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Bass Kleph // Riff Machine

2 Dec

1605 is very happy to welcome the notorious Bass Kleph to its ranks, with his aptly titled “Riff Machine“.

The original mix does exactly what it says on the package with an infectious bleepy riff over a mutating sub bassline. Adding a touch of psychotic effects wizardry and a pounding rhythm section, we find Bass Kleph flirting heavily with the nastier side of things.

Mladen Tomic takes care of the first remix and offers a serious roller with frantic percussion, shuffling hats and an optimistic vibe. On the other side of the fence, we see Hertz using fragments of the original’s lead sound to build his warped mosaic of twisted bass and militant grooves. Stripping everything down to the bare necessities, this one will keep heads glued to the floor. (1605 SC, 2011)