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Lars Moston // Too Much Party Time

31 Jul

No Brainer Records is back with this Lars Moston EP featuring Teenage Mutants and remixes from Hahaha, Sammy Bananas and Neki Stranac. Head over to their soundcloud to read more about it! My pick is the Bear Pit.

Teenage Mutants – Bangla EP

7 Jun

Quite impressed with Discobelle‘s recent releases. Tune in to this one from Teenage Mutants featuring Stereophil. Out on June 30 with remixes from Lars Moston, The Coconut Wireless and Slap in the Bass.

_Teenage Mutants w/ Stereophil – Bangla

_Teenage Mutants w/ Stereophil – Bangla (Slap in the Bass Remix)

_Teenage Mutants w/ Stereophil – Bangla (Lars Moston Remix)

_Teenage Mutants – Enfants

Teenage Mutants – Chango (Malente Remix)

7 Dec

Not sure when this EP will be released on Kiez Beats but sure as hell am looking forward to it! Here’s a teaser: