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UMEK // Kuzla Prevarantska

13 Dec

1605 umek one tracker

You know you’re ready for something special when lord UMEK comes up with a one-tracker, and even the title on this one let’s you know you’re in for a manic ride. Sly bass sets the tone, under the tightly-wound rhythm section and flashy stabs make way for a cheeky vocal that takes the lead role. The busy drum edits keep the adrenaline levels high at all times and yet another page is written in production history, with UMEK’s trademarked sound. (Umek SC, 2012) Beatport here.

Siwell // Hangover // Reshuffle

11 Dec

siwell hangover

Siwell‘s “Hangover” is a demonstration of pure class, with both tracks oozing character and quality.The title track’s rubber-band bass makes a triumphant entrance, allowing vocal snippets and phrases to do their business, while furious edits and funked-out vibes fill in the gaps.On “Reshuffle”, we get a housey treat with filtered goodness holding it down, before evolving chords add tons of prestige and panache to the affair. (1605 SC, 2012) Beatport here!

Gaga // Rock It EP

14 Nov

Some pushy-ass tech madness from Gaga out now on 1605 Music Therapy. Beatport hereGaga’s double attack comes in the form of a lesson in drums with the title track rolling effortlessly through the the night, using carefully placed percussion and rumbling subs to set the tone. “Yeah” picks up right after, with layers upon layers of drums ensuring full impact as it crunches, chugs, and effortlessly builds as a result of impeccable arrangement. (1605 SC, 2012)

Sixteenofive // Platform Vol. 9

31 Oct

Our Platform series has reached Level 9 and we have a quadruple dose of futuristic syrup for you to sip on. George Privatti’s strong chugger “Kolunga” starts things off with old-school influenced bass and some euphoria thrown in during the breakdown, while the Venditti Bros step right up with the busy drums and rumbling sub frequencies of “Deseo”. DJ Fronter opts for a ride down hypnotic lane with an array of vocal manipulation and his trademarked groove, clearing the field for David Devilla and Daniman’s “Tucan” with their percussion-heavy approach and tribalistic vocals. (1605 SC, 2012) Beatport!

Hollen & Raul Mezcolanza // Meeting Dosage EP

25 Oct

Hollen and Raul Mezcolanza team up for the “Meeting Dosage” EP, summing up their skills in ass-shaking grooves.The title track holds the fort down with a might low-end assault, and hypnotic percussion steers the battleship into the trenches. While a distant tribal vibe can be sensed, subtle riffs and clever editing keep us on our toes as the boys bounce happily along.On “Maiden”, quirky, high-pitched beeps set the mood, only to be pummelled by locomotive drums. A rubber-band bassline adds more character to the loopy vibe, and a spoken-word passage gives us just enough time for a breather. (1605 SC, 2012) Beatport here!

Mario Ochoa // BS / SMH

12 Oct

Mario Ochoa grinds and chugs with the mysteriously titled “BS” as buzzing synths rip through the air and a steamrolling rhythm section elevates him to kingpin level. Spooky samples add extra class and an epic breakdown takes it all away.On “SHM” persistent stabs take the leading role and sit comfortably upon the bouncy bassline. A commanding vocal tells it how it is, and interspersed effects keep it going eternally. (1605 SC, 2012) Beatport here.

Sixteenofive // Platform Vol. 8

28 Sep

Happily cruising along with our eighth installment of our Platform series, we dive deeper into the groove with three cuts guaranteed to shake glutei maximi of any size. Amo, Navas and Maya kick things off with a rubber-band bass and high-pitched stabs over jacking drums, all making way for the obscure vocal that magically appears. Juan Ddd and Johan Dresser pick up from there and opt for an old-school rhythm section to hold everything down. A warped synth gets us in a quirky mode and the Boombox has, indeed, arrived. Raul Mezcolanza closes up with “Follow Me” and its rumbling sub bass. We are entering shuffle central from the get-go and get sucked in by the underwater vibe of the whole affair. (1605 SC, 2012)

Out now on beatport!

Bass Kleph // Riff Machine

2 Dec

1605 is very happy to welcome the notorious Bass Kleph to its ranks, with his aptly titled “Riff Machine“.

The original mix does exactly what it says on the package with an infectious bleepy riff over a mutating sub bassline. Adding a touch of psychotic effects wizardry and a pounding rhythm section, we find Bass Kleph flirting heavily with the nastier side of things.

Mladen Tomic takes care of the first remix and offers a serious roller with frantic percussion, shuffling hats and an optimistic vibe. On the other side of the fence, we see Hertz using fragments of the original’s lead sound to build his warped mosaic of twisted bass and militant grooves. Stripping everything down to the bare necessities, this one will keep heads glued to the floor. (1605 SC, 2011)

Sjoroem (Kosheen DJ’s remix)

19 Aug

Kosheen’s DJ’s remix of Sjoroem by Koen Groeneveld and Arturo Silvestre.
Fantastic mallet sounds run with some heavy bass….nice! Beatport here

_Sjoroem (Kosheen DJ\’s remix) – Koen Groeneveld, Arturo Silvestre