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Hey hey my my // Marco Fender Remix

31 Dec

neil young

Free download of Marco Fender‘s remix of a classic.

The Horrors – Monica Gems (Daniel Avery Remix)

30 Dec

The Horrors - Monica Gems (Daniel Avery Remix)

“We were driving through the deserts of California when we hatched the plan to release a boxed set of the singles from Skying, unaware that it would balloon into the monster that it did. We started off small, just one version per single. However, through chance encounters and wanting to involve more people whose music excited us, the box soon grew into an impressive collection of sonic tapestries and hypnotic grooves and it became apparent that this was no longer about the singles. It was now about this new music which had used the different elements of Skying as a springboard to other ideas. We encouraged everyone involved to be as obtuse as possible, to get as far away from the original source material as they could. The results are stunning, and I think it’s just a shame we couldn’t have done more.”
Tom Furse, The Horrors (Daniel Avery SC, 2012)

Daniel Avery – Water Jump (Dimitri Veimar remix)

29 Dec


“This is by a new producer called Dimitri Veimar who has been sending me some amazing music this year, I love his style. He made this remix as a bootleg from the original and it was too good not to share with the world.” – Daniel Avery (Phantasy Sound SC, 2012)

Pump Up The Valium // Zombie Disco Squad Boot

28 Dec

Pump Up The Valium

A gift from ZDS!

Phil d’bit & Sebastiano Sedda // In My Bedroom

27 Dec

in my bedroom dbit sedda

A nice smooth techy giveaway by Phil d’bit & Sebastiano Sedda. Enjoy!

Frogs in Socks // Science EP

26 Dec

Frogs in Socks Science EP

Frogs in Socks with another release on Erase Records including remixes by Michael Claus and Adapter. Beatport here!

Last Japan // Roughed Up

25 Dec

Beatport here!

Mike Okay // Dolly EP

24 Dec

mike okay dolly ep

Fresh Mike Okay out now on What! What!

Bobby Champs // Silver

23 Dec


Grab this freebie courtesy of Bobby Champs!

Alfred Heinrichs & Carlo Ruetz // Analog EP

22 Dec

moonplay 12

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, now more free again. Tune in to an upcoming release by Alfred Heinrichs and Carlo Ruetz out on Moonplay Dec 28!

A1 Bassline and Bobby Champs // Phobia

21 Dec

A1 Bassline And Bobby Champs - Phobia

A1 Bassline and Bobby Champs‘ banger of a tune – Phobia including remix by Kevin Mcphee out now on Source Unknwn. Beatport here!

Jean Nipon // Put it in the Trunk

20 Dec

jean nipon clik

To bring you the 8th release, ClekClekBoom searched far and wide for the elusive Jean Nipon. Their journey took them to the shadowy depths of mystic swamps from where this modern-day druid had to be carefully coaxed into the studio. But trust-us, it was well worth the effort! On his first release for ClekClekBoom, the Institubes original showcases 3 tracks of hard-hitting, deftly-produced, dance-floor menace. “Put It In The Trunk” combines cascading percussion, disturbingly nonchalant vocal snippets and deep, propulsive, subs. With “Black Things On Desk” Jean Nipon employs unnervingly detuned vocal samples woven into irresistibly pulsating, punchy percussion. The final tune, “35 Thieves” sees our enigmatic wizzard drop subtle snatches of melody in amongst a grooving beat which, as ever, strikes the perfect balance between toughness and delicacy. CCB008 is certain to tear apart dance-floors everywhere with its heavy-hitting, baleful beats. But like any unknown quantity, handle with caution. (ClekClekBoom SC, 2012) Beatport here.

Chaos In The CBD // So Proud

19 Dec

never ending chaos

My pick from the recent Chaos in the CBD release out on Youngunz.

DCUP // I’m Corrupt

18 Dec

Odysseus // Work That

17 Dec

odysseus work that

Odysseus’ debut release on Grizzly – Work That – including a remix by Drums of Death. Beatport here.

Pilo // Ubstraktion

16 Dec

pilo turbo

Twin Turbo presents the debut release from Pilo, featuring three tracks to destroy whatever’s left of 2012’s dancefloors.

It’s always a source of pride for the label to discover a new artist and shove him out onto the world stage to sink or swim into the playlists of all the huge names who pay rapt attention to everything we do. We were introduced to Pilo through Harvard Bass, who suggested his fellow Californian for remix duties on his own recent Twin Turbo release. Now, we’re pleased to present Pilo’s proper debut, the work of yet another huge young talent grinding it out for nu-techno supremacy.

“Ubstraktion (Jazz Yo Self Mix)” melds rave diva vox, an infectious siren hook, and high-BPM lysergic techno, leaving you wonder what the less jazzy mix could possibly sound like. Meanwhile, “Forte Inductance” strips away the nonsense to genuine “stripped-down, no-nonsense” levels, relying on a relentless kick, overdriven toms, and a melting MC vocal to  get the job done. Finally, “Trippin” gets you trippin’ so hard that the term “after-hours warehouse banger-monster” seems to lose all meaning, before gaining way too much meaning.

Twin Turbo – closing out the year with new discoveries, new digital bombs, and new definitions of peak-time dominance. We’ll see you in 2013 with music that reflects our world’s inevitable Mad Max, dancing-in-the-breadline reality. (Turbo Recordings SC, 2012) Beatport here.

The Mad Hatterz // Couch Grouch

15 Dec

mad hatterz

A New Group makes its Debut on Erase Records : The Mad Hatterz a Different perspective in Tech and Deep House as they present three unique tracks in this EP. Couch Grouch, I’m a Dirty Dog and I get what i Want are included in this package. Behind the curtains are familiar to you Berlin Based artists with big Labels under their Belt! (Erase Records SC, 2012) Below my pick – ep out now on beatport!

World Moustache Vol. 1

14 Dec

world moustache vol 1

The love for house music and all its derivatives a label with a fairly large projection display we know that the road is long but there is love for what we do. The need of a different stamp focused on genres and productions that are at the level of the world stage looking for new talent but the hand of the more experienced. House, deep house, tech house. From the Groove more latino, elegance in the European beats, African percussion, touches burlesques, fun bass but above all authentic is the fusion that will have MOUSTACHE(Moustache BP, 2012) Beatport here!

UMEK // Kuzla Prevarantska

13 Dec

1605 umek one tracker

You know you’re ready for something special when lord UMEK comes up with a one-tracker, and even the title on this one let’s you know you’re in for a manic ride. Sly bass sets the tone, under the tightly-wound rhythm section and flashy stabs make way for a cheeky vocal that takes the lead role. The busy drum edits keep the adrenaline levels high at all times and yet another page is written in production history, with UMEK’s trademarked sound. (Umek SC, 2012) Beatport here.

KlangKuenstler // Pfoetchentango

12 Dec

The Klangkuenstler, the sound artist, is a one-of-a-kind creature: His feet are obviously skipping across the surface of our Earth, but his head seems to sway in another dimension. How he got his name? Well, this likable drifter always illustrates his cheerful walkabouts by emotionally playing various instruments! He even asks a straying dog for a dance… which leads to the Pfoetchentango, the paw tango: Vivacious guitar and violin passages with a Mediterranean feeling take turns with wild jumping around to throbbing rhythms. A little later he is fascinated by the fidgeting moves of a colourful Clownfisch which he discovers in the middle of heaving bass waves. Spontaneously he takes out of his pocket an old piano and strikes up a clubby groove while at the same time improvising on a fiddle. Further he gambols across the soundscape, now dancing his lively Regenbogentanz, his rainbow dance. When he leaps past Mollono.Bass at the side of the road he gives him a friendly wink. Inspired by so much joy of life, this guy takes up the cheerful melody, twists it into a rolling and grinding bass structure and continues the Regenbogentanz in a dreamy pace. (3000 Grad SC, 2012) Grab it here!