Archive | February, 2013

Julian Jeweil // Mad EP

28 Feb

julian form mad ep

Fresh as release by Julian Jeweil on Popof’s label, Form Music including a remix by Popof himself. Tune in below and beatport here!

Tony To Van // Punch Line

28 Feb

tony to van punch line

Tony To Van’s Punch Line EP out now on Electrofraise Records! Beatport here.

dirtybird Players (Part 1)

27 Feb


Introducing the dirtybird players compilation, the follow-up to last years “Hatched” comp which was picked as the compilation of the year in DJ mag.  It’s 14 original tracks split into two releases and featuring up-and-comers and old schoolers on the label. The musical direction of dirtybird is always evolving but that sense of good times is always there in the background, keeping you smiling and dancing in your house parties, giant clubs and car stereos around the world. 

Part one of the players comp is totally stacked with killer trax from veteran db artists Justin Martin & Ardalan, Kill Frenzy & Nick Monaco,  Munnibrotherz, and J. Phlip.  In addition some newer acts like Shadow Child, Nick Olivetti, & Supatrol all deliver monster tunes I really love as well.

As usual the music speaks for itself so we will spare you the 2 page blurb.

Enjoy the tunes! 

Beatport here!

Joachim Pastor // Born and Left EP

27 Feb

joachim born and left

Joachim Pastor with this fresh as easy vibin ambiant tech EP out now on Parquet Recordings! Beatport here.

Frizzo // Tchavolo Swing

26 Feb

frizzo fresh

Frizzo is back with more swing vibes that are good for the ears. Tune in and download below.

Stefano Noferini // Duper EP

25 Feb

stefano duper

Stefano Noferini nods to the oldschool in this double outing, and “Furios” blasts out with a nostalgic bassline and intense beeping action over a crackling rhythm section. The title track goes for more heady territory with a hypnotizing vocal seeping in and out of the cracks, while the trademarked Noferini groove keeps the bubbling subs in check. (1605 SC, 2013) Beatport here.

Jay Lumen // Play Cool The Old School EP

24 Feb

jay lumen 100% pure

From the get go the track has got that old school garage vibe you just can’t say no to. With a heavy, submerged bassline, metallic drum rolls and massive sound effects, it’s got an epic groove that will make you want to play cool. Are you ready for an all-nighter, just like back in the days?

Sensual, mysterious and seductive aptly describe a femme fatale, and so does this track. The fast, dark beat and captivating vocals draw you into this beauty, creating a deep desire for infinite bliss. Watch out when you hear this tune on the dance floor, it might make you do something wild.

When this beat drops, it’s like a caffeine shot in the morning, giving you an energy injection to last for hours. So hit your accelerator and pump it up!

(100% Pure SC, 2013) Beatport here. Jay Lumen SC.