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Worthy // Crickets & Joints EP

15 May

Worthy Crickets

I am really excited to have OWSLA give me the opportunity to share some of my beats with you all. In the process of writing my new album I created these two high energy songs. Let me tell you first hand that I have been playing these out for months now and both tracks are absolute killers in my sets. The Joint is a track that melds banging tom drums and 808s asking you to … “Do a Joint” while dropping you into some smokey hip hop influenced breaks and shooting you back out to the other side with red eyes. On track two, Crying Crickets, works around the sound of crickets that rise and make you go mental while dropping you into some nice grimey bass with house and techno influenced beats. I love this one and the way the vox develops in the break. It gets the crowd every time when it drops for the second time. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. – Worthy

Ruff Hauser // Paul Bunyun EP

22 Jan

Ruff Hauser - Paul Bunyun EP

Ruff Hauser‘s Paul Bunyun EP out now on Anabatic Records. Beatport here.

Worthy // Dip

18 Jan


Preview of my upcoming track Dip coming out on the “Dirtybird Players Sampler” dropping January 30th!!! (Worthy SC, 2013) Featuring tracks by Cause & Affect and Justin Jay.

NU – BAY$$ Vol.2

27 Oct

With the big success of the first NU-BAY$$ comp from this summer, we have decided to go ahead and follow up with a second Volume with some more of the most forward Bass tracks. This time we have three up and coming producers.

First up is Bay Area local Kirin Rider who comes through with some huge break beats with That’s My First. It is the kind of bumping and old school 80’s throw back that works on any dance floor. I have seen this tune just go off and destroy so many dance floors. Perfect for those peak times and with some earth shaking bass hits it does not disappoint.

On the second tune we have Look Like out of Switzerland, who brings it down and sexy with Talk To Me. It has the perfect warm chords and vibe that makes you just feel good and takes you up. It is perfect for those late nights or early morning sets.

Rounding out this package we have another Bay Area producer, Travie Bobby who brings us Bounce That Azz. A deeper break beat tune with big low end, it always gets the asses bouncing on the dance floor. (Worthy – Anabatic SC, 2012)

Wood Holly // Hoe Hoe Hoe EP

16 Sep

New Wood Holly EP out Sept 25 on Worthy‘s Anabatic Records!

Tom Flynn // Johnny’s Ice House EP

13 Jun

This one’s from May but it being so sick and it dropping fat in our last sets, I thought I had to post it! Tom Flynn on the booty tech bass available now on Anabatic Records! Also tune in to some upcoming Worthy below.

_Worthy – Same Damm Thing

_Worthy – Same Damm Thing (Nick Monaco Remix)

Anabatic Records // Nu-Bay$$ Vol. 1

30 May

Tune in to a a new compilation series on Anabatic Records called Nu-Bay$$ which is all about the low end and tracks that get the floor moving.
…five new and upcoming producers… …who are making the kind ghetto ass bass driven tracks we dig. 
(Anabatic Records SC, 2012) Check out the full descript here and preview below! Out June 5th.

Kramer Brill Bass

21 Mar

Two ghetto bassy B-side bangers – Mankinde‘s Kramer from his Hipster Doofus EP and Worthy‘s Brill from his Sunken EP.

_Worthy – Brill

_Mankinde – Kramer

Worthy // Make That Booty Go

11 Jan

Some fresh ghetto bass tech action from Frisco’s Worthy!

_Worthy – Make That Booty Go

Worthy // Lost Dog

8 Nov

Worthy‘s brought out another gem! Out now on Discobelle Records. Here’s a dandy little track description:

“Lost Dog” starts off as a skeletal house beat with some big hollow, rapid wartime drums sounding off over shamanic incantations yelped in the background. Things quickly get a bit more fleshed out as the tune meshes together into cohesiveness – Joe’s “Claptrap” for the tech house set, but replacing handclaps, sparse piano and coughing with chirping cut up vocal bursts and an unending percussive beat that burrows its way inside your skull.” (Discobelle SC, 2011)

Click here to check out the Lucid and LOL Boys remix.

_Worthy – Lost Dog

Ducks on Repeat // Hula Drop

4 Jul

Tune in to our new mix featuring some pushy tech grooves  and big wheel vibes in preparation for Melt! followed by some darker deeper stuff. Enjoy!

_Ducks on Repeat // Hula Drop

1. Snow Lady // Max Bett
2. Black Mamba // Olivier Giacomotto & John Acquavive
3. Lollywood // Joachim Pastor
4. Say yes // Jay Lumen
5. Digital Aboriginal (Joyce Muniz Remix) // Worthy & Yankee Zulu
6. The paccheri of uncle beppe // Siwell
7. Maracatumara (Flute Mix) // Gabe and Marcello V.o.r.
8. Kagomba (Andhim Remix) // Kolombo
9. Nuit // Alex Sander
10. Plink // Andy Kohlmann
11. Meiler ft. Thalstroem (Hakan Ludvigson Remix) // Aka Aka
12. Clap your Hands (Dub version) //Shanti Roots and Scheibosan
13. Salome (Audiojack Remix) // Channel X
14. Push and Pop // Drunkers
15. Green Potion // Konstantin Yoodza
16. Mockin smokin smile // Drunkers
17. Ostalgia // Frivolous

Worthy & Yankee Zulu – Digital Aboriginal

12 Apr

Here we go with another Anabatic presentation featuring a tribal tech tune by Worthy and Yankee Zulu called Digital Aboriginal. They’ve announced a release in May with remixes from Joyce Muniz and Idiotproof.

_Worthy & Yankee Zulu – Digital Aboriginal

Worthy – Right Time EP

2 Mar

Out now on Anabetic Records featuring remixes from Jamie Anderson and Tom Flynn. Check em out below and buy on beatport! Also go to Worthy’s soundcloud to see some reviews about this release.

Upcoming Tech House Releases

9 Dec

little bit of this a little bit of that

19 Nov

“Enjoyments of the moment” by: Sir Quack-a-lot

Mr Tom Flynn and Elvis encountered some worthy wildlife while on a monkey safari with Hanne & Lore. Boy oh boy eight bit they exclaimed!

Dfind – La Puerta

30 Aug


It’s been a little while since the last mix.. or maybe it’s been a normal amount of time between mixes as we seemed to have been droppin’ them every week for while! Here’s a techy one to drive or ride to. Don’t forget to be respectful and to turn your sub or decent speakas on!

La proxima estación…. LA PUERTA!

Dfind – La Puerta by ducks on repeat

Mediafire: Dfind – La Puerta (192kbps)

Zombie Disco Squad – Zimbo
Ed Orable – Sarracino (Monkey Safari Remix)
Jaxson & David Keno – Tout Le Temps
Loose Village – Kamuela (Worthy Remix)
Egal 3 – Swing
Renaissance Man – Premier Nytes
Andhim – Patty Sue
Simon2, Andreas Henneberg – Taiga Wutz
Ronte Monte Mo – Jule Waescht Sich Nie
Super Flu – Octavlachs
Rah Band – Clouds Across The Moon (Neuroxyde & Aki Bergen Dub-O-Matic Mix)
Mladen Tonic – Before Sunset
Mowgli – Caraibi (Tom Flynn Remix)
Ramon Tapia & Secret Cinema – Pass The Dutchie