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Stavroz // Playground Party

21 Sep

This fresh ass Stavroz EP is now out on beatport via Wired including a remix from Enzo Siffredi!


_Booty Swing (Stereo Express Remix)

Stavroz // Robot Street Musicians

3 Sep

Here at Stavroz headquarters, we have some robots lying around. One of them is an awesome saxophone player, the other one knows how to handle the flute like a champ. So we put them together on the street. We didn’t get many dimes, cents, euros or dollars, but everyone was in for a little street party! So here you can hear what happened that day + very soon you’ll be able to buy it online, the guys at Wired Rec are so kind to share it with the world! (Stavroz SC, 2012)

_Stavroz – Robot Street Musicians