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Buonasera Signorina

23 Feb

Buonasera signorina

Buonasera Signorina is the latest compilation release from Green Queen Music; Compiled and mixed by Feel Good Productions founder, international DJ and producer Pony Montana; it is a foot-tapping collection of thirteen club style, electro-swinging vintage-sound remixes and original tracks.

It also contains a number of tracks created exclusively for the compilation such as https://soundcloud.com/drcatmusic remix of ‘Me and Mr Wolf’ as well as the title track ‘Buonasera Signorina’ by Pony Montana feat. The Swingrowers, amongst others …it’s electro-swing Jim but not as you know it! Buonasera Signorina is a cross over album which plants a flag in the ground where the worlds of electro-swing and EDM meet.

It is aimed at those DJ’s currently pioneering the expansion of the electro-swing movement from the underground into the mainstream clubs; as well as DJ’s already established in the Techno and House music worlds, who want to bring some some of the glamour and exuberance of the electro-swing movement to their sets.

(Green Queen Music SC, 2013) Out March 3rd, 2013.

Swinger Club

30 Aug

Groovy tech house release on Ostfunk Records! “Swinger Club” with tracks from Klangkuenstler and Wolfgang Lohr. Especially feeling the tuba track. Preview below and order your vinyl here!

_Klangkuenstler – Darling

_Klangkuenstler –  Tuba Libre

_Wolfgang Lohr – Chicken Swing

_Wolfgang Lohr – Manouche

Panoptica // Tino’s Groove

21 Jun

Panoptica presents Tino’s Groove, a jazzy house giveaway!

Here’s the finished version of this track i began a few months ago, a little jazzy house vibe inspired by mexican jazz maestro Tino Contreras all my admiration and respect, trumpets recorded by Panoptica Orchestra Ivan Trujillo. (Panoptica SC, 2012)

_Panoptica – Tino’s Groove

SWANG! (Shake That Thing)

18 Jun

Out now on beatport via Freshly Squeezed!

Stavroz // Playground Party

15 Jun

A couple of fresh and groovy  Stavroz tunes to look forward to on Wired!

_Stavroz – Playground Party

_Stavroz – Hold On

And if you missed it here is a perfect summer vibe Stavroz mix from a month back!

_Stavroz – Hansel  and Gretel Party in the Forest Mixtape

Jesse Rose // Fatman

15 Jun

Tune in to Jesse Rose‘s first solo single of 2012! Fatman, a groovy swingy house tune for your listening and shaking pleasures! Out on Dubsided June 25th.

_Jesse Rose – Fatman

_Jesse Rose – Fatman (Dub)

James Copeland // King of the Swingers

8 May

James Copeland with a fresh take on this vintage tune plus Tavo on the more pushy tech remix! Out now on beatport via 3stardeluxe.

James Copeland – King of the Swingers EP

Parov Stelar // The Princess (Part 2)

25 Apr

New Parov Stelar album, The Princess, out now! Preview Part 2 below, it being my pick even though quite a few have been out a while now! Stream Part 1 here.

Beatport here: Part 1 // Part 2

Parov Stelar // Jimmy’s Gang EP

20 Mar

“Jimmy’s Gang” is FURTHER proof of the outstanding position that the iconic Austrian producer Parov Stelar holds in the Electroswing scene. For his new single he virtuously melts TOGETHER jazz’s love for detail and raw rave energy. This way something new and previously unheard arises. Stelar’s sound is AT THE same TIME ecstatic, playful, melodic, diva-esque, progressive and congenial – and it is always new and exciting. “Jimmy’s Gang” is a perfect TEASER for Parov Stelar’s fifth album. It is a deep and eclectic journey into sound and will be released in april. The single release of “Jimmy’s Gang” contains an additional remix by Enzo Siffredi. He strips the original track to it’s bones and reconstructs it to a deep and groovy house track. (Parov Stelar, Beatport 2012)

Arts & Leni // Furious Love Making EP

18 Feb

Arts & Leni keepin’ it swaggy fresh on the up supe-trop-tech vibe! Give these all a good head-bobbing listen, out soon on Deich Records. Originals are below, and Sebastian Boldt remix here.

_Arts & Leni – Furious

_Arts & Leni – Love

_Arts & Leni – Making

Arts & Leni // Bruno in Chinatown

6 Jan

Was in chinatown today for some dim to the sum seeing that this tune from Arts & Leni seems fit. Remastered and free to download thanks to these talented young chaps from Hamburg. Big up!

_Arts & Leni – Bruno in Chinatown

Future Swing Stories // Ghetto Swing

12 Dec

Serious big up to Future Swing Stories for mixing/passing us this amazing ghetto swing mix! Most definitely one of the best electronic swing mixes I’ve heard – probably due to the perfect balance of dirt, hip hop beats, bass, swing and ghettoness. Show em some love by tuning in below and downloading it from their FB page! Here’s a lil’ description text:

The first half of the 20th century saw periods of prohibition of the bottle in several countries around the world. Prohibition became increasingly unpopular during the Great depression, with Bootleggers, Rum runners and organised crime syndicates cashing in on this, the streets were a muck but the speakeasy’s flourished making way for an extraordinary time for music, a time of elegance, grandeur and down right naughtiness.

This mix attempts to translate the period of prohibition in the United States, from inception to ratification and the dry bits in between. (Future Swing Stories SC, 2011)

_Future Swing Stories – Ghetto Swing Vol 1

Shemian // Jazzylicious

12 Dec

Preview the funk the fresh the new jazz/swing tech album from Shemian – out today on Erase Records! Beatport it.

With his unmistakeable sound of jazz, swing and house, Shemian has established himself as one of the top music producers of the 
recent years. The now available album, ‘Jazzylicious’, demonstrates this distinctive sound. The 11 tracks reflect the mood of the swing era in an inimitable way of the 20’s and 30’s. (Shemian SC, 2011)

The Park // Belleville

15 Sep

Here’s a giveaway promo for the new, Gilles Peterson compiled, Brownswood select, out soon. A shakin’ remix of the theme song from Les Triplettes de Belleville from The Park. Also check out da vid below!

_The Park – Belleville

Brownswood Bubblers 7 

Released – 26/9/11 (CD & Digital Download)

1. Jon Phonics – The One 
2. Tanya Auclair – Thrum 
3. The Stepkids – La La 
4. Stealing Sheep – Shoot The Ducks To Win 
5. Zara McFarlane – Waking Sleep (Thoughts) 
6. Ntjam Rosie – In Need 
7. Cleveland & Ahmed – Sensitive 
8. Obenewa – Make It Better 
9. Ivy Chanel – Wind Blows (Samba/Soul Remix) 
10. Tall Black Guy – Water No Enemy 
11. Chris Turner – Liquid Love 
12. KING – Hey 
13. Jesse Boykins – B4 The Night Is Thru 
14. Cubic Zirconia – Night Or Day feat. Bilal 
15. The Park – Belleville 
16. Ratcliffe – Mindset

René Bourgeois // Tico EP

9 Sep

These days you can’t go wrong when bustin’ on a René Bourgeois tune.. they all seem to be bangin! Here’s a tech composition featuring the Andrew Sisters. Feelin this.. Out on Supdub Records sometime this month featuring a M.in and Jonas Fahz remix plus another original, Pearl Harper.

Algorythmik // Morphism

22 Aug

Teaser of Algorythmik‘s upcoming album Morphism – out Sept 12 2011. Also grab this freebie of Circus World (Feat. Ben Sharpa & Wapi Wap)!

_Algorythmik – Morphism Teaser

Jem Stone // Perpetual Lotion EP

12 Jul

Jem Stone’s PERPETUAL LOTION EP, the long awaited follow-up to 2010’s Teleparp and the hugely influential ELECTRIC CIRCUS EP, is OUT NOW! We predict this record will change the future direction of Electro-swing. Deeper, darker, meaner and moodier, this still ticks all the essential boxes, but heads off into new and uncharted territory… The EP is available as a limited edition 12″ vinyl on Freshly Squeezed (in the wonderful Jem Stone designed house bag) here: http://www.kudosrecords.co.uk/freshlysqueezed/detail/ZEST12035 and (due to massive popular demand) also as a download from all major stores…

Tune in to a teaser below then check out the vid!

Odjbox // Cotton to Fabric

11 Jul

Odjbox is back with some fresh swinghop to chill or get down to. Listen to the album teaser below and visit their website to get the ep for free (or show em some support and donate)!

_Odjbox – Cotton to Fabric Teaser

Danny T // Mean Baby EP

6 Jul

Blogged this ep months ago but now it has finally arrived for the public’s listening pleasure! Danny T from Brisbane presents The Mean Baby EP out now on Sweat it Out! shredding some groovy swing tech and more.

_Danny T – Mean Baby

_Danny T – Speak Easy

_Danny T – Swing Thing

Sweat it Out! // Club Sweat 3

14 Jun

Tune in to the third of the Club Sweat series brought to you by Sweat it Out! Records. This ep features tech house tracks of the variation from Louie Kaboom, Wolfie and Bongo. Preview below and beatport it here!