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Mickey Pearce // Swamp 023

13 Nov

Fresh Micky Pearce out now on Swamp81! Get the vinyl here.

Firejosé & Kamikaze Space Programme // Spinnaker EP

15 Aug

The Spinnaker EP is a collaboration that truly presents a seamless meeting of two fresh and individual styles from two of the most persausive artists on currently on DecaRhythm; the listener is treated to Firejosé’s fuzzy pads and swells matched with Kamikaze Space Programme’s solid production and addictive rhythms.

The producers – both based in Tallin, Estonia – discovered their both new found musical direction was covering similar ground; this EP is a product of many experimental studio sessions the two spent together.

Opening with the vocal bounce of Double Take, the irrepressible low slung beat and sharp keys roll over deep sub bass and make this track an instant classic. Pang takes a more sinister percussive roll with KSPs signature raw bass stabs and a great emanation of tension, the overweight bass swells are saved for the second drop!

The EP continues with the good vibes of He Just Went Out where a tuff drum kit pushes forward the beautifully developing bright key strokes, continually reaching higher whilst the obscure street corner vocal prevails in the backdrop. The now familier Firejosé and KSP chords take a grittier edge in the shadows of Stamshaw; the forboding groove slithers past discarded liquer bottles and dissonant mechanical noise revealing an altogether contrasting style.

A landmark release for DecaRhythm and four captivating tracks full of promise for future collaborations from this duo.
(Kamikaze Space Programme SC, 2012)


Pasteman & Tanka // Camaro EP

7 May

Tune in to a preview of Pasteman & Tanka‘s – Camaro EP 12″ EP forthcoming 877 Records 12″ – Release Date : May 2012

_Pasteman & Tanka – Camaro EP

Saulya // I Don’t Want to Sleep

6 May


Couple of sweet tracks from Saulya out soon on Squelchandclap!

_Saulya – I Don’t Want to Sleep

_Saulya – Gravitas

Graphics // MacGrackleton

2 Feb

Free DL of Graphics‘ track, MacGrackleton! Part of his recent Mama Grizzlies EP out now on Made To Play!

_Graphics – MacGrackleton

Future Swing Stories // Ghetto Swing

12 Dec

Serious big up to Future Swing Stories for mixing/passing us this amazing ghetto swing mix! Most definitely one of the best electronic swing mixes I’ve heard – probably due to the perfect balance of dirt, hip hop beats, bass, swing and ghettoness. Show em some love by tuning in below and downloading it from their FB page! Here’s a lil’ description text:

The first half of the 20th century saw periods of prohibition of the bottle in several countries around the world. Prohibition became increasingly unpopular during the Great depression, with Bootleggers, Rum runners and organised crime syndicates cashing in on this, the streets were a muck but the speakeasy’s flourished making way for an extraordinary time for music, a time of elegance, grandeur and down right naughtiness.

This mix attempts to translate the period of prohibition in the United States, from inception to ratification and the dry bits in between. (Future Swing Stories SC, 2011)

_Future Swing Stories – Ghetto Swing Vol 1

NON5ILENT // HzFunken

5 Oct

Received this in the mail the other day and found it worth the share. Tropicacid he calls it.. have a listen and if you dig grab it free at the link below!

► Available for FREE on http://www.fullfridgemusic.com

Written by Non5ilent 
Mixed & Mastered by Kinou @ Cook/Play//&//Clap Studio 
(CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Released by: Fullfridge Music 
Release/catalogue number: FRIDG004 
Release date: Sep 22, 2011 

MJ Cole & Scrufizzer // Southern Electric

23 Sep

Out on Prolific Recordings soon!