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Dfind // Papakole

21 Jan

Here’s a tech house groove to start 2012 featuring strange bass line tech as well as bouncy and melodic tech edits from back in the day. Supporting up and comings artists such as Stereo Express, Bongo, Arts & Leni, Monkey Safari and The Chosen Two to name a few. Enjoy!

_Dfind // Papakole

01. Monkey Safari – Fat Papa (Bongo Remix)
02. Rickie Snice – Rick to Jack
03. Prztz – WMC (Dub)
04. The Chosen Two – Der Glockenkopf
05. Marco Fender – 8 Achtel
06. Biscuit Reality – A Bit Alarming
07. Arts & Leni – Bruno in Chinatown
08. Stereo & Howard – Dixiland
09. Oliver Klein – Suspenders (Aka Aka & Thalstroem Remix)
10. Enzo Siffredi – Outdoor Party
11. Lissat & Voltaxx – Ohanoa
12. Rene Bourgeois – Tico
13. Arts & Leni – Tony’s Happy Guys (Stereo Express Remix)
14. Moes Doems – Matador
15. Dan Caster – Petite Chanson
16. Temptations – Papa was a Rollin Stone (Drauf und Dran Bootleg)

Remixes from the Bakery

13 Jul

Here are a gathered bunch of Biscuit Reality remixes straight from the biscuit bakery. I think they have an original style going and are headed in a good direction so give them a listen and show em some support! Also check out some of their originals  on soundcloud such as Cartoon Disorder and A Bit Alarming – two of my personal favourites!

A Bit Alarming

15 Jan

Tune in to this wicked tech house track by Biscuit Reality! They’ve also got a pretty crazy bio-story on their soundcloud as well as heaps of killer tunes. Also check out their recent Get the Curse podcast. The link and track list are below.

_Biscuit Reality – A Bit Alarming

Biscuit Reality – Get the Curse podcast

01> Cagedbaby – Medicine (Fine Cut Bodies rubber mix)
02> Fever Ray – Keep The Streets Empty For Me (Biscuit Reality remix)
03> Biscuit Reality + Fine Cut Bodies – Garrison Gallop
04> Radiohead – Nude (Justin Martin remix)
05> Biscuit Reality – A Bit Alarming
06> Robert Boogert – Assassins
07> Jesse Rose – Where Were You Last Night
08> Biscuit Reality vs AMB – Winnie On Acid
09> Brandt Brauer Frick – Iron Man (Lee Jones remix)
10> Riva Starr feat Noze – I Was Drunk (Biscuit Reality remix)

Upcoming Tech House Releases

9 Dec

Do you remember?

18 Nov

Here’s a new edit of this classic that you can download for free from Biscuit Reality. It’s got quite a lot of instrumental in there which makes it easier to play after all the overplayedness.

[FREE Download] Riva Starr feat. Noze – I Was Drunk (Biscuit Reality remix) by Biscuit Reality

I waited and waited but never saw this one released. Guess I’ll still have to listen to my 192 version which I found circulating on the net. What a tune though.

Rise (Original Mix) by mowba

And another now classic with a different vibe/edit to it. Enjoy!

Simon² Andreas Henneberg – Bolingo Gringo (rauschhaus edit) by RAUSCHHAUS