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MarcAshken featuring SOS // Cat Walk

10 Mar

MarcAshken cat walk

MarcAshken’s Cat Walk out now on Classic Music Company featuring a remix by ZDS. Beatport here.

Pump Up The Valium // Zombie Disco Squad Boot

28 Dec

Pump Up The Valium

A gift from ZDS!

Zombie Disco Squad // Brains

22 May

Looking forward to ZDS‘s new album out on Made to Play May 28th!

Johanna Knutsson – Heavy Baby EP

4 May

Was a bit late on this one, but better late than never! We recently received a promo kit for this fourth release on the fairly new Berlin based Klasse Recordings that specializes in house and techno music. As a record label Klasse acknowledges and develops the ideas between racing, electronic music and the ‘man vs machine’ relationship. The concept of artist and founder Luca Lozano (half of Zombie Disco Squad) and agent Daniel Zedelmair (from Jackmode), Klasse holds up the classic spoked wheel design of a racing bike as a symbol of strength and unity which contrasts with the disposable doses of instantaneous gratification found on electronic music blogs and in so many discotheques that they have encountered on their travels.

The Klasse family is ever expanding but it’s core member group is currently Luca Lozano, Sacha Robotti, Mr. Ho and Johanna Knutsson. (Klasse Bio, 2011)

And now for some info on Johanna Knutsson. She caught the music bug in 2008, she promptly moved to Berlin from her native Sweden, buying her very own set of Technics and a xone42 mixer along the way. Finding her inspiration at the plethora of Berlin clubs, in particular Berghain, it wasn’t long before Johanna was well and truly entrenched in the city’s vast and varied music scene. Her love of electronic music led to a job writing for Pulse radio online magazine, interviewing artists such as Prosumer, Kasper Bjorke, Ripperton, Sasse and most recently, Session Victim. In 2010 she began promoting nights at Babel in Malmo, and at Chez Jacki in Berlin and secured a residency at the popular nightclub New Alliance in Inkonst, Malmo. Johanna was also signed to independent Berlin based label Klasse Recordings later that year. Her first release “Heavy baby” (featuring a Minilogue remix), was released in March 2011. A passion for 80s disco, house, hi hats and handclaps inspired a dance floor killing edit of Imagination’s “So Good So Right” (Johanna Knutsson So Easy Edit), which is probably why support has come from the likes of artist Alland Byallo and many more. (Johanna Knutsson Bio, 2011)

Now you can tune in to this EP below featuring remixes from Minilogue, Luca Lozano and James Creed. My favorite one is Minilogue’s cut for a cut. Enjoy!

The title track, ‘Heavy Baby’ is a house music mover with its foundations built on soulful vocals stabs, grooving percussion and a thick-bodied bassline thats sure to move every dance floor it has the pleasure of meeting. The track gives a nod to its roots whilst maintaining its sights firmly on the future, classic 909 hats clash with a distorted looping string of hats, resulting in a groove you cannot help but move to.

Swedish act Minilogue step up and turn in a remix that stretches and contorts the original to a full 15 minutes, twisting with the analogue melodies, hypnotic textures and intricate progressions that have come to identify Minilogues sound.

Brand new Klasse artist James Creed provides a stunning and impressive debut remix for the label. His melodic drums and vocal cuts swing with a casual bounce that emphasises the tracks sometimes melancholic and warm feeling.

Label boss Luca Lozano turns in a slower, pitched down interpretation. The vocals, drenched in reverb and delay playfully interact with a steady groove that bounces along to a satisfying buildup which then drops back to the drugged out, bassy loop that came before it.