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Hyper – My World

30 Nov

Hyper returns to the fold with an almighty bang with ‘My World,’ the second single from the critically acclaimed 2011 album ‘Panic.’

The original mix is huge. Processed guitar’s power over precision drum-break edits, chunky synth lines whir and buzz and slabs of sub bass hold the foundation tight below the guttural bars of Dread MC and Genesis Elijah.
First up on the remix is Ram Records flag-bearer, Hamilton. This guy is rolling at the top of his game a the moment, and doesn’t disappoint with this remarkable DnB edit. The production is snarling and super-tight.
ILL Audio, Distinctives’ new signing, steps up next. He’s constructed a ferocious re-work that explores hi-energy dubstep territory to maximum effect.
Brioski’s disco edit is my personal pic. Stripping nearly all but the vocal from the original, this talented Italian’s refreshing adaptation finishes off the brace of remixes in style.

Hyper’s “My World” (Original Mix) (Break Beat)

My World- Hamilton Mix- (DrumnBass- Dub)

Pixel Fist (Dubstep Remix)

Brioski Remix **Free Download** (Disco House Edit)

Introducing eRi2

4 Sep

I would like to introduce you to the Portuguese born, London based Producer  “eRi2” .
I was very impressed by the energy of his uplifting Techno creations but also the variety and originality of the music under his aka name Housaria , check a few examples of his work below!

About eRi2:
“In a world where music creation became so common and so many producers seem to lack originality, the Portuguese Born, London based eRi2 is one of those producers who will push his skills and productions as far as possible to get the unique results he desires.

eRi2 seeks no limit for creative sound design process with only one intention, try to be as original as possible thru his instinctive feel of rhythmic progression and sonic uplifting sensations.

Yet eRi2 has also a wide curriculum when comes to musical education, since his early years in Music Academy learning Classic guitar and Drums, which he admits to know far less than he once knew, passing thru courses like Music composition and creativity (Restart, Lisbon), Electronic Music Production (Academia, Lisbon) and finally a degree in Sound engineer at the world known Pointblank Music College in London in which he won a competition for producer Tim Sheridan.

ERi2’s musical style is simply described best as, Sonically evolved Tech house with a rhythmic scent of minimal techno.
With almost 10 years behind the decks he already impressed both clubbers and promoters that had the pleasure to attend to one of his gigs while playing in venues like Morlox Club (Berlin), Kapital, Opart, Ngaru Beach Club, Souk, Lx factory, Espaço 2010 Club, Absolute Club (Portugal) (…) and shared the booth with artists like Andrea Bertolini(it), Levan(uk), Leeks(UK), Funkestrom (GER), Alex Kiefer (GER), Expander(pt) and Magazino(pt), among others.

Now, with his production and remixing skills developing at an outstanding rapid rate, his wish is to show even more people what he is capable of and why music can be such an enjoyable passion.”

Sick Bastard (edit) – eRi2 (Drugstore Records)

The Whobble / Jelly Bang (edit) – eRi2 (Bashi Records)

Glass of Madness EP (edit) – eRi2 (Fish Records)

Twisted morning /  ear cleaner (edit) – eRi2 (Taldor Records)

Those tiny little feet ft. David Ferreira (original mix) – Housaria (aka eRi2)

Um día cada vez (original mix) – Housaria (aka eRi2)

The ancients are sleeping (edit) – Housaria (aka eRi2)

London Moët (edit) – Housaria (aka eRi2)

Stages of Life

26 Aug

Check out the new EP Stages of Life by Mendo. These two very groovy tracks are released on Cadenza. My personal pick is “Inocencia” , the mixture of the happy vocals and the jazzy trumpet work perfect together….a must dance track!!!

Inocencia (teaser)

Old school (teaser)

Sjoroem (Kosheen DJ’s remix)

19 Aug

Kosheen’s DJ’s remix of Sjoroem by Koen Groeneveld and Arturo Silvestre.
Fantastic mallet sounds run with some heavy bass….nice! Beatport here

_Sjoroem (Kosheen DJ\’s remix) – Koen Groeneveld, Arturo Silvestre


1 Apr

like to share with you my almost forgotten mix Clouds. It’s a collection of some nice melodic tech…sometimes deep other times light and peaceful….enjoy.

_Clouds – Dj Daboo

01. Warschauer Strasse – Oliver Koletzki
02.Musica Rodante (Original Mix) – Martin Eyerer
03.Mayas (Original Mix) – Nick Curly
04.Bright Star – Stimming
05.Telecaster – Gui Boratto
06.Milk & Honey (Basket Mix) – Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt
07.Sure I Can – Dyno Remix – Oliver Koletzki
08.Melodica – Stimming
09.Ode Ao Sol (Moonbeam Remix) – Pena And Perfect Stranger
10.Grace (Justin Martin Remix) – Mike Monday
11.Holding – Alex Metric
12.River’s Fate – Frivolous


2 Mar

Here a refreshing and groovy mix by chris mono. It’s a wonderful 40 min set of deep minimalistic house with some playful ethnic hints.
For those of you who like to hear and dance more… can see him this friday 4. of march heating up for Steve Bug at the Hive Club in Zürich.

_Chris Mono – Mono-Mix

Barbatuques vs TrockenSaft – Baiana (Club Mix)

26 Feb

This track just came my way and it’s a real fat tune by TrockenSaft whom I’ve actually never heard of. Big up!

_Barbatuques vs TrockenSaft – Baiana (Club Mix)