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G-Swing 003 sampler // James Curd

31 May

Sample of the 5 new songs by Greenskeepers for the new G-Swing 003!
1. Caper Full
2. Sucka
3. Religion
4. Bang In Your Face
5. Caper Instrumental

_G-Swing 003 sampler

James Curd – Party Over Here (M.in Remix)

24 May

The original from GreenskeepersJames Curd was a great one and so is this one! Now for some words from the president or M.in himself: I did this remix a long long time ago – I think a short time after our new orleans track! The greenskeepers liked the remix but it was never released. This is why I now am giving it to you as a free gift!

_James Curd – Party Over Here (M.in Remix)