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Autoclave – HerA$$ment (Stone Owl Remix)

10 Jul

Grab this freebie by Stone Owl, an Anabatic Records gift to promote the new EP by Autoclave which you can check out here.

Lux Groove // From the Back EP

14 May

Out soon on Anabatic Records!

Ruff Hauser // Paul Bunyun EP

22 Jan

Ruff Hauser - Paul Bunyun EP

Ruff Hauser‘s Paul Bunyun EP out now on Anabatic Records. Beatport here.

NU – BAY$$ Vol.2

27 Oct

With the big success of the first NU-BAY$$ comp from this summer, we have decided to go ahead and follow up with a second Volume with some more of the most forward Bass tracks. This time we have three up and coming producers.

First up is Bay Area local Kirin Rider who comes through with some huge break beats with That’s My First. It is the kind of bumping and old school 80’s throw back that works on any dance floor. I have seen this tune just go off and destroy so many dance floors. Perfect for those peak times and with some earth shaking bass hits it does not disappoint.

On the second tune we have Look Like out of Switzerland, who brings it down and sexy with Talk To Me. It has the perfect warm chords and vibe that makes you just feel good and takes you up. It is perfect for those late nights or early morning sets.

Rounding out this package we have another Bay Area producer, Travie Bobby who brings us Bounce That Azz. A deeper break beat tune with big low end, it always gets the asses bouncing on the dance floor. (Worthy – Anabatic SC, 2012)

Look Like // Wordz EP

25 Sep

Out Sept. 27 on Get Flavor!

Tanka // Big L

10 Apr

Grab this ghetto bass freebie from Winchester’s Tanka!

_Tanka – Big L

Follow Me Ghetto (The Criime Remix)

8 Jan

Grab this ghetto disco freebie from The Criime!

_Parris Mitchell – Follow Me Ghetto (The Criime Remix)

G-Revival / Rack n Ruin Rmx

27 Aug

Download the brand new Rack n Ruin remix of Gangsta Revival Free!
D-Rakkas of South Rakkas Crew has a new 8 song EP coming out on Mad Decent next Tuesday 8/30 . Preview all tracks here.
(Mad Decent Soundcloud, 2011)

_Gangsta Revival (Rack n Ruin Remix)

Introducing Pasteman

25 Aug

Not sure how I stumbled across Pasteman from Leeds, but gotta say I’m impressed with what I hear! Lovin’ the ghetto BDs, bass and uk funk in there not to mention the familiar vocals heard from stanton warriors! Show him some love on his SC. Below are a few giveaways (just click on the track names to download).

_Pasteman – The Movement

_M.I.A. – Bucky Done Gun (Pasteman Remix)

_Pasteman & Herobot – Work (What You Waiting For)

Bonus: Graphics – Fine Yarn – Hit this guy up here to find out more!

Rico Tubbs – Hot Girls Dope Boys (Maatela Bootleg)

17 May

Another bootleg from Maatela to giveaway, this time of Rico Tubbs‘ Hot Girls Dope Boys which came out on the original Gangsters LP! Keeping the old fresh to go. Listen and download below.

_Rico Tubbs – Hot Girls Dope Boys (Maatela Bootleg)

Slap In The Bass – Egypt

30 Apr

No Brainer Records brings you Slap In The Bass killer tune ‘Egypt’ as the first part of a video trilogy. Watch this with the next two clips for the coming releases and you’ll get a short film called ‘Sleight Of Hand’. This first part on three is directed by young frenchman Jules Audry (Tyler & Jack). Stay tuned!

‘Egypt’ incl. ACT YO AGE, HOSTAGE, GRAHMZILLA remixes, the ‘Kom Ombo’ colaboration with BOTNEK and the fabulous ‘Pyramid’ get released on 6th of may on Beatport and two weeks later everywhere else. If your dancefloor is a desert, this can be your oasis.


Concept: Thomas Savary | Dro
Written by: Thomas Savary, Christoph Göttsch, Jules Audry
Directed & Edited by: Jules Audry | Tyler & Jack 
Motion Design: Thomas Savary | Dro

No Brainer: Christopher Doré
Haunter 1: Clément Bertonneau
Haunter 2: Léo Soufrice
Supporting roles: Samuel Berner et Antonin Jenny

Thanks to: Loca Images, Raphaël Audebert, the guys on the bench

Canon 7D – 17-50 f/ 2,8
FCP – Ae

(No Brainer Records Vimeo, 2011)

Check out the full release on soundcloud!

2 Bit Thugs Re Rubs

13 Apr

Well if it ain’t a couple of bangin re rubs from good ol’ 2 Bit Thugs. I had actually hoped for an SW bootleg of Sunshine but the thugs beat them to it and this redlight rub scratches that bass fueled itch as well. Enjoy!

_Rye Rye Ft. MIA – Sunshine (2 Bit Thugs Re Rub)

_Redlight Ft Ms Dynamite – What You Talkin’ About? (2 Bit Thugs Re Rub)

DJ Sega – The Angry Birdz Theme

8 Apr

Grab this shizzle for a laugh and hit up DJ Sega here.

_DJ Sega – The Angry Birdz Theme

Fried & Tested Vol. 1

6 Apr

Fried & Tested Tracks Vol. 1 is out now on Southern Fried Records. There are quite a few bangin’ tunes on this release. Check them out on the port but before you do, sample em here.

Crookers Presents Dr Gonzo

4 Apr

Check out Crookers‘ new project called Dr Gonzo with Savage Skulls, Wax Motif and Neoteric. Out April 11th on Southern Fried Records. Below is a preview of two tracks from the EP via Annie Mac on BBC radio 1.

_Crookers Presents Dr Gonzo

déjà-vu ghettoness

7 Oct


Drop by sempacherstr. 17 this Saturday for a pre-drink and some killer tunes to get you hyped for the night!
Here are two ghetto tracks for your oidos!

Defkline & Red Polo – Busta Touch it Bring it
Tittsworth – WTF (Deekling & Ed Solo Remix)