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Clouds // Bulbophyllum Remiferum

16 Feb

Clouds - Bulbophyllum Remiferum

Twin Turbo kicks off 2013 with an EP of club-rocking house-jackers from Scottish prodigies Clouds.

Following a year that saw their critical stature soar and made fans of a growing legion of techno stars (Chris Liebing and Gary Beck both named “Consciousness” the top track of 2012), Clouds take a break from their maturation process to crank out a few knee-jerk tracks built for the masses, each crafted around a catchy hip-hop inflected vocal hook. 

“Terrorcore” will scare the living sweat out of you with a deadly parade of monstrous toms and vocal sample that will force you to work through your cash-flow anxiety on the dancefloor. “Local Bubble” is the housiest, funkiest thing Clouds have ever done, a supremely playable record that will surely find a crossover audience. Finally, “HE_1523_0901”, pumps the bass up with Clouds’s signature distorted kickdrum sound, a minimal arrangement with more clever vocal cuts.

Twin Turbo – starting the new year with new bombs for a new generation of party people, some of whom are too young to remember when we invented high-energy dance music back in 2011.

(Turbo Recordings SC, 2013) Beatport here.

Renaissance Man // Call2Call EP

28 Jan

Renaissance Man Call2call ep

Turbo Recordings takes new-school electro to grad school with the latest release from Finnish duo Renaissance Man(Beatport, 2013) Beatport here!


12 Jan

Pilo // Ubstraktion

16 Dec

pilo turbo

Twin Turbo presents the debut release from Pilo, featuring three tracks to destroy whatever’s left of 2012’s dancefloors.

It’s always a source of pride for the label to discover a new artist and shove him out onto the world stage to sink or swim into the playlists of all the huge names who pay rapt attention to everything we do. We were introduced to Pilo through Harvard Bass, who suggested his fellow Californian for remix duties on his own recent Twin Turbo release. Now, we’re pleased to present Pilo’s proper debut, the work of yet another huge young talent grinding it out for nu-techno supremacy.

“Ubstraktion (Jazz Yo Self Mix)” melds rave diva vox, an infectious siren hook, and high-BPM lysergic techno, leaving you wonder what the less jazzy mix could possibly sound like. Meanwhile, “Forte Inductance” strips away the nonsense to genuine “stripped-down, no-nonsense” levels, relying on a relentless kick, overdriven toms, and a melting MC vocal to  get the job done. Finally, “Trippin” gets you trippin’ so hard that the term “after-hours warehouse banger-monster” seems to lose all meaning, before gaining way too much meaning.

Twin Turbo – closing out the year with new discoveries, new digital bombs, and new definitions of peak-time dominance. We’ll see you in 2013 with music that reflects our world’s inevitable Mad Max, dancing-in-the-breadline reality. (Turbo Recordings SC, 2012) Beatport here.

Nautiluss // Habitat

17 Oct

Fresh Nautiluss out soon on Turbo Recordings.

John Roman // Petrified

5 Aug

Couple bangin’ tracks on this fresh release from John Roman. My picks are St. Hood and Chimaera! Tune in and be on the look out on Twin Turbo.

New Jack Techno

19 Jun


Ushering in a new era for Tiga’s Turbo Recordings, New Jack Techno showcases the label’s next generation of producers, signalling a bold new direction for the influential Canadian imprint. Featuring 10 exclusive tracks, this compilation offers a glimpse of the year ahead while remaining faithful to the veteran label’s underground techno roots. (Turbo SC, 2012)

Now available on beatport!