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Make That Booty Clap Remixes

7 May

booty clap remixes

Kill Frenzy’s storming debut on dirtybird, the addictive, juke charged brute with its ingenious hip hop breakdown, is back for re-release with a slew of remixes from some choice label affiliates. Not content with the originals genre-traversing legacy (including plays from Soul Clap to Skrillex and pretty much everyone in between), Belgiums booty obsessed Kill Frenzy has rallied the likes of The Martin Brothers, Zombie Disco Squad, Plastician and Mark Starr to deliver their own take on the track, bringing the work out to brand new dance floors in the process.  

The Martin Brothers set the pace with a characteristically heavy house bass line, the twisted “make that booty clap” vocal sample dancing over the driving groove. Zombie Disco Squad let’s the buttock-smacking claps take centre stage, while a clever percussion score and perfectly timed ellipsis make for certified ghetto house dance floor material. Dirtybird debutant by way of Croydon, Plastician, focuses on the bass elements of the original, creating a swaying dubstep rhythm where booty claps become glock pops before your very eyes, while Mark Starr opts for a similarly languid groove, without losing sight of Kill Frenzy’s playful genre-splicing.  

“Make That Booty Clap feat. DJ Funk” became an instant milestone in the dirtybird canon and its great to see Kill Frenzy’s debut receiving such masterful reworks a year on.  


Buy it here.

Restless Remixes Session 3

31 May

Tune in to Format:B‘s Restless Remixes Session 3 featuring remixes from Uto Karem, MadSkillz and Fernando Tessis! Beatport here.

_Format:B – Pianoman (Uto Karem Remix)

_Format:B – Socks and Sandals (Madskillz Remix)

_Format:B – Warped (Fernando Tessis Remix)

Mr No Hands // Giveaways

5 Mar

Mr No Hands has decided to give away all of his releases on Diverted Traffic – check them out below and download if you dig! Also have a look out some other giveaways/bootlegs here!

Lance Herbstrong // Meth Breakfast

2 Mar

Meth Breakfast is the sophomore release by Lance Herbstrong, their second album in the last 12 months, and the long awaited follow up to Tokelahoma.  The album is a collection of iconic rock and roll hits spanning several decades, remixed into the signature Lance Herbstrong sound that kicks you in the teeth from the opening riff til the last.  Artists featured on the record include Pink Floyd, The Who, Queen, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton,  Joan Jett, The Beastie Boys, Van Halen, and several others. Download it in all it’s glory at www.lanceherbstrong.com (LH, 2012)

Here are a few picks but do check ’em all out here!

_Echoes (Pink Floyd x Lance Herbstrong Remix)

_Cocaine (Eric Clapton x Lance Herbstrong Re-Cut)

_Uptown Top Ranking (Donna and Althea x Trinity x Lance Herbstrong Remix)

_Tribal Mash (Madox x Stefano Noferini x Kaiserdisco x Layo + Bushwacka x Lance Herbstrong Mashup)

Remixes from the Bakery

13 Jul

Here are a gathered bunch of Biscuit Reality remixes straight from the biscuit bakery. I think they have an original style going and are headed in a good direction so give them a listen and show em some support! Also check out some of their originals  on soundcloud such as Cartoon Disorder and A Bit Alarming – two of my personal favourites!

ZZT – ZZafrika Remixes

28 May

Looking forward to the remix ep from ZZT’s ZZafrika out on Turbo Recordings May 31st! There are a couple of goods ones but my pick at the moment would be the Gesaffelstein remix! Banger.. Here is a deep message from Tiga:

100 years ago i had a dream: release music I love, with pro graphics, without going bankrupt. 100 12inches later, Turbo stands high on the rubble of crumbled empires: Mo’Wax, Factory, EMI all dead in our wake…. we will never give up the fight: music we love,.dressed for success, format-democratic, NEVER going bankrupt. Climbing to the stars, 300 copies at a time. it’s just us and Jack White, motherfuckers… bring on the next 100. See you in 2017.

Love from Montreal, 

Magic Carpet Ride Remixes

7 Dec

This remix ep of a classic is out now on beatport – brought to be by Southern Fried Records. Below is my pick of the EP.. Click on info for more details. Enjoy!

Slap In The Bass – Padrino / Xhosa (Remixes)

17 Nov

Released by: No Brainer Records
Release/catalogue number: nbr002_1
Release date: Dec 3, 2010

Slap In The Bass – Padrino / Xhosa (Remixes) (NBR002_1) by No Brainer Records