and follow up with a second Volume with some more of the most forward Bass tracks. This time we have three up and coming producers.

First up is Bay Area local Kirin Rider who comes through with some huge break beats with That’s My First. It is the kind of bumping and old school 80’s throw back that works on any dance floor. I have seen this tune just go off and destroy so many dance floors. Perfect for those peak times and with some earth shaking bass hits it does not disappoint.

On the second tune we have Look Like out of Switzerland, who brings it down and sexy with Talk To Me. It has the perfect warm chords and vibe that makes you just feel good and takes you up. It is perfect for those late nights or early morning sets.

Rounding out this package we have another Bay Area producer, Travie Bobby who brings us Bounce That Azz. A deeper break beat tune with big low end, it always gets the asses bouncing on the dance floor. (Worthy – Anabatic SC, 2012)

Tickles // Short Fuse EP

26 Oct

Tickles‘ Short Fuse EP out in two days on Roska Kicks and Snares!

Haze.Boogie.Life // Mykki Blanco (Hannah Holland Batty Bass Edit)

26 Oct

Grab this batty bassy freebie edit by Hannah Holland!

_Haze.Boogie.Life – Mykki Blanco (Hannah Holland Batty Bass Edit)

Hollen & Raul Mezcolanza // Meeting Dosage EP

25 Oct

Hollen and Raul Mezcolanza team up for the “Meeting Dosage” EP, summing up their skills in ass-shaking grooves.The title track holds the fort down with a might low-end assault, and hypnotic percussion steers the battleship into the trenches. While a distant tribal vibe can be sensed, subtle riffs and clever editing keep us on our toes as the boys bounce happily along.On “Maiden”, quirky, high-pitched beeps set the mood, only to be pummelled by locomotive drums. A rubber-band bassline adds more character to the loopy vibe, and a spoken-word passage gives us just enough time for a breather. (1605 SC, 2012) Beatport here!

50 Years of James Bond Mini Mix Compilation // A.Skillz & Krafty Kuts

24 Oct

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the James Bond franchise, DJs A.Skillz and Krafty Kuts deliver a special themed mini mix for the Annie Mac Radio 1 show Friday 5th October 2012. a compilation of all the best James Bond music, all the best James Bond scenes and all the best James Bond quotes from the past 50 years. Girls, cars, suits, guns, action and music; this video represents all that is great about James Bond. (Kraftykuts TV, 2012)

Download the mini mix here for free!

John Giraldo feat. Dezzet // Shakes Gangsta

23 Oct

John Giraldo‘s Shakes Gangsta out hopefully soon on Moustache Label!

_John Giraldo – Shakes Gangsta

_John Giraldo – Shakes Gangsta (J-Valencia Remix)

French Fries // Space Alarm

22 Oct

French Fries delivers two originals on the cutting edge of modern bass. “Space Alarm” is right up in your face but artfully holds back right when you think it will go over the top. The inside “Smoke Wine” is more in the vein of last years smash “Yo Vogue” yet more understated and deep which is rare for the genre. When I play these at the right time they always solicit an audible “ooooh” from the crowd at the drops. Remix #1 is by Justin Martin who really blows it up dirtybird style with almost a breakbeat old school electro beat. Remix #2 is by dirtybird newcomers GoldFFinch via Belgium who also deliver a really funk laden club version. Both remixes are ace and the full release brings a very fresh sound to the label. (VonStroke, 2012) Out on beatport Oct 31st and everywhere else Nov 13.

Colombo // Abandoned Factory

21 Oct

Colombo is back again with a fresh as breaks album this one inspired by the big beat sounds of the 90s with some extra vamping! Out November 1st on iBreaks.

Andras Camron // Love Lettuce EP

20 Oct

Andras Camron with some deep bassy love lettuce vibes. Now on Sweat it Out!

Enzo Siffredi // Westkreuz EP

19 Oct

Upcoming Enzo Siffredi EP on Supdub Records equals yes! Released on Oct 29.

Tom Flynn & Shadow Child // Phil Collins EP

18 Oct

Looking forward to these bassy gems from Tom Flynn & Shadow ChildOn the A side is “Drive Hero”. Built around solid, straight up percussion, strong grooving bassline and layered with a bright synth that evolves throughout the record. On the flip, further dance floor damage is issued with “Giant Woo”. With its DnB inspired atmospheric drops, gorgeous pads and deep sub, this addictive and spine-tingling cut is set to fid favour with all. Available from November 5th.” (Shadow Child SC, 2012)

Nautiluss // Habitat

17 Oct

Fresh Nautiluss out soon on Turbo Recordings.


16 Oct

BS1 are back after their glorious debut release “BE AS ONE” with 3 heavy stompers straight out of Italy. “The Rust” has everything that you need for a perfect peak-time track: crafty 4/4 techno kicks layered with some scratched LFO synths. “Gold Rush” on the other hand takes it to a tense string-thing tune including a massive driving bassline in the background. You will feel like riding roller coasters. The last track “The Need” is bolstered with fat blobby sounding kicks matched with pitched girly vocals. You will love this! (Boysnoize Records SC, 2012) Beatport here.

Willy Joy & Smalltown DJs // Wicked EP

16 Oct

A new trop bass release on No Brainer Records by Willy Joy & Smalltown DJs. Feeling the old school junglist vibe. Ardalan remix is wicked. Read full descipt here. Out now on beatport!

Clem // Precognitive Man

13 Oct

Fresh jive by Clem out now on Wired! Plus a remix by Shemian, beatport here.

_Clem – Precognitive Man

_Clem – Precognitive Man (Shemian Remix)