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Wolfgang Lohr // Hirnholzraspel

29 Sep

New single by Wolfgang Lohr featuring remixes by The Chosen Two, Kanzler & Wischnewski and Arts & Leni. Out soon on Ton Liebt Klang!

Choose Your Remix EP

4 Jul

In order to lure the summer out of its hibernation, we had the ‘Choose Your Destiny EP’ go through the meat grinder. René Bourgeois’s take on ‘Nancy’s Room’ is following the style of his remixes Shakerplates, Atmosphere and Pimprinella, making it into a big ass open air hymn that would even make 007 want to drop by at the rave.

Jens Lewandowski previously celebrated his debut on the Berlin-based Supdub label, which is now followed by his remix debut on Powder & Louder. He cranked a beautiful, deep, and minimal version of ‘Der Hobbyastronaut’ out of the CPU.

‘Der Kosmoprolet’ went to Argentina as parts and returned as a sick NoDisc remix. The name of the man is Julio. He is a newcomer in the club music scene, but not when it comes to producing… we hardly ever heard such a fat bassline!

To make the deal complete, Wolfgang Lohr (who is known from his releases on Ton liebt Klang!) gently plowed through The Chosen Two’s Strebergarten and transformed it into a groovy Peaktime House track. (The Chosen Two SC, 2012)

Out on vinyl this July!

The Chosen Two // Choose Your Destiny EP

11 May

The Chosen Two with a fresh ep on Powder & Louder, now available on vinyl! Digital release soon.

Bongo & Super Super // Shesai

19 Mar

Some fresh ethnic tech is always welcomed, this one another giveaway from Belgium’s Bongo vs Super Super! Enjoy

_Bongo & Super Super – Shesai

Bonus: The Chosen Two – Pizzafreak’s Tool

The Chosen Two // Remixed Volume 1

24 Jan

The Chosen Two Remixed Vol.1 features four massive remixes of established The Chosen Two tunes:

Ryan Dupree from Stil Vor Talent mixed up “Dampfwalzer” and made a groovy tech house tune out of it.

Ardalan (Dirtybird/Gruuv/USA) who was responsible for the infamous Mr.Spock bootleg together with Justin Martin, delivers a more deep and bass driven version of “Alte Frische”.

The Chosen Two’s rolling “Neue Mattheit” was revamped to a funky stepper by Frogs In Socks (Southern Fried/Erase/UK), who describe their music themselves as frogstep !

And now finally on vinyl, the huge Sascha Braemer remix of the Chosen’s classic “The Concert” from autumn 2010. Timeless and still very fat! (Powder & Louder SC, 2012)

Dfind // Papakole

21 Jan

Here’s a tech house groove to start 2012 featuring strange bass line tech as well as bouncy and melodic tech edits from back in the day. Supporting up and comings artists such as Stereo Express, Bongo, Arts & Leni, Monkey Safari and The Chosen Two to name a few. Enjoy!

_Dfind // Papakole

01. Monkey Safari – Fat Papa (Bongo Remix)
02. Rickie Snice – Rick to Jack
03. Prztz – WMC (Dub)
04. The Chosen Two – Der Glockenkopf
05. Marco Fender – 8 Achtel
06. Biscuit Reality – A Bit Alarming
07. Arts & Leni – Bruno in Chinatown
08. Stereo & Howard – Dixiland
09. Oliver Klein – Suspenders (Aka Aka & Thalstroem Remix)
10. Enzo Siffredi – Outdoor Party
11. Lissat & Voltaxx – Ohanoa
12. Rene Bourgeois – Tico
13. Arts & Leni – Tony’s Happy Guys (Stereo Express Remix)
14. Moes Doems – Matador
15. Dan Caster – Petite Chanson
16. Temptations – Papa was a Rollin Stone (Drauf und Dran Bootleg)

Der Glockenkopf / Sanchos Sunrise

18 Nov

Tune in to some freshness from The Chosen Two! ‘Der Glockenkopf’ and ‘Sanchos Sunrise’ …two tracks which can be categorized as fuel for the dance floor with massive bass lines and rolling sample action. (Powder & Louder SC, 2011)

Frogs in Socks // Hush EP

18 Sep

Frogs in Socks‘ Hush EP out on Erase Records September 19th including two originals and remixes from The Chosen Two, Raul Mezcolanza and Sebastiano Sedda & Phil D’ bit! Tune in below.

Bonus: The Notorious B.I.G. – Everyday Struggle (Frogs in Socks Bootleg)

Dfind // Doopashi

29 Aug

It’s been quite a while now since my last mix, so here it is finally – some of my favorite dooper tech tracks at the moment.. Play it loud!

_Dfind – Doopashi

01. Adler & Finn – Paolo
02. Marco Fender – Concarne
03. Tomeka – Del Cielo (Rene Bourgeois Remix)
04. Felix Bernhardt – Die Lustige Lokomotive
05. Bacalao & Sonne – Tagliatelle Piano (Umami Remix)
06. Monkey Safari – Liverpool
07. Bengel, Bosche – Fartwind (Adler & Finn Remix)
08. Rene Bourgeois – Paris (Dan Caster Remix)
09. Andy Kohlmann – Summer Of Love (Instrumental)
10. The Chosen Two – The Concert (Sascha Braemer Remix)
11. L-Jems – Montenegros (Andy Kolmann Remix)
12. Daniel Steinberg – Aribaba
13. Rene Bourgeois – At Night (Umami Remix)
14. Budzillus – Der Untergang (Aka Aka Remix)