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Felipe Venegas // Ritmical Baco EP

19 Sep

Now Venegas returns to Cadenza with perhaps his most daring EP yet. The title of the EP and its lead track, ‘Ritmical Baco’, comes from the name of a band from Santiago, which Venegas was once a part of. As he explains, “I played guitar and keyboards for the band, and our sound was influenced by jazz and funk artists like Miles Davis, Joe Sawinul, Chick Corea, Return to Forever, and Los Jaivas, who were one of our most important influences. (Cadenza SC, 2012)

Read full text here! Out October 15, 2012.


Stages of Life

26 Aug

Check out the new EP Stages of Life by Mendo. These two very groovy tracks are released on Cadenza. My personal pick is “Inocencia” , the mixture of the happy vocals and the jazzy trumpet work perfect together….a must dance track!!!

Inocencia (teaser)

Old school (teaser)