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Die Vögel // The Chicken

24 Jul

Beatport here.

Die Vögel // Fratzengulasch

28 Jul

Have a listen to some fresh Die Vögel, a long wait after their debut release, Blaue Moschee! If you dig, pay a visit to beatport. Here are some short excerpts from Pampa Records SC:

Fratzengulasch’… …A tribal meditation, and a beautiful canon sung by Jakobus and Ebba Durstewitz, otherwise known as the band Ja König Ja.

Maikäferbenzin’… ….sub binaural sounds on this track that get your brain hemispheres swinging in perfect synchronicity, on a frequency generally only experienced when in a trance. And there they’re left, swinging away until the last third of the song where an abrupt saxophone break briefly interrupts, only to deliver the listener safely back into an absolute state of bliss and felicity.