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Catacrypte 2010

1 Jun

In case you missed it, heres a short montage featuring Vacintosh and Ducks on Repeat @ Case à Chocs. Insane zombie party!

Quack Attack 4

30 May

Time for another massiv quack attack! This time with banging support by “Vacintosh” Supermafia (NE)
Don’t miss it and join us celebrating electronic madness!

Sa.12.Juni 2010 @ Freundeskreis, Löwengraben 18 – Luzern

22:00 – 4:00, free entry

Ducks on Repeat @ Catacrypte next Saturday

6 Apr

The Ducks will join the Supermafia for another smashing gig.
Check out the Zombiestyle Catacrypte Party next Saturday 10.04.2010 @ la Case à Chocs in Neuchâtel.