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Le Jockey // It Don’t Mean a Thing

9 Dec

Out now on beatport.

Tom Flynn // Freshly Squeezed EP

21 Sep

Bassy tech fresh ep from Tom Flynn out next week on Mobilee/Leena!

SWANG! (Shake That Thing)

18 Jun

Out now on beatport via Freshly Squeezed!

Jem Stone // Perpetual Lotion EP

12 Jul

Jem Stone’s PERPETUAL LOTION EP, the long awaited follow-up to 2010’s Teleparp and the hugely influential ELECTRIC CIRCUS EP, is OUT NOW! We predict this record will change the future direction of Electro-swing. Deeper, darker, meaner and moodier, this still ticks all the essential boxes, but heads off into new and uncharted territory… The EP is available as a limited edition 12″ vinyl on Freshly Squeezed (in the wonderful Jem Stone designed house bag) here: http://www.kudosrecords.co.uk/freshlysqueezed/detail/ZEST12035 and (due to massive popular demand) also as a download from all major stores…

Tune in to a teaser below then check out the vid!

The Correspondents – What’s Happened to Soho?

23 Mar

I’ve been eager for a release from these guys ever since I first found out about them a few months back. Here is their ‘What’s Happened to Soho?’ EP out on Freshly Squeezed April 11th! Preview the tracks below, let your feet do the tapping and your head the bobbing! Show them some love on their soundcloud and find some tasty freebies.

_The Correspondents – Washington Square (respiffed)

_The Correspondents – Bad Ragsaw Boogie

_The Correspondents – What’s Happened to Soho?

The Correspondents

6 Jan

If you haven’t heard of this duo already, today is your lucky day. I would define their music as electro swing hop n bass but have a listen yourself to form your own opinion. They are being very generous and letting you download all three of these tracks! (the first one’s a 128 unfortunately but the others are high quality) Check out their myspace and soundcloud for more info. Also below is a short introduction video of them..

_The Correspondents – Look what you get

_The Correspondents – I want to be like you

_The Correspondents – Ah ha

Boogie Woogie Santa

2 Dec

It’s completed covered in snow outside and here’s a freebie track that fits the vibes brought to you by Swing Republic on Freshly Squeezed!

Also, grab this soon as its only free to download during December. Click here to taste a little bit of Swing Republic’s forthcoming Sampler EP!