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2 years of umami // Anniversary set

17 Aug

Tune in and download this awesome anniversary set from umami. Here’s a few words from them:

It’s been 2 years since we played our first concert and released our first vinyl. We’ve had a great time since then and want to thank you for all your love and your support… So here is a set with a lot of our tracks from the last 2 years….

(umami SC, 2012)

_2 years of umami – Anniversary set

Adler & Finn // Through My Fingers

14 Jul

Preview this amazing upcoming album from Adler & Finn out July 20th on supdub! Read the full description here.

Umami // We Don’t Need Words

5 Jun

Banging new ep from Umami feat. Stereo Express in one track –  out end of this month on Burlesque Music! Pre-order here.

_Umami – We Don’t Need Words

_Umami – Not to

_Umami & Stereo Express – Get up

Alec Troniq // Rueffel EP

14 Apr

Alec Troniq presents two fresh cheery tracks: In “Rueffel” he’s piping, drumming berserk and doing echoism. A sweet remix is delivered by Stereo Express from Atmosphere / Burlesque, well-known for their bombs “Shadoorack” and “La Vie En Rose”. On B1 Alec crashes a russian wedding, kidnaps “Ljudmila” and entrains her to his own spring meadows. The groover on B2 is remixed by a guy named Bunched – cutting, stomping and constantly stepping forward. As a bonus there’s a digital only “Behende Version” of the title track: more rave, less gadgets – with a free download code enclosed to the vinyl! (Alec Troni SC, 2012)

Out April 27 on Ipoly Music.

Traumfabrik // Anna wisch ab

13 Apr

Fresh release from Traumfabrik, out now on Ton Liebt Klang featuring remixes from Arts & Leni, Tonmotiv and Felix Bernhardt.

_Traumfabrik – Anna Wisch Ab

_Traumfabrik – Anna Wisch Ab (Arts & Leni Remix)

_Traumfabrik – Anna Wisch Ab (Tonmotiv Remix)

_Traumfabrik – Anna Wisch Ab (Felix Bernhardt Remix)

Enzo Siffredi // Pas A La Mode EP

8 Apr

Wicked release from Enzo Siffredi out tomorrow!

Released by: Erase Records 
Release/catalogue number: ER200 
Release date: Apr 9, 2012

_Enzo Siffredi – My Blue Ray-Bans

_Enzo Siffredi – Strange Couple

Max Duke // No Good Ep

3 Apr

Released by: SHAKER PLATES 
Release/catalogue number: SHPL011 
Release date: Apr 26, 2012

Carlo Ruetz // Handmade EP

19 Mar

Tune in to this fresh Supdub release! Carlo Ruetz reppin’ the Berlin dooper tech label with this Handmade EP out now on beatport!

Enzo Siffredi // Sicilian Ballad

7 Mar

Enzo Siffredi tech vibes out March 20 on Wired!

_Enzo Siffredi – Sicilian Ballad

Supertribe EP

30 Jan

Alec Tricker‘s Supertribe EP out now featuring Rene Bourgeois on remix duty!

_Alec Tricker – Supertribe

_Alec Tricker – Supertribe (Rene Bourgeois Remix)

Arts & Leni´s Weihnachtsbäckereien Edit

24 Dec

Xmas freebie from Arts & Leni, reppin’ Hamburg!

_Art & Leni – Weihnachtsbäckerei

Mushroom Mountain // Little Green Men

13 Dec

Cheeky oompa doompa release by Mushroom Mountain, out now on beatport via Sweat it Out! Preview the ep below!

Niconé & Braemer // Liar

13 Dec

Oliver Klein Remixes // Kling Klong Records

8 Dec

Two picks from the new Oliver Klein remix ep on Kling Klong Records! Aka Aka can’t go wrong with their oompa suspender tech vibe where Klein’s re-edit of Straight to the Point pushes us good, simple and effective. Find them here.

_Oliver Klein – Suspenders (AKA AKA Remix)

_Oliver Klein – Straight to the Point (Re-edit)

Dfind // Down Under

21 Nov

Here’s a 1 hour sunday fog vibe mix I did. Hope you dig it!
ps: we are now on mixcloud.

_Dfind – Down Under

01. The Doors – Riders on the Storm (Niconé Edit)
02. Britta Arnold, Philip Bader – Deep Srpee
03. Stadtmusikant – Audiorama
04. Rene Bourgeois – Pearl Harper
05. Stereo Express – Shadoorack (Dan Caster Remix)
06. Martin Books – Nikita (Andy Kohlmann Remix)
07. Arts & Leni – One Pub One Tony
08. Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner – Soap
09. Turmspringer – Freedom
10. Air – Run (Veitengruber Remix)
11. Sascha Brämer & Niconé – Romantic Thrills

Stereo Express // Shadoorack EP

16 Nov

Stereo Express doesn’t disappoint. Tune in to another bangin’ EP from the duo from Belgium, out this December on Atmosphere Records.

The Shadoorack / Bootaleeza EP is a both digital and vinyl release. The original tracks are influenced by swing music from the 30’s. They make use of many instruments, catchy melodies and appealing vocals. The remixes add a valuable extra. Dan Caster doesn’t just offer another version of Shadoorack, but an almost new track in the typical Supdub sound. Arts & Leni bring a great interpretation of Bootaleeza with a strong melodic break. (Atmosphere Records SC, 2011)

What Matters Remixes

8 Sep

Some bangin remixes of an already bangin track! Hanne & Lore – Philip Bader – Broombeck on duty! An original by Aka Aka, Umami and Thalstroem.

Out on burlesque musique 
12.09.2011 vinyl 
19.09.2011 digital

Dfind // Doopashi

29 Aug

It’s been quite a while now since my last mix, so here it is finally – some of my favorite dooper tech tracks at the moment.. Play it loud!

_Dfind – Doopashi

01. Adler & Finn – Paolo
02. Marco Fender – Concarne
03. Tomeka – Del Cielo (Rene Bourgeois Remix)
04. Felix Bernhardt – Die Lustige Lokomotive
05. Bacalao & Sonne – Tagliatelle Piano (Umami Remix)
06. Monkey Safari – Liverpool
07. Bengel, Bosche – Fartwind (Adler & Finn Remix)
08. Rene Bourgeois – Paris (Dan Caster Remix)
09. Andy Kohlmann – Summer Of Love (Instrumental)
10. The Chosen Two – The Concert (Sascha Braemer Remix)
11. L-Jems – Montenegros (Andy Kolmann Remix)
12. Daniel Steinberg – Aribaba
13. Rene Bourgeois – At Night (Umami Remix)
14. Budzillus – Der Untergang (Aka Aka Remix)

Stereo Express // La Vie En Rose EP

9 Aug

Really looking forward to this release – September 1st! Preview a couple below and go here to check out the other tracks / pre-order possibility! Here is a little text I found on deejay.de about this forthcoming EP from Stereo Express – La Vie En Rose / Confession:

The Belgian Duo Stereo Express is the very promising discovery from Shaker Plates. After releasing their debut EP “Gypsy Ride” on Atmosphere Records it´s time for the first Vinyl – and hell yeah…what a 12″ !!! Completed with Monster Remixes from René Bourgeois (Supdub, Lordag, Moonplay) and Filtertypen (Yippiee, Einmaleins Musik)

René Bourgeois – Paris // At Night

7 Jul

Really looking forward to this dooper release from René Bourgeois along with remixes from Dan Caster and Umami – all three of them favourites at the moment! Enjoy the previews below.

Released by: SHAKER PLATES
Release/catalogue number: SHPL008
Release date: Aug 1, 2011