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Introducing Frizzo

16 Jun

Been meaning to post on Frizzo for a while now. Here is a little text taken from his soundcloud:

Frizzo is a sound designer, composer and producer based in Glasgow UK. Born and bred in Italy, he studied classical piano for several years before moving to Glasgow where he undertook a sound engineering course. His music is characterized by fusing sounds from different cultures with electronic music.

Below are a few samples, but do check his page for more!

_Frizzo – Balkan Lyre

_Frizzo – One Year

_Frizzo – Turmeric

Do you remember?

18 Nov

Here’s a new edit of this classic that you can download for free from Biscuit Reality. It’s got quite a lot of instrumental in there which makes it easier to play after all the overplayedness.

[FREE Download] Riva Starr feat. Noze – I Was Drunk (Biscuit Reality remix) by Biscuit Reality

I waited and waited but never saw this one released. Guess I’ll still have to listen to my 192 version which I found circulating on the net. What a tune though.

Rise (Original Mix) by mowba

And another now classic with a different vibe/edit to it. Enjoy!

Simon² Andreas Henneberg – Bolingo Gringo (rauschhaus edit) by RAUSCHHAUS