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SWANG! (Shake That Thing)

18 Jun

Out now on beatport via Freshly Squeezed!

Mega Club Sweat

2 Apr

The new Sweat It Out compilation – Mega Club Sweat – out now on beatport featuring lots of our favorite producers such as Max Bett, Hickup, Bongo, Danny T, Monkey Safari, Solo, Wax Motif, Pow! Pow! and more.

Kitten And The Hip – Don’t You Worry (TrockenSaft Remix)

8 Dec

Cheeky swing-tech freebie from Trockensaft. Preview below then hit up their PDJ page for some more goodness!

_Kitten and the Hip – Don’t You Worry (TrockenSaft Remix)

Stereo Express // Shadoorack EP

16 Nov

Stereo Express doesn’t disappoint. Tune in to another bangin’ EP from the duo from Belgium, out this December on Atmosphere Records.

The Shadoorack / Bootaleeza EP is a both digital and vinyl release. The original tracks are influenced by swing music from the 30’s. They make use of many instruments, catchy melodies and appealing vocals. The remixes add a valuable extra. Dan Caster doesn’t just offer another version of Shadoorack, but an almost new track in the typical Supdub sound. Arts & Leni bring a great interpretation of Bootaleeza with a strong melodic break. (Atmosphere Records SC, 2011)

G-Swing 003 sampler // James Curd

31 May

Sample of the 5 new songs by Greenskeepers for the new G-Swing 003!
1. Caper Full
2. Sucka
3. Religion
4. Bang In Your Face
5. Caper Instrumental

_G-Swing 003 sampler

James Curd – Party Over Here (M.in Remix)

24 May

The original from GreenskeepersJames Curd was a great one and so is this one! Now for some words from the president or M.in himself: I did this remix a long long time ago – I think a short time after our new orleans track! The greenskeepers liked the remix but it was never released. This is why I now am giving it to you as a free gift!

_James Curd – Party Over Here (M.in Remix)

Enzo Siffredi – Smokin’ EP

3 May

A new ep from Enzo Siffredi whom we had to pleasure to hear spin in Luzern last easter weekend in the Sedel. This time a swingtechstic collab with JFTH and the Allstars plus two more gems out now on Starlight. Preview below and beatport that shiiieee

_Enzo Siffredi – Smokin’ EP