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RTK’s Say What! Tour 2011

2 Feb

freundeskreis presents Round Table Knight‘s Say What! Tour 2011.. They’ll be spinning in Bar 59 tomorrow night (Feb 3) with support from Jimi Jules, Lu K and ElTigreSound. Hope to see you there.

Herz. Willk. Amster.

26 Jan

Freundeskreis presents Herzlich Willkommen Amsterdam with special guest Homework (made to play)! Location: Bar 59, Luzern and here’s the line up:

22.00 – 23.15 – Simon Marty
23.15 – 00.30 / 0.45 – Jimi Jules
00.40 – 2.30 – Homework
2.30 – open end – Ducks on Repeat

Below are a couple of teaser mixes as well as some freebies from Homework! Tune in

_Ducks on Repeat – HWA Teaser

_Simon Marty – Mini mix

_Traffic Signs – The Big Fake (Homework Bootcut)

_Art Nouveau – Paradise (Homework Remix)

freundeskreis label release

27 Dec

Here is a live recording of my dj set at the freundeskreis label release.. what a great night!


1. Meati & Meech – Favela
2. Pow! Pow! – Golden Circle
3. Filtertypen – After Laughter
4. Hanne & Lore – Morgens Fango Abends Tango
5. Enzo Siffredi – Song of the Dawn
6. Super Flu – Didschn (Format B Remix)
7. Max Bett – Click
8. James Copeland – Bowler Hat
9. Parov Stelar – The Snake
10. Underworld – Always Loved a Film (Solo Remix)
11. Bassanovva – Chicken Lover
12. Channel X – Stupid (Format B Remix)
13. Pizeta – Remzelk (Andy Kohlmann Remix)
14. Andhim – Drosselschnaps
15. Nick Maurer – Lowride (Hanne & Lore Remix)
16. Stan Garac and Piek – La Gondola

Check out the DJ set recordings from Simon Marty and Der Schlechte Einfluss below. And here is a little bit of footage from Der Schlechte Einfluss!

Simon Marty (dj set)

Der Schlechte Einfluss (dj set)

freundeskreis label release

19 Dec

Join us this Thursday at the freundeskreis label release party in Bar 59, Luzern.. Featuring Der Schlechte Einfluss, Simon Marty, Dietrich & Strolch (live) Maverick Renegade and half of Ducks on Repeat! Here’s a little teaser made by lejoerg… Hope to see you there!


Ducks on Repeat @ Bar 59

9 Jul


Don’t miss out, drop down to the 59 where Ducks on Repeat aka Dfind and Daboo will be throwing down some phatty nubreaks and electrozits in the club room. See you there

Here is a new mix to get you hyped!


Ducks On Repeat – Desert Eskimo
01.Dead End Plastic Shell
02.Real Body Shock Access Denied
03.Trouble- Deepcut Remix Soul of man
04.Funkdation BSD
05.Noodlegun Freefall Collective
06.Chi Kaa Chi Koo Gella
07.Roll Player- Specimen A Remix Meat Katie, Dylan Rhymes
08.Break Street High Rankin
09.Juice Krew DJ Icey
10.Budgie Smuggla! Skool Of Thought
11.Hard Times Specimen A
12.World Of Vibrations- Jinx Remix Slim Blue
13.Rush Hour- Quadrat Beat Remix Breaking News
14.Lose Control- 12″ Dub Mix NAPT, Kish Mauve
15.Move ur likkle ting- Nick Thayer rmx Mark Walton
16.Bubble & Squeak High Rankin

Ducks On Repeat – Desert Eskimo

01. Dead End – Plastic Shell
02. Real Body Shock – Access Denied
03. Trouble – Deepcut Remix – Soul of man
04. Funkdation – BSD
05. Noodlegun – Freefall Collective
06. Chi Kaa Chi Koo – Gella
07. Roll Player – Specimen A Remix – Meat Katie, Dylan Rhymes
08. Break Street – High Rankin
09. Juice Krew – DJ Icey
10. Budgie Smuggla! – Skool Of Thought
11. Hard Times – Specimen A
12. World Of Vibrations – Jinx Remix – Slim Blue
13. Rush Hour – Quadrat Beat Remix – Breaking News
14. Lose Control – 12″ Dub Mix – NAPT, Kish Mauve
15. Move ur likkle ting – Nick Thayer Remix – Mark Walton
16. Bubble & Squeak – High Rankin