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Jens Lewandowski // Notion EP

19 Jan

Jens Lewandowski

Jens Lewandowski‘s Notion ep including Alfred Heinrichs remix out on supdub Feb 4!

Choose Your Remix EP

4 Jul

In order to lure the summer out of its hibernation, we had the ‘Choose Your Destiny EP’ go through the meat grinder. René Bourgeois’s take on ‘Nancy’s Room’ is following the style of his remixes Shakerplates, Atmosphere and Pimprinella, making it into a big ass open air hymn that would even make 007 want to drop by at the rave.

Jens Lewandowski previously celebrated his debut on the Berlin-based Supdub label, which is now followed by his remix debut on Powder & Louder. He cranked a beautiful, deep, and minimal version of ‘Der Hobbyastronaut’ out of the CPU.

‘Der Kosmoprolet’ went to Argentina as parts and returned as a sick NoDisc remix. The name of the man is Julio. He is a newcomer in the club music scene, but not when it comes to producing… we hardly ever heard such a fat bassline!

To make the deal complete, Wolfgang Lohr (who is known from his releases on Ton liebt Klang!) gently plowed through The Chosen Two’s Strebergarten and transformed it into a groovy Peaktime House track. (The Chosen Two SC, 2012)

Out on vinyl this July!