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Worthy // Crickets & Joints EP

15 May

Worthy Crickets

I am really excited to have OWSLA give me the opportunity to share some of my beats with you all. In the process of writing my new album I created these two high energy songs. Let me tell you first hand that I have been playing these out for months now and both tracks are absolute killers in my sets. The Joint is a track that melds banging tom drums and 808s asking you to … “Do a Joint” while dropping you into some smokey hip hop influenced breaks and shooting you back out to the other side with red eyes. On track two, Crying Crickets, works around the sound of crickets that rise and make you go mental while dropping you into some nice grimey bass with house and techno influenced beats. I love this one and the way the vox develops in the break. It gets the crowd every time when it drops for the second time. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. – Worthy

Colombo // Abandoned Factory

21 Oct

Colombo is back again with a fresh as breaks album this one inspired by the big beat sounds of the 90s with some extra vamping! Out November 1st on iBreaks.

Stanton Warriors – Ouepa Ouepa (Freestylers Remix)

26 Aug

Booty Breakin’ Freestylers remix of SW’s Ouepa Ouepa! Out now on beatport.

_Stanton Warriors – Ouepa Ouepa (Freestylers Remix)

Slyde // Make It Loud

9 May


Anotha banger from Slyde, out now on beatport!

Elite Force the making of rvmp2

24 Mar

If you haven’t noticed yet, Elite Force is on a weekly revamp giveaway mission for the next months. Check out the explanatory video and hit up the freebie page!

Slyde – Freaky Minaj

13 Mar

Slyde has decided to give away another bumpin’ bootleg! Grab it on now their FB.

_Slyde – Freaky Minaj

Mr No Hands // Giveaways

5 Mar

Mr No Hands has decided to give away all of his releases on Diverted Traffic – check them out below and download if you dig! Also have a look out some other giveaways/bootlegs here!

Kanye – Apache – Power (Slyde Re-Rub)

8 Feb

This Slyde re-rub went down massively at Stanton Sessions, Cable last weekend featuring samples from Kanye West’s ‘Power’ and The Incredible Bongo Band classic ‘Apache’. Slyde most def played the best set in my opinion, big up and cheers for the freebie!

_Kanye – Apache – Power (Slyde Re-Rub)

Elite Force // Jackpot EP

26 Jan


A few fatties from Elite Force coming out on U&A Recordings Feb 6!

Colombo // Clap Yah Hands!

25 Jan

Bam! IBreaks bounces back for 2012 with two simply enormous slammers from breakbeat don Colombo. If this man’s tracks haven’t been in your box over the past 12 months then you’ve clearly been living somewhere out near Alpha Centauri: The young Spanish producer and former BSD member has taken the scene by storm since going solo and here takes things to a whole new level.

Clap Your Hands combines a funky James Brown sample with a monstrous 303 line and the toughest tech funk drums for a clarion call to the dancefloor that will have ’em jumping round the room like ants on a hot plate. Double A side Clubbing sends a chunky rolling breakbeat firing over Balearic guitar, sumptuous strings and a healthy dose of red hot funk for a tune that will have you wishing it was summer already.

No-one else does it quite like Colombo and these two tracks are likely to be flying high at the top of the breaks charts for several weeks to come. Grab these promos now before the great unwashed get their dirty mitts on them! (iBreaks SC, 2012)

Release Date: Jan 30, 2012

Tickles // Bassline Skanka

9 Jan

1 of my 1st tracks as Tickles that I’ve had so many questions about… “Bassline Skanka” is now here for you to download FREE 
Enjoy (Mr Tickle Soundcloud, 2012)

_Tickles – Bassline Skanka

Future Swing Stories // Ghetto Swing

12 Dec

Serious big up to Future Swing Stories for mixing/passing us this amazing ghetto swing mix! Most definitely one of the best electronic swing mixes I’ve heard – probably due to the perfect balance of dirt, hip hop beats, bass, swing and ghettoness. Show em some love by tuning in below and downloading it from their FB page! Here’s a lil’ description text:

The first half of the 20th century saw periods of prohibition of the bottle in several countries around the world. Prohibition became increasingly unpopular during the Great depression, with Bootleggers, Rum runners and organised crime syndicates cashing in on this, the streets were a muck but the speakeasy’s flourished making way for an extraordinary time for music, a time of elegance, grandeur and down right naughtiness.

This mix attempts to translate the period of prohibition in the United States, from inception to ratification and the dry bits in between. (Future Swing Stories SC, 2011)

_Future Swing Stories – Ghetto Swing Vol 1

Colombo // Antiques of the Future

18 Nov

Colombo bringing out Nu breaks the way it should be – including some much appreciated influence from big beat bass. Out now on iBreaks – Antiques of the Future, a massive 21 track album full of fatness! Below are a few picks.

_Colombo – What You Think

_Colombo – Let the Battle Begin

_Colombo – Nugatory

_Colombo – Your Match

_Colombo – Wild Dance

_Colombo – Later

Introducing Pasteman

25 Aug

Not sure how I stumbled across Pasteman from Leeds, but gotta say I’m impressed with what I hear! Lovin’ the ghetto BDs, bass and uk funk in there not to mention the familiar vocals heard from stanton warriors! Show him some love on his SC. Below are a few giveaways (just click on the track names to download).

_Pasteman – The Movement

_M.I.A. – Bucky Done Gun (Pasteman Remix)

_Pasteman & Herobot – Work (What You Waiting For)

Bonus: Graphics – Fine Yarn – Hit this guy up here to find out more!

Zaap Festival Volume 1

12 May

The wait was long but time did fly! Zaap Collective and Squittybubbler present the first edition of the Zaap festival taking place tomorrow, Friday 13 at Usine a Gaz, Nyon! Also note that this is the Zaap Collective’s launch party.

The Zaap concept is basically to connect DJs, VJs and artists from around Switzerland and to create a brand in order to strengthen ourselves and our passion for electronic music. For this first edition there will be a night with six DJ’s between 21h and 3h. The entry will be 20.- Also below are promo mixes from the collective DJs!

– FOAMO (Chew The Fat!, UK)

– HOSTAGE (Nightshifters, UK)

– PLESH (Squitty Bubbler, UK)

and the collective DJs:

– DUCKS ON REPEAT (Zaap/Freundeskreis, CH)

– DEMON-D (Zaap/OhMyDays!, CH)

– SIR CHARLIE (Zaap/OhMyDays!, CH)

For visuals there will be our label VJ:

– PIZZ (Zaap, CH)

Check out a short teaser video Pizz made for this event:

We hope to see you there to support your local artists!

Bassbin Twins – Floorwerk EP

3 Apr

Bassbin Twins never let’s us down with a bangin’ release one after the other even if it takes a little bit longer then some. Here is the new Floorwerk ep out now on beatport!

_Bassbin Twins – Floorwerk


Zinc Giveaways

23 Mar

Look’s like Zinc is feeling generous, back after four days with a bunch more giveaways of some of his classics! And all in high quality format. Enjoy!

_Zinc – Hello VIP 2002 (unreleased)

_Zinc – Fugeez or Not 1996 Mix

_Zinc – Shook Ones Remix 2002

_Zinc – See Clearly 2002 (unreleased)

_Zinc – Dude Mix 2004

_Zinc – Jungle Jezus 2004

HeavyFeet ft. Bubbz – I Like It

11 Mar

Here be a new HeavyFeet release on Stamp! Beats. You can listen and grab the original version for free below. And next listen to the minimix featuring the other remixes, then if you’re satisfied grab it on beatport!

_HeavyFeet ft. Bubbz – I Like It


Turn Me Up Some

8 Mar

Meat Katie – Bizarre Is Beautiful

1 Feb

Check out the new single from Meat Katie’s Lot 49. The original is a heavy tech funk rinser and the remix more techno fueled. Preview below and buy on beatport!

_Meat Katie – Bizarre is Beautiful

_Meat Katie – Bizarre is Beautiful (Lightknife Mix)