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Roy Apron // Two Theories EP

15 Aug

Fresh Roy Apron ep out now on bandcamp for £1 or more!

The tribal bass of ‘Two Theories’.
The overdriven 808 bass line roller ‘Seckrit Lab’
And, for the heads… Another “Amibance-Apella”, this time with added Pseudo-Jazz influences..

(Roy Apron SC, 2012)

_Roy Apron – Two Theories EP

Boy 8-Bit // We Move By Night EP Preview

29 May

Tune in to a preview of the upcoming Boy 8-Bit EP out soon on Blood Music!

_Boy 8-Bit – We Move By Night EP Preview

_Roy Apron – Two Theories (Also out soon!)

dangerDAN // The Count EP

16 Apr

Tune in to dangerDAN on Blood Music duty plus Boy 8-bit on the remix! Out now on beatport!

Blood Music @ Fabric

3 Feb

Fake Blood‘s label, Blood Music night at Fabric tonight with himself, Bowski, Boy-8 bit, Ado in room one itself, hyped! Tune in to a teaser from Bowski below and see yo tonight!

_Bowski – Fabric Promo Mix

Bowski // Poppies EP

2 Dec

It doesn’t get any better than this.. and I know I’ve said this before but this time it’s for real! New Bowski out soon on Fake Blood’s label, Blood Music – a label that you really must keep on that list you keep over where for reminders of bangin fresh and creatively braaah tracks.

_Bowski – Poppies

_White Russian

_Balloon Brain

Disco Of Doom – Doomsday (Bowski Remix)

4 May

Bowski never seems to disappoint with another dope remix this time of Disco of Doom‘s Doomsday – out May 16th! Feed your ears below.

_Disco of Doom – Doomsday (Bowski Remix)

The Finger Prince – A Beau (Bowski Remix)

12 Apr

Here’s another fresh Bowski remix this time of The Finger Prince from Australia. This one’s a bit slow for Bowski but still has his signature mooch bassline. Sample below.

_The Finger Prince – A Beau (Bowski Remix)