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AKA AKA & Thalstroem // Varieté Remixed

8 Apr

One year after their successful debut “Varieté” which stayed on #1 of the Amazon techno sales charts for weeks and was voted one of the top10 albums of 2011 by the readers of Germany’s Groove and Partysan magazine, AKA AKA & Thalstroem got together 31 remixers who made reinterpretations of their original tracks. Besides well known artists like Marek Hemmann, Moonbootica or Turntable Rocker, old stagers like Technasia or Axel Bartsch, a lot of newcomers are on the boat. Stereo Express, Dirty Doering, Joachim Pastor, umami, Hanne&Lore, Rampa and Joris Delacroix. The result is like the original a diversified overall package on 3 CDs which deliver the perfect soundtrack for every mood. (AKA AKA SC, 2012)

Released by: Burlesque Musique 
Release/catalogue number: BURCD002 
Release date: Apr 6, 2012

Dfind // Papakole

21 Jan

Here’s a tech house groove to start 2012 featuring strange bass line tech as well as bouncy and melodic tech edits from back in the day. Supporting up and comings artists such as Stereo Express, Bongo, Arts & Leni, Monkey Safari and The Chosen Two to name a few. Enjoy!

_Dfind // Papakole

01. Monkey Safari – Fat Papa (Bongo Remix)
02. Rickie Snice – Rick to Jack
03. Prztz – WMC (Dub)
04. The Chosen Two – Der Glockenkopf
05. Marco Fender – 8 Achtel
06. Biscuit Reality – A Bit Alarming
07. Arts & Leni – Bruno in Chinatown
08. Stereo & Howard – Dixiland
09. Oliver Klein – Suspenders (Aka Aka & Thalstroem Remix)
10. Enzo Siffredi – Outdoor Party
11. Lissat & Voltaxx – Ohanoa
12. Rene Bourgeois – Tico
13. Arts & Leni – Tony’s Happy Guys (Stereo Express Remix)
14. Moes Doems – Matador
15. Dan Caster – Petite Chanson
16. Temptations – Papa was a Rollin Stone (Drauf und Dran Bootleg)

Oliver Klein Remixes // Kling Klong Records

8 Dec

Two picks from the new Oliver Klein remix ep on Kling Klong Records! Aka Aka can’t go wrong with their oompa suspender tech vibe where Klein’s re-edit of Straight to the Point pushes us good, simple and effective. Find them here.

_Oliver Klein – Suspenders (AKA AKA Remix)

_Oliver Klein – Straight to the Point (Re-edit)

What Matters Remixes

8 Sep

Some bangin remixes of an already bangin track! Hanne & Lore – Philip Bader – Broombeck on duty! An original by Aka Aka, Umami and Thalstroem.

Out on burlesque musique 
12.09.2011 vinyl 
19.09.2011 digital

Dfind // Doopashi

29 Aug

It’s been quite a while now since my last mix, so here it is finally – some of my favorite dooper tech tracks at the moment.. Play it loud!

_Dfind – Doopashi

01. Adler & Finn – Paolo
02. Marco Fender – Concarne
03. Tomeka – Del Cielo (Rene Bourgeois Remix)
04. Felix Bernhardt – Die Lustige Lokomotive
05. Bacalao & Sonne – Tagliatelle Piano (Umami Remix)
06. Monkey Safari – Liverpool
07. Bengel, Bosche – Fartwind (Adler & Finn Remix)
08. Rene Bourgeois – Paris (Dan Caster Remix)
09. Andy Kohlmann – Summer Of Love (Instrumental)
10. The Chosen Two – The Concert (Sascha Braemer Remix)
11. L-Jems – Montenegros (Andy Kolmann Remix)
12. Daniel Steinberg – Aribaba
13. Rene Bourgeois – At Night (Umami Remix)
14. Budzillus – Der Untergang (Aka Aka Remix)

Ducks on Repeat // Hula Drop

4 Jul

Tune in to our new mix featuring some pushy tech grooves  and big wheel vibes in preparation for Melt! followed by some darker deeper stuff. Enjoy!

_Ducks on Repeat // Hula Drop

1. Snow Lady // Max Bett
2. Black Mamba // Olivier Giacomotto & John Acquavive
3. Lollywood // Joachim Pastor
4. Say yes // Jay Lumen
5. Digital Aboriginal (Joyce Muniz Remix) // Worthy & Yankee Zulu
6. The paccheri of uncle beppe // Siwell
7. Maracatumara (Flute Mix) // Gabe and Marcello V.o.r.
8. Kagomba (Andhim Remix) // Kolombo
9. Nuit // Alex Sander
10. Plink // Andy Kohlmann
11. Meiler ft. Thalstroem (Hakan Ludvigson Remix) // Aka Aka
12. Clap your Hands (Dub version) //Shanti Roots and Scheibosan
13. Salome (Audiojack Remix) // Channel X
14. Push and Pop // Drunkers
15. Green Potion // Konstantin Yoodza
16. Mockin smokin smile // Drunkers
17. Ostalgia // Frivolous