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Stavroz // Robot Street Musicians

3 Sep

Here at Stavroz headquarters, we have some robots lying around. One of them is an awesome saxophone player, the other one knows how to handle the flute like a champ. So we put them together on the street. We didn’t get many dimes, cents, euros or dollars, but everyone was in for a little street party! So here you can hear what happened that day + very soon you’ll be able to buy it online, the guys at Wired Rec are so kind to share it with the world! (Stavroz SC, 2012)

_Stavroz – Robot Street Musicians

Tobias Nawrath – Hey Yah EP

27 Jun

Feelin’ this EP on wired.. Tobias Nawrath with two originals and JFTH on the remix. Quite like Moogs and the JFTH remix is pushy and phat! Preview below and grab on beatport.