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Julian Jeweil // Mad EP

28 Feb

julian form mad ep

Fresh as release by Julian Jeweil on Popof’s label, Form Music including a remix by Popof himself. Tune in below and beatport here!

Tony To Van // Punch Line

28 Feb

tony to van punch line

Tony To Van’s Punch Line EP out now on Electrofraise Records! Beatport here.

dirtybird Players (Part 1)

27 Feb


Introducing the dirtybird players compilation, the follow-up to last years “Hatched” comp which was picked as the compilation of the year in DJ mag.  It’s 14 original tracks split into two releases and featuring up-and-comers and old schoolers on the label. The musical direction of dirtybird is always evolving but that sense of good times is always there in the background, keeping you smiling and dancing in your house parties, giant clubs and car stereos around the world. 

Part one of the players comp is totally stacked with killer trax from veteran db artists Justin Martin & Ardalan, Kill Frenzy & Nick Monaco,  Munnibrotherz, and J. Phlip.  In addition some newer acts like Shadow Child, Nick Olivetti, & Supatrol all deliver monster tunes I really love as well.

As usual the music speaks for itself so we will spare you the 2 page blurb.

Enjoy the tunes! 

Beatport here!

Joachim Pastor // Born and Left EP

27 Feb

joachim born and left

Joachim Pastor with this fresh as easy vibin ambiant tech EP out now on Parquet Recordings! Beatport here.

Frizzo // Tchavolo Swing

26 Feb

frizzo fresh

Frizzo is back with more swing vibes that are good for the ears. Tune in and download below.

Stefano Noferini // Duper EP

25 Feb

stefano duper

Stefano Noferini nods to the oldschool in this double outing, and “Furios” blasts out with a nostalgic bassline and intense beeping action over a crackling rhythm section. The title track goes for more heady territory with a hypnotizing vocal seeping in and out of the cracks, while the trademarked Noferini groove keeps the bubbling subs in check. (1605 SC, 2013) Beatport here.

Jay Lumen // Play Cool The Old School EP

24 Feb

jay lumen 100% pure

From the get go the track has got that old school garage vibe you just can’t say no to. With a heavy, submerged bassline, metallic drum rolls and massive sound effects, it’s got an epic groove that will make you want to play cool. Are you ready for an all-nighter, just like back in the days?

Sensual, mysterious and seductive aptly describe a femme fatale, and so does this track. The fast, dark beat and captivating vocals draw you into this beauty, creating a deep desire for infinite bliss. Watch out when you hear this tune on the dance floor, it might make you do something wild.

When this beat drops, it’s like a caffeine shot in the morning, giving you an energy injection to last for hours. So hit your accelerator and pump it up!

(100% Pure SC, 2013) Beatport here. Jay Lumen SC.

Buonasera Signorina

23 Feb

Buonasera signorina

Buonasera Signorina is the latest compilation release from Green Queen Music; Compiled and mixed by Feel Good Productions founder, international DJ and producer Pony Montana; it is a foot-tapping collection of thirteen club style, electro-swinging vintage-sound remixes and original tracks.

It also contains a number of tracks created exclusively for the compilation such as remix of ‘Me and Mr Wolf’ as well as the title track ‘Buonasera Signorina’ by Pony Montana feat. The Swingrowers, amongst others …it’s electro-swing Jim but not as you know it! Buonasera Signorina is a cross over album which plants a flag in the ground where the worlds of electro-swing and EDM meet.

It is aimed at those DJ’s currently pioneering the expansion of the electro-swing movement from the underground into the mainstream clubs; as well as DJ’s already established in the Techno and House music worlds, who want to bring some some of the glamour and exuberance of the electro-swing movement to their sets.

(Green Queen Music SC, 2013) Out March 3rd, 2013.

Think and Change LP Sampler 2

22 Feb

think and change 2

Out now on Nonplus Records. Beatport here.

Midland // Trace EP

21 Feb

Midland Trace EP

Midland‘s Trace EP out now on Aus Music. Beatport here.

Benjamin Damage // Heliosphere

20 Feb

benjamin damage heliospherejpeg

Sonic sci-fi techno album reminiscent not just of early Plaid, Black Dog Productions, Boards of Canada or Luke Slater´s 7th Plain project, but also classic dancefloor classics by the likes of Surgeon, Regis, Dave Clarke or Jeff Mills that knew how to keep a crowd entertained. Bringing to mind the flavor of 1994 without losing the sense that we’re into 2013 as of now. This is dance music with conviction and an album straight and beautiful. (Modeselektor SC, 2013) Beatport here. Benjamin Damage SC.

Pirupa & Albert Marzinotto // Give Me A Break EP

19 Feb

Pirupa & Albert Marzinotto

Pirupa & Albert Marzinotto‘s Give Me A Break EP, out now on Bitten. Now available on beatport, click here.

Friend Within // The Game

18 Feb

friend within the game

Breaking through the ranks of upcoming UK house producers is “The Game EP” from new artist Friend Within.  The man behind the new moniker is a mystery but the quality is impeccable. We tend to believe this is not the work of a new kid but rather an experienced producer who knows what he is doing. These 2 tracks were the cream of the demo pile and there’s no way this guy just picked up a DAW last week.

‘The Game’ kicks off with a stuttering heavyweight house cut on the title track; a shuffling snare rolling instrumental that is built for peak time house parties. ‘The Hollow’ shows a penchant for 90s house echoed by some truly crisp and crunchy basslines that cement Friend Within as a monster producer and close friend of the dirtybird camp.

But who is Friend Within? It’s clear he has inimitable knowledge behind the decks, is well-versed in the classics and brings a fresh spin to experienced production. His roots may be impossible to determine but the eary support is universal. We are just happy to be first (as usual!) to release his music. With forthcoming releases on the likes of Hypercolour and Pets Recordings in 2013, plus huge love for forthcoming remix ‘Renegade Master’ that has everyone from Disclosure to Monki and B.Traits in a spin, expect to be seeing and hearing a lot more from Friend Within over the next years to come.

(dirtybird SC, 2013) Beatport here.

Sav Manganaro // Minimal Code

18 Feb

Minimal Code

Wired goodness from Sav Manganaro! Minimal Code out now on beatport.

ZETA99 // Radial / Ulnar EP

17 Feb


ZETA99‘s Radial and Ulnar up next on Blood Music! Beatport here.

Clouds // Bulbophyllum Remiferum

16 Feb

Clouds - Bulbophyllum Remiferum

Twin Turbo kicks off 2013 with an EP of club-rocking house-jackers from Scottish prodigies Clouds.

Following a year that saw their critical stature soar and made fans of a growing legion of techno stars (Chris Liebing and Gary Beck both named “Consciousness” the top track of 2012), Clouds take a break from their maturation process to crank out a few knee-jerk tracks built for the masses, each crafted around a catchy hip-hop inflected vocal hook. 

“Terrorcore” will scare the living sweat out of you with a deadly parade of monstrous toms and vocal sample that will force you to work through your cash-flow anxiety on the dancefloor. “Local Bubble” is the housiest, funkiest thing Clouds have ever done, a supremely playable record that will surely find a crossover audience. Finally, “HE_1523_0901”, pumps the bass up with Clouds’s signature distorted kickdrum sound, a minimal arrangement with more clever vocal cuts.

Twin Turbo – starting the new year with new bombs for a new generation of party people, some of whom are too young to remember when we invented high-energy dance music back in 2011.

(Turbo Recordings SC, 2013) Beatport here.

Johan Dresser // Precious EP

15 Feb

johan moustache precious

Johan Dresser‘s Precious EP out Feb 22nd on Moustache Label! Preview Johan’s precious moustache below.

Jesse Rose // Body Play EP

14 Feb

jesse rose body play

Body Play is the second in the 12×12 series by Jesse Rose, featuring two original tracks as well as a deeper remix from new artist Wonder View Drive. The 12×12 series includes 12 releases released on the 12th of each month over the course of 2013. (Made to Play SC, 2013) Beatport here.

French Fries // Everything EP

13 Feb

french fries everything ep

French Fries is back for a third outing on his own label with a new 3-track EP demonstrating a more experimental side to Paris’ ghetto mastermind producer. A-side ‘Everything’ features flanged percussion, vast, atmospheric strings and a stumbling, Detroit acid bass used as a Pulse. The first B-side, ‘White Screen’, is a Chicago style 909 jam complete with rapid-fire hats and techno stabs driven along by piercing claps laden with old-school, 80s-era, reverb. The final tune, ‘D’Angelo’, sees French Fries slow the tempo and bring together rippling atmospherics, a ’Yo Vogue’ style bassline and washed-out synths for this Detroit-inspired, double B-side homage to The Wire’s D’Angelo Barksdale… Let the boy be. Through a shrewd combination of experimentalism, uncompromising bass-weight and French Fries’ now renowned clarity of sound, this is EP is sure to be found in a wide-range of record bags.” (ClekClekBoom SC, 2013) Out in March. Check ’em out at zoo this friday with Kill Frenzy!

Justin Martin & Eats Everything // Feather Fight EP

12 Feb

justin martin eats everything feather fight

The opening offering on the EP, ‘Feather Fight’, sets the tone with more of a jacking house rhythm. The track progresses to its mid-point with a continually rising, paranoid note hinting at something sinister before it breaks into a mélange of warbling synths and soft bassy undertones that are rich in variation. It’s an instantly addictive and subtly infectious track that sees both producers exercising restraint to create a production with that ‘get in your head’ quality.

The second track, ‘Harpy’, is similar to the first in that lures you into a false sense of the security. Its opening lines are all ambient harps and soft string textures with the vocal telling you it’s “time to let go”, before melting away in dramatic fashion with a fog-horn blast. The rest ofthe track is an ode to these rich contrasts, with the harp continuing to play its part as well as the broad, depthy bass weight.

Two of the most effervescent characters in house music have penned an EP consistent with their brilliantly colourful personalities, and in the process Hypercolour continue to confound expectations with something far removed from previous offerings. (Hypercolour SC, 2013)

Beatport here.