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M.in // Acid Fever

2 Jul

Tune in and grab this acid fever gift from M.in – a groovy acid tech flavor, layered with the classic from La Lupe!

_M.in – Acid Fever

Papa was a Rolling Stone (Drauf und Dran Bootleg)

31 Dec

Drauf und Dran on bootleg duty with this classic tune by Temptations! Also check out a bunch of xmas bonus giveaways below. Enjoy

_Temptations – Papa was a Rolling Stone (Drauf und Dran Bootleg)

Bonus giveaways

_Phil d’bit & Sebastiano Sedda – We did it again

_La Caravane Passe – Bulibasha (DJ Click Remix)

_M.in vs Daft Punk Bootleg

_Diego Quintero – Minimal Revenge

René Bourgeois // Tico EP

9 Sep

These days you can’t go wrong when bustin’ on a René Bourgeois tune.. they all seem to be bangin! Here’s a tech composition featuring the Andrew Sisters. Feelin this.. Out on Supdub Records sometime this month featuring a M.in and Jonas Fahz remix plus another original, Pearl Harper.

James Curd – Party Over Here (M.in Remix)

24 May

The original from GreenskeepersJames Curd was a great one and so is this one! Now for some words from the president or M.in himself: I did this remix a long long time ago – I think a short time after our new orleans track! The greenskeepers liked the remix but it was never released. This is why I now am giving it to you as a free gift!

_James Curd – Party Over Here (M.in Remix)

M.in – Favourite EP

10 Mar

Here’s a new one on Play it Down by M.in. Couldn’t find a stream preview I could embed unfortunately as I need to work on my geekness but do have a listen/buy on Made to Play, beatport or Juno!

M.in giveaways

4 Nov

Here are a couple of freebies tunes from M.in which you may or may not already have. They’ve been around for a while but just in case you missed out, grab em here.

Free To Download by M.in