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Daniel Dexter – Montevideo EP

21 Apr

Daniel Dexter’s new EP „Montevideo“ is a fusion of real gutbucket House with a pinch of Tango and Blues. The 28 year old Berliner-by-choice creates a mixture of warm and acoustic Sounds with the deep and hypnotizing elements of the electronic music which reminds you of the early days. There is also a great remix from Anabatic’s cheeky monkey Chris James. His interpretation of the original song is a groovy dancefloor stomper which fits well to every turntable. (Daniel Dexter Soundcloud, 2011)

_Daniel Dexter – Montevideo EP preview

Check the “Daniel Dexter – Montevideo” Music Video:

Acidkids – Greek Geek EP

30 Nov

Short review + Listen below = grab on beatport