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KlangKuenstler // Pfoetchentango

12 Dec

The Klangkuenstler, the sound artist, is a one-of-a-kind creature: His feet are obviously skipping across the surface of our Earth, but his head seems to sway in another dimension. How he got his name? Well, this likable drifter always illustrates his cheerful walkabouts by emotionally playing various instruments! He even asks a straying dog for a dance… which leads to the Pfoetchentango, the paw tango: Vivacious guitar and violin passages with a Mediterranean feeling take turns with wild jumping around to throbbing rhythms. A little later he is fascinated by the fidgeting moves of a colourful Clownfisch which he discovers in the middle of heaving bass waves. Spontaneously he takes out of his pocket an old piano and strikes up a clubby groove while at the same time improvising on a fiddle. Further he gambols across the soundscape, now dancing his lively Regenbogentanz, his rainbow dance. When he leaps past Mollono.Bass at the side of the road he gives him a friendly wink. Inspired by so much joy of life, this guy takes up the cheerful melody, twists it into a rolling and grinding bass structure and continues the Regenbogentanz in a dreamy pace. (3000 Grad SC, 2012) Grab it here!

Drauf & Dran // Berliner Kindl EP

16 Nov

New Drauf & Dran EP out on Style Rockets featuring remixes from Streiflich and Klangkuenstler! Beatport here.

Swinger Club

30 Aug

Groovy tech house release on Ostfunk Records! “Swinger Club” with tracks from Klangkuenstler and Wolfgang Lohr. Especially feeling the tuba track. Preview below and order your vinyl here!

_Klangkuenstler – Darling

_Klangkuenstler –  Tuba Libre

_Wolfgang Lohr – Chicken Swing

_Wolfgang Lohr – Manouche