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Benjamin Damage // Heliosphere

20 Feb

benjamin damage heliospherejpeg

Sonic sci-fi techno album reminiscent not just of early Plaid, Black Dog Productions, Boards of Canada or Luke Slater´s 7th Plain project, but also classic dancefloor classics by the likes of Surgeon, Regis, Dave Clarke or Jeff Mills that knew how to keep a crowd entertained. Bringing to mind the flavor of 1994 without losing the sense that we’re into 2013 as of now. This is dance music with conviction and an album straight and beautiful. (Modeselektor SC, 2013) Beatport here. Benjamin Damage SC.

Marcel Dettmann // Linux / Ellipse

3 Jan

Marcel Dettmann

HALF-TIME !!! The idea behind the label name is quite simple. After 50 single releases the label will not be continued and instead look back on a series of unique electronic dance music. With catalog number 25 the first half is now completed. As a very special guest Marcel Dettmann returns to 50 Weapons for a celebration of classic techno. Similar to his sold out “Deluge / Duel” single from December 2011, Marcel Dettmann affirms his love of purified, pumping techno. (Modeselektor SC, 2013) Out January 11 on 50 Weapons!

Dark Sky // Myriam EP

25 Nov

Although London bass trio Dark Sky‘s discography is still relatively short, they have proven adept with a varied sonic palette, one that includes serene melodies, cut-up R&B snippets, thundering organic drums, and thick bass sounds underpinning the entire operation. Their “Radius EP” released in Summer 2011 became one of the best sold and most sought after singles from the continuously growing 50 Weapons catalog.A year later it’s time for a strong follow up! The excellent “Myriam EP” is certainly living up to the high expectations. Garage rhythms, Clonkstep, Post-UK Funky, techy House references and even nods to Electro all united  in 4 smashing club tunes are a blazing example for the ongoing Bass evolution. (Modeselektor SC, 2012)

Bambounou // Orbiting

18 Nov

“Hi, I am Bambounou (Jeremy Guindo). I live in Paris, China Town. This is also where I grew up. I am now 22 years old. “Orbiting” is my debut album.

I was listening to Radio Voltage when I was about 8 years old. This is when they were playing French touch and Chicago house. From then on I’ve always been into electronic music, but I really seriously started to get involved when I was 16. I downloaded some ghetto software, so my friends and I could do some Rap instrumentals for us, doing some really bad Clash. So basically from here I discovered there’s more to this, and I really took a liking to producing.

When I met French Fries (Valentino Canzani) I started to learn the basics of DJing from him. Once hooked I kept practicing on my own. At my first public DJ gig at the age of 19 I was already playing with two of my favorite producers and DJs: Bok Bok and Lvis-1990.

French Fries once played one of my early tracks “Dogon” at one of his gigs. Tekilatex and Orgasmic (former hip hop collective TTC, now Sound Pellegrino) were playing as well, and they went crazy for this track.

“Dogon” wasn’t my first official release though. My first release was on Youngunz (owned by Guillaume Le Donche) called “Animism EP”. It came out in July 2010.

The main influences for my music are African rhythm grooves, Chicago and Detroit House artists like DJ Funk, DJ Slugo and of course the Dance Mania label. I am also really inspired by UK Dubstep ,UK Funky and Techno. I also need to mention Drexciya.

Music from video games or anything Nintendo in general has probably also left it’s marks on my creative soul. Without wanting to sound like a teenager who hasn’t yet reached puberty, I am very much into video games, cat gifs, any weird animals on youtube, Curiosity on Mars, fantasy genre books, fiction novel and swimming. I swim at least 3 times a week.

As 50 Weapons is really mainly a club music label, I didn’t want to do a pop album with real songs. This is why I chose to have no singers or any ‘proper’ lyrics featured on it. I started with quite a minimalist approach. I essentially wanted to have some key techno tracks mixed with some serious dancefloor bangers.

Even though I feel the tracks are all quite different within there own right, they still come under the umbrella of 90s house and techno mixed with some kind of bass music.

I have a running theme throughout, which is Space (Orbiting).”

01/A1 Hyper (ISRC DEOE81100330)

“This is the intro. Ironically it’s the last track I did. I guess I wanted to know how the entire album sounded before I put together an introduction track, which represents the main feeling of the whole album.”

02/A2 Any Other Service (ISRC DEOE81100331) 
“I did this track for French Fries’ birthday, because at the time I was broke and I wanted to do something with the ‘happy birthday’ melody. I was going to make the drop very unusual for him, but the more I started playing around with this, the more ideas I got, and then it turned out to be one of my best tracks on the album. I changed the melody of course. I think this track really stands out because of the bass line mixed with a UK Funky flare.” 
ps : Happy Birthday French Fries!

03/A3 Mass (ISRC DEOE81100297) 
“Mass is a track that lies somewhere within the categories of Chicago House and UK bass with a dash of Techno thrown in the mix. I was actually told to add a third track to my “Cobe EP” on 50 Weapons. I was under a lot of pressure because I was running out of time and produced this entire track in just 2 hours. Now it is also one of my favorite tracks on the album.”

04/B1 Data (ISRC DEOE81100332) 
“This is where my real Techno side comes out. With this track I wanted to make my own Techno tool and it’s something I want to play at all my gigs. I produced this track on the plane on the way to Berlin, which got me in the techno mood. I’ve taken inspiration from the eerie feel, that I love about techno music.”

05/B2 Capsule Process (ISRC DEOE81100333) 
“This track took me the longest to complete, because the ideas in my head kept changing as I was working on it. In the end I’m very pleased with the outcome. What’s different about this track is, the synth, instead of the ‘regular’ 130 bpm, is 12 bpm slower which makes an interesting groove. It fits with the other elements of this track.”

06/B3 EX06 (ISRC DEOE81100334) 
“I wanted a short mid album track, with influences drawn from my “Cobe EP” track “Deepstaria” which is also using an arpeggiator on the synth line. I actually completed this track in the plane back from Poland. It sounds like an OST from some outer space movie.”

07/C1 Let Me Get feat. French Fries (ISRC DEOE81100335) 
“I started doing this track with a friend, just playing around. Then I took the midi file with me and decided to add some voices. French Fries really loved the basics I had done, from here we worked together on ‘Let me get’ and produced a real club banger. We wanted to keep the different sections, which were closely inspired by Juke and Trap. The majority of the time when im working with French Fries we tend to add a real ‘naughty’ flavor to our tracks, with the vocals in particular, like our track ‘Hugz’.”

08/C2 Off The Motion (ISRC DEOE81100336) 
“The selling point to this track is the Bass I used, which came from the Moog Voyager. I also like the build up to the drop, which works well with the bass and the synth. I think it could be a club destroyer if played only on a huge sound system.”

09/C3 Great Escape (ISRC DEOE81100337) 
“A down tempo heroic synth track I always wanted to do. This track is quite different to the others in terms of the synths I normally use. It’s my more chilled track. I really like the vibe of it. I guess that’s why I called it the “Great Escape.”

10/D1 Challenger (ISRC DEOE81100338) 
“This is one of my slowest tracks. Recently I’m really getting into tracks which are under 120bpm. I think it’s an interesting way to find the right sequence to make your track really groove.”

11/D2 Splaz (ISRC DEOE81100339) 
“I discovered how to use an LFO triggered filter and messed (experimented) with it. That’s why this track I think is acid house on crack.”

12/D3 Orbiting (ISRC DEOE81100340) 
“I wanted to end my album on a mysterious note. I think this track might be my shrine to the film “Alien” mixed with “2001: A Space Odyssey”. I’ve also been playing too much “Eve” and “Starcraft 2″ lately I guess.”

(Modeselektor SC, 2012)

Out on 50 Weapons November 23!

Benjamin Damage // Swarm

25 Sep

Bangin Benjamin Damage release out Oct 5 on 50 Weapons!

_Benjamin Damage – Swarm / Headache

Addison Groove // Adventures In Rainbow Country

29 Aug

New Addison Groove record out Sept 14 on 50 Weapons! Preview below.

Bambounou // Cobe EP

5 Aug

Tigers didn’t raise him but he bears all the mysteries of the wild world inside of him. Unknown just a few months ago, he appeared just like a storm in the desert. His naivety is not dry. He creates his music compulsively and sincerely. His beats can make an oasis appear in the middle of the Sahara. This shaman has seduced the electro jungle, from Sinden to Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team and Modeselektor. He drops tracks like spells and captivates everyone. Bambounou’s debut album is scheduled for end of the year. (50 Weapons, 2012)

Released by: 50WEAPONS 
Release/catalogue number: 50WEAPONS021
Release date: Aug 17, 2012

A Made Up Sound // Malfunctions

3 Jul

Dutch maverick Dave Huismans may be best known for his heartfelt and boundary pushing bass as 2562, but his longest-going project A Made Up Sound has been gaining just as much momentum lately with its oddball yet funk-fueled take on techno.

The Malfunctions EP presents two wildly different sides to the same story, evoking yearning, nearly broken machines struggling to keep time. It’s yet another incredibly unique and equally functional demonstration of how developed techno should sound in 2012! (Modeselektor SC, 2012)

Phon.o // Black Boulder

21 May

Phon.o‘s “Black Boulder” delivers… …a fresh blend of bleepin’ Technoid Garage…” (MS SC, 2012) Read full text here!
Out now on 50 Weapons – beatport here.

Anstam // First Sprout EP

4 Apr

Anstam // First Sprout EP
Released by: 50 Weapons
Release date: Apr 20, 2012

Addison Groove // Transistor Rhythm

20 Jan

Addison Groove (aka Antony Williams) started life under a different pseudonym altogether. Recording as Headhunter, with an LP and 12” releases on the influential Tempa label stretching back to 2007, he achieved legendary status within the dubstep scene… …This work looked set to continue until 2010 when, seemingly out of nowhere, he crafted one of the biggest bass music tracks of the decade, ‘Footcrab’, under the new name of Addison Groove.

“Transistor Rhythm”, Addison Groove’s debut album, is a rare example of a release where the description “much anticipated” is not just a fantasy of some PR agent. The expectations are high, but we are convinced nobody is gonna be disappointed. Hear for yourself! (Modeselektor SC, 2012)

Released by: 50 Weapons on March 30, 2012!

Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka // They Live!

2 Jan

“They Live!” is 50 Weapons artist album number 3 and while again a debut album, it is completely different than the last. Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka present a versatile and deep journey through the territories of clubland, equally fitting for dancefloors and home listening. (50 Weapons SC, 2012) Release date: Jan 27, 2012

Cosmin TRG – Separat / Izolat

6 Feb

Tune in to this techno single out now on 50 Weapons! Beatport it