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Walter Ego // Baby Benz EP

30 Apr

walter ego benz

Steel-City youngblood Walter Ego turns in a blinding 3 tracker for his second release on Girls Music. A trio of heaters to keep you and yours warm through the end of this never- ending British winter. Listen and imagine sunnier times, cruising in your car with the window down or dancing in the street with your flies down. The vibes are strong and distinctly British. Music for dancing with soul and adventure. Nice one, Walter. (Girls Music, 2013) Beatport here.

Tinush // Roxanne

29 Apr

Jazz Club 109

Here’s a giveaway  from Tinush with Saxophonist Ben Rodenburg. Some bouncy, jazzy tech vibes for ya listening pleasures.

DJ Delay // Brass Wires & Bass # 2

29 Apr

brass wire and bass 2

In the 3 years since the 1st Brass Wires & Bass album, DJ Delay has played widely across Europe, and made a few tours in Canada, Australia and the US. Highlights along the way were the Fusion (DE), Glastonbury (UK) and Exit (RS) festivals. Now it’s only fitting that the works on this second collection of remixes travel beyond Eastern Europe to include the cream of global music groups & producers. Most of the tracks were well tested & celebrated during this time by audiences across the planet.

From his Berlin studio to the rest of the world, these 13 gems take in roots music from Hungary, France, Romania, Yemen, Russia, Italy & Indonesia. There’s plenty of bass, solid dubbing, dextrous sonic manipulation, and dancefloor attractors within. All done with care in Delay’s inimitable & playful style.

Anakronik Electro Orkestra’s “Terk In America” marries dub and ska beautifully with a bass heavy and upful version with surprising twists and turns, while Watcha Clan’s beautiful version of “Im Nin’Alu” gets a full percussive future dubstep workout. Right after, the Dolomites receive a driving 8 bit bounce for their wonderful accordion rich “Queen Of The Game”. In the Berlin corner Rotfront get new sinewave-ska boots for “Sigaretta” while Stefano Miele’s “Ninna Nanna” is dubbed into outer space. Jallabanda’s version of “Czardas” swings into a Turkish night club and the Skazka Orchestra received a total club reconstruction, adding helium filled vocals to their Russian children’s tune “More”. DJ Delay himself takes a Bavarian drinking tongue twister – transporting it to a Berlin after-hours tech house party. Ever heard of Balkan / Samba bateria? Uzgin Uver and Balkan Mashina get forceful percussive Brazillian future bass workouts with plenty of bounce. DJ Click’s Doctor is a little more subtel, receiving a dancehall steppers treatment – nicely slicing, dicing and dubbing Killo Killo’s vocals. There’s a gentle wind down towards the end of the album with the second Uzgin Uver selection lounging on the sofa in a dirtier Vienna-K&D style. Winding up proceedings with Filastine’s version of “Gendjer Gendjer” – with a politically charged history, exquisitely sung by Nova, we’re treated to an epic orchestral bass soundtrack rework – complete with full choir, string and percussion sections.

(DJ Delay SC, 2013) Buy it here.

Rumah // Stutter

26 Apr

rumah stutter

Although it has only one release to its name – Happa’s Beat Of The Drum – London club night turned record label Church is looking to be an imprint to keep close tabs on, especially on the strength of this second EP, from young London producer Rumah. Although his debut from last year demonstrated an atmospheric, syncopated style of bass music, “Stutter” shows a marked progression into swung techno styles, with a weighty track full of concrete rhythms and glassy synths; “Murmur” is similarly powerful, throwing acid flecks and sunken vocals into the mix. Meanwhile, Apes & Seb Wildblood offer their own take on “Stutter”, tempering some of the original’s more ferocious attributes with some subtle dub techno elements, while James Fox refixes “Murmur” into a slinky, mid-tempo house groover, whose swelling synths offer something considerably deeper. (Juno, 2013) Grab it here.

Stella Soul // The Jam EP

25 Apr

Stella Soul Jam

Born in a Berlin backyard is life to short for long storys. A simple, quick recipe is the secret Short loops combined with Hip Hop roots. That’s it! That´s Stella Soul! The Jam EP get early likes from guys like Riva Starr, Super Flu, Oliver$, Justin Martin, Round Table Knights, Zombie Disco Squad, Jesse Rose, Andre Crom, Adana Twins and more. (BP, 2013) Out now on Monkey Safari‘s Mambo. Beatport here!

D33J // Park (Tape Version)

23 Apr

D33J - Park

In the hands of producer Djavan Santos, a.k.a. D33J, what should be computer-quantized or staid is given light and life. Aquatic textures overlap with bedroom clicks, muffled vocals & vacuous guitar to form hazy late night jams with just enough rhythm for a syrup-drenched dancefloor. Colors change over the course of a song — cool blues melt to hearthy reds — and melodies wind their way through shifting textures while new forms are created at every turn. Though D33J is a solo sound technician, his sound is variegated. It is lush and large and it is alive.

Of course, the 22-year-old’s pedigree demands as much. Los Angeles born and bred, D33J attended the city’s prestigious yet public Hamilton High alongside Anticon’s Baths, OFWGKTA’s Syd the Kid, the FIDLAR boys, and Friends of Friends bit-bender Groundislava. While there, he studied both guitar and electronic music, and caught friends’ shows afterhours when he wasn’t experimenting with software at home. 

When D33J moved north to study experimental audio and visual design at the San Francisco Art Institute, he was initiated into the Wedidit mafia (via Shlohmo, Ryan Hemsworth, RL Grime), with whom he nurtured a strongly weirdo cult lifestyle and further developed his unique approach to crafting instrument-infused, R&B-touched bedroom techno. 

D33J recently returned to L.A. to claim his rightful place among the city’s vital noise-makers. While he continues to seed the Wedidit BlogSpot with bold R3MIX3S — see clutch reinventions of Brandy, Sigur Rós, and Drake — Anticon is giving his Tide Songs EP the debut it deserves. The five tracks contained therein offer an inventive, brightly budding intro to an artist who’s only just begun to blow the eff up himself.

(Anticon SC, 2013) Check out more.

Mike Mago // The Beat EP

22 Apr

mike mago the beat

Mike Mago‘s The Beat out now on Blood Music. Grab it here.

Introducing Hannah Wants

18 Apr

hannah wants

Tune in to Hannah Wants‘ upcoming release on Rinse and check out this short interview she did with Fabric.

Having signed a track to Rinse and performed as a DJ across Europe already, the Birmingham hailing DJ, Hannah Wants, has already been present on the lips of a few industry tastemakers. Mixmag tipped her as one to watch earlier this year and she’ll be appearing here in Room Two under the watchful eye of the Roska Presents banner on 10th May. With a style that feeds off bass music as much as it does classic house, she’s fast becoming one of those names that graces numerous lineups, so ahead of her debut in Room Two next month, we sat down with her and asked her some of our cursory introductory questions…

Can you outline the sound of your music as Hannah wants? Where do you think it sits in the current landscape? 
I’d say ‘house music’…. Both my tracks and what I play are often heavily bass influenced but I definitely don’t think I could sit in one particular sub-genre of house. It’s all become so cross genre anyway, which I love… You can keep your style and sets really interesting by mixing it up and playing ‘different’ kinda tracks that you’d think wouldn’t ordinarily work together. 

You’ve just signed some of your work to Rinse. Can you tell us about the tracks? How does it feel to be launching a new venture on a label as established as Rinse is? 
It’s an original collaboration with Jamie George called ‘Butterflies’. Jamie has always been a vocalist that I’ve been interested in working with and together we decided to get something done in the studio. ‘Butterflies’ was the result and I’m excited for the forthcoming release on Rinse. Rinse was the first big radio station I ever played on so I’m proud to now also be featuring on their record label.

What is coming up for you this year? 
A really busy and exciting summer is shaping up which includes a three week stint in Ibiza, a few festivals as well as gigging around the UK. Other than that I’ll be working, in the studio and also on the radio loads.

Are you excited about playing at Roska Presents…? What can we expect from your set?
Ridiculously excited! As an up and coming DJ, fabric is a club that I’ve always dreamt about playing at and Roska has always been a leading player in the scene, so I’m mega happy to be involved in such an amazing line up and event.

(Fabric, 2013)

Dietrich & Strolch Livemix April 2013

16 Apr

A fresh live mix from our label homies, Dietrich & Strolch. Big!

Umami // Sunny

15 Apr

Something for our first week of sun and warmth!

Buy here

Randomer // RNDMR001 EP

14 Apr

Randomer - RNDMR001 EP

Check out Randomer‘s first release this year: RNDMR001. Tune in below and grab it here.

Darius Syrossian // Destination

13 Apr

Darius Syrossian Destination

Some awesome old school vibin tracks from Darius Syrossian, bass included! Grab his new EP here and check him out at our label night on May 8th at the Sedel, Luzern.

Umami // Seven Days EP

13 Apr

umami seven days

Umami is back with Seven Days EP out now Katermukke. Grab this ep here.

Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo // Dappy

2 Apr

hannah wants food music

Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo make their debut on Food Music with the immense ‘Dappy’. The infectious grooves and THAT bassline have already cemented themselves with of Claude Vonstroke, Justin Martin, T Williams, plus Food’s own Kry Wolf and Shadow Child, and it now looks set to tear roof tiles and big-top canvas off many more parties through 2013. YUM003 now also comes complete with the even darker remix from Belgium’s shining star Kill Frenzy(Food Music SC, 2013) Beatport here.

Breach // Jack EP

1 Apr

From Claude VonStroke: “I had dinner with Breach in London and he told me “Hey, I have a track that is really dirtybird. I would put it out but its really sounding right for you guys.” I took this with a grain of salt but then I heard “Let’s Get Hot” and I found out he was right. It’s got the swagger and the sound. It makes girls grind their asses into boys crotches on the dancefloor. Perfect. Signed.

So I then asked him to make something even more sexual, thinking it would be ages before I got something back. 10 days later the A-side came back to me as a 2 minute clip while i was on the train to warehouse project in Manchester. I liked it so much that i edited it on the train to stretch it out to 5 minute. As expected, it slayed the room and the final version Breach has delivered is one of the best records of the year in my opinion. With the simple title of “Jack” you can see for yourself when you play it. This is the real deal.


Beatport here