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Hey hey my my // Marco Fender Remix

31 Dec

neil young

Free download of Marco Fender‘s remix of a classic.

The Horrors – Monica Gems (Daniel Avery Remix)

30 Dec

The Horrors - Monica Gems (Daniel Avery Remix)

“We were driving through the deserts of California when we hatched the plan to release a boxed set of the singles from Skying, unaware that it would balloon into the monster that it did. We started off small, just one version per single. However, through chance encounters and wanting to involve more people whose music excited us, the box soon grew into an impressive collection of sonic tapestries and hypnotic grooves and it became apparent that this was no longer about the singles. It was now about this new music which had used the different elements of Skying as a springboard to other ideas. We encouraged everyone involved to be as obtuse as possible, to get as far away from the original source material as they could. The results are stunning, and I think it’s just a shame we couldn’t have done more.”
Tom Furse, The Horrors (Daniel Avery SC, 2012)

Daniel Avery – Water Jump (Dimitri Veimar remix)

29 Dec


“This is by a new producer called Dimitri Veimar who has been sending me some amazing music this year, I love his style. He made this remix as a bootleg from the original and it was too good not to share with the world.” – Daniel Avery (Phantasy Sound SC, 2012)

Pump Up The Valium // Zombie Disco Squad Boot

28 Dec

Pump Up The Valium

A gift from ZDS!

Phil d’bit & Sebastiano Sedda // In My Bedroom

27 Dec

in my bedroom dbit sedda

A nice smooth techy giveaway by Phil d’bit & Sebastiano Sedda. Enjoy!

Frogs in Socks // Science EP

26 Dec

Frogs in Socks Science EP

Frogs in Socks with another release on Erase Records including remixes by Michael Claus and Adapter. Beatport here!

Last Japan // Roughed Up

25 Dec

Beatport here!