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Roy Apron // Two Theories EP

15 Aug

Fresh Roy Apron ep out now on bandcamp for £1 or more!

The tribal bass of ‘Two Theories’.
The overdriven 808 bass line roller ‘Seckrit Lab’
And, for the heads… Another “Amibance-Apella”, this time with added Pseudo-Jazz influences..

(Roy Apron SC, 2012)

_Roy Apron – Two Theories EP

Boy 8-Bit // We Move By Night EP Preview

29 May

Tune in to a preview of the upcoming Boy 8-Bit EP out soon on Blood Music!

_Boy 8-Bit – We Move By Night EP Preview

_Roy Apron – Two Theories (Also out soon!)

dangerDAN // The Count EP

16 Apr

Tune in to dangerDAN on Blood Music duty plus Boy 8-bit on the remix! Out now on beatport!

Blood Music @ Fabric

3 Feb

Fake Blood‘s label, Blood Music night at Fabric tonight with himself, Bowski, Boy-8 bit, Ado in room one itself, hyped! Tune in to a teaser from Bowski below and see yo tonight!

_Bowski – Fabric Promo Mix

Bowski // Poppies EP

2 Dec

It doesn’t get any better than this.. and I know I’ve said this before but this time it’s for real! New Bowski out soon on Fake Blood’s label, Blood Music – a label that you really must keep on that list you keep over where for reminders of bangin fresh and creatively braaah tracks.

_Bowski – Poppies

_White Russian

_Balloon Brain

Disco Of Doom – Doomsday (Bowski Remix)

4 May

Bowski never seems to disappoint with another dope remix this time of Disco of Doom‘s Doomsday – out May 16th! Feed your ears below.

_Disco of Doom – Doomsday (Bowski Remix)

The Finger Prince – A Beau (Bowski Remix)

12 Apr

Here’s another fresh Bowski remix this time of The Finger Prince from Australia. This one’s a bit slow for Bowski but still has his signature mooch bassline. Sample below.

_The Finger Prince – A Beau (Bowski Remix)

Dfind – Deep Sea Moocher

18 Jan

This would be what we call a ‘bloody8bit’ mix.. heard the term ‘mooch house’ once before but don’t really know if this genre exists.. cracky, bloody, moochy or whatever you want to call it, tune in to what  I’d say is a sequel to Bottom of the Sea. A fresh mix for 2011 including some new stuff as well as some classics.. Enjoy!

_Dfind – Deep Sea Moocher

1. Terry Toner – A Walk in the Dunes
2. XY-Me – B Acid (Bowski Remix)
3. Peter Horrevorts – Labyrinth
4. Rachel Barton – Goose Step (Justin Martin Remix)
5. The 2 Bears – Work It Out
6. Dub Dummies – Mantra (Phil Kieran Dubbed Out Mix)
7. Boy 8-Bit – From the Depths
8. Pan-Pot – Black Horse Down
9. Bowski – Leggings
10. L Kubic – Voyager (Frogs in Socks Remix)
11. Phil Kieran – Odd Ball
12. Made to Play All Stars – Yeah
13. B-Ju – My Sneakers
14. Fairmont – Gazebo (This is Kokuz ReChop)
15. Knuckles – Tragus
16. Caro, Dapayk, Padberg – Island (Noze Remix)


21 Dec

Boy 8-bit‘s Tropical Heat is out now digitally and on vinyl. The Roy Apron Dub is my pick of the two. Listen below!

And now for a moochy-disco bonus jam from Bowski!