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Uto Karem // Wherever The Bass Takes Me

6 Dec

uto karem agiles ep

Uto Karem‘s double dose of juiciness keeps the bounce going and the rhythm rolling while justifying the EP’s title in full. “Taking Me” proudly wears its disco influences on its sleeve with a highly addictive bassline and stabs straight from the boogie vault. The uplifting vocal loops and mesmerizes, while galloping percussion provides the steady chug-fest. On “Earth Link” we are introduced to some rubber-band bass sealed tight over a snappy rhythm section, letting a sleazy vocal sample do its business and take things to another level with a laid-back groove and euphoric effects. (Uto Karem SC, 2012) Beatport here.

Da Fresh // Jackpot

16 Apr

Pushy tech house free wheel from Da Fresh!

_Da Fresh – Jackpot (Free Download)

Sébastien Léger // Wesh Wesh Wesh

4 Mar

Always a pleasure to see some fresh big wheel from Léger and Format:B, this time on the organ-tech side. Out now on Mistakes Music.

_Sébastien Léger – Wesh Wesh Wesh

_Sébastien Léger – Wesh Wesh Wesh (Format:B Remix)

Socks and Sandals Rmx Picks

27 Jan

Tune in to a couple of dandy remixes of Format B‘s Socks and Sandals from his recent bangin album release. Remix picks are of Arts & Leni and eri2! Big up

_Format B – Socks and Sandals (Arts & Leni Remix)

_Format B – Socks and Sandals (eri2 and his Flip Flop Remix)

Bass Kleph // Riff Machine

2 Dec

1605 is very happy to welcome the notorious Bass Kleph to its ranks, with his aptly titled “Riff Machine“.

The original mix does exactly what it says on the package with an infectious bleepy riff over a mutating sub bassline. Adding a touch of psychotic effects wizardry and a pounding rhythm section, we find Bass Kleph flirting heavily with the nastier side of things.

Mladen Tomic takes care of the first remix and offers a serious roller with frantic percussion, shuffling hats and an optimistic vibe. On the other side of the fence, we see Hertz using fragments of the original’s lead sound to build his warped mosaic of twisted bass and militant grooves. Stripping everything down to the bare necessities, this one will keep heads glued to the floor. (1605 SC, 2011)

Konstantin Yoodza // Indoo EP

26 Oct

Another fresh big wheel tune from Konstantin Yoodza to push your crowd to. This guys seems to be bringing nothing but wicked vibes release after release! Also in the mix and out with some impressive  edits these days is Maa Bashi. Enjoy and grab it here.

Format:B // Restless

25 Oct

One of the best releases this month with a massive percentage of amazing tracks is Format:B‘s new album, Restless – out on Formatik Records! Below is one of the many wheel banging picks we have but do hit em up on the label soundcloud to preview more tracks and then to beatport to pocket them! Enjoy

Konstantin Yoodza // Birdlike

16 Sep

Another big wheel jacker from Ukraine’s Konstantin Yoodza! Snippets below + Beatport here.

_Konstantin Yoodza – Birdlike

_Konstaint Yoodza – Birdlike (Maa Bashi Edit)

Introducing eRi2

4 Sep

I would like to introduce you to the Portuguese born, London based Producer  “eRi2” .
I was very impressed by the energy of his uplifting Techno creations but also the variety and originality of the music under his aka name Housaria , check a few examples of his work below!

About eRi2:
“In a world where music creation became so common and so many producers seem to lack originality, the Portuguese Born, London based eRi2 is one of those producers who will push his skills and productions as far as possible to get the unique results he desires.

eRi2 seeks no limit for creative sound design process with only one intention, try to be as original as possible thru his instinctive feel of rhythmic progression and sonic uplifting sensations.

Yet eRi2 has also a wide curriculum when comes to musical education, since his early years in Music Academy learning Classic guitar and Drums, which he admits to know far less than he once knew, passing thru courses like Music composition and creativity (Restart, Lisbon), Electronic Music Production (Academia, Lisbon) and finally a degree in Sound engineer at the world known Pointblank Music College in London in which he won a competition for producer Tim Sheridan.

ERi2’s musical style is simply described best as, Sonically evolved Tech house with a rhythmic scent of minimal techno.
With almost 10 years behind the decks he already impressed both clubbers and promoters that had the pleasure to attend to one of his gigs while playing in venues like Morlox Club (Berlin), Kapital, Opart, Ngaru Beach Club, Souk, Lx factory, Espaço 2010 Club, Absolute Club (Portugal) (…) and shared the booth with artists like Andrea Bertolini(it), Levan(uk), Leeks(UK), Funkestrom (GER), Alex Kiefer (GER), Expander(pt) and Magazino(pt), among others.

Now, with his production and remixing skills developing at an outstanding rapid rate, his wish is to show even more people what he is capable of and why music can be such an enjoyable passion.”

Sick Bastard (edit) – eRi2 (Drugstore Records)

The Whobble / Jelly Bang (edit) – eRi2 (Bashi Records)

Glass of Madness EP (edit) – eRi2 (Fish Records)

Twisted morning /  ear cleaner (edit) – eRi2 (Taldor Records)

Those tiny little feet ft. David Ferreira (original mix) – Housaria (aka eRi2)

Um día cada vez (original mix) – Housaria (aka eRi2)

The ancients are sleeping (edit) – Housaria (aka eRi2)

London Moët (edit) – Housaria (aka eRi2)

Introducing Juan Ddd

17 Aug

I’ve been meaning to introduce Juan Ddd for a while now, hailing from Colombia and killing it in the big wheelin’ tech drive vibe! Below are a few picks that are getting me goin! Go to his soundcloud to read for about him + tune in some more.

_Juan Ddd – Dropbox

_Juan Ddd – Techno Shark

_Juan Ddd – Mad Dog

_Juan Ddd, Fernando Tessis – Robotecno

Mladen Tomic // Emotions EP

13 Jul

Mladen Tomic has established himself as yet another rising star from the Balkans this past year, making a big splash on the international scene. Being championed by all the techno and tech house masters from Umek on down, check out this new EP which keeps him on trajectory big time. (Mladen Tomic Soundcloud 2011)

Released by: definitiverecordings
Release/catalogue number: DEFDIG1134
Release date: Jul 6, 2011

Ducks on Repeat // Hula Drop

4 Jul

Tune in to our new mix featuring some pushy tech grooves  and big wheel vibes in preparation for Melt! followed by some darker deeper stuff. Enjoy!

_Ducks on Repeat // Hula Drop

1. Snow Lady // Max Bett
2. Black Mamba // Olivier Giacomotto & John Acquavive
3. Lollywood // Joachim Pastor
4. Say yes // Jay Lumen
5. Digital Aboriginal (Joyce Muniz Remix) // Worthy & Yankee Zulu
6. The paccheri of uncle beppe // Siwell
7. Maracatumara (Flute Mix) // Gabe and Marcello V.o.r.
8. Kagomba (Andhim Remix) // Kolombo
9. Nuit // Alex Sander
10. Plink // Andy Kohlmann
11. Meiler ft. Thalstroem (Hakan Ludvigson Remix) // Aka Aka
12. Clap your Hands (Dub version) //Shanti Roots and Scheibosan
13. Salome (Audiojack Remix) // Channel X
14. Push and Pop // Drunkers
15. Green Potion // Konstantin Yoodza
16. Mockin smokin smile // Drunkers
17. Ostalgia // Frivolous

Max Bett – Change EP

9 May

Always look forward to releases from Max Bett! Another one out on Popof‘s label, Form. Tune in below and check it out on beatport!

_Max Bett – Change

_Max Bett – I’m Here

_Max Bett – Snow Lady

Big Wheel

15 Apr

The term Big Wheel was invented by the ducks in 2010, inspired from the Melt Festival and its big wheel stage. This being said, this particular stage does not always play this type of sound. In our world big wheelin tunes are basically pushy tech and techno tunes that drive you more and more with their clicks, hats, rhythms, snares and basslines etc. Because of the DJ we saw on this stage, our term quickly took its effect. Now for a few samples, tune in below!

_Maetrik – Push Me (Popof Remix)

_Alex Delia & Nihil Young – Mooger Fooger (Mladen Tomic Remix)

_MiniCoolBoyz – Feel my Drums (Mladen Tomic Remix)

If you dig this kind of stuff I would recommend your check out: Popof, Sébastien Léger, Format:B, Max Bett, Roy RosenfelD, and Mladen Tomic to name a few (note that they are not limited to this kind of style).