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Sedel Toxic 5

7 Sep

Here is a recording of our set from Sedel Toxic, a few weeks back!

_Ducks on Repeat – Sedel Toxic 5

Ducks on Repeat feat. Pakalolo // Impuls Festival

13 Jul

Impuls Festival – 7./8. Juli 2012 @ Gunzwil
(Nick Schwegler Photography)

Neustadtmusik Label Night // Ampere Club

1 Jun

Hope to see you there! Quack

Ducks on Repeat // Rok After Hour

17 May

Here is the recording from last weekend’s after hour set at Rok! quaaack

_Ducks on Repeat – Rok After Hour Set

Review GCC 02 Party

8 Mar

Daniel Haaksman – Din Daa Daa (Ducks on Repeat)

9 Feb

Tune in to our remix entry of Daniel Haaksman‘s Din Daa Daa – a rework of the 1980s tune from drummer George Kranz!

_Daniel Haaksman – Din Daa Daa (Ducks on Repeat Remix)

GCC Romandie Set

3 Dec

Here’s a recording of our set last Friday at Romandie, Lausanne – epic night! Cheers again to GCC for this sick evening. To follow the toml project click here! peace

_GCC Romandie Set // Nov 25, 2011

2 Jahr Freundeskreis w/ Sascha Braemer

20 Sep

Here’s is the warm up set we did for Sascha Braemer with our good friend Pakalolo live on the percussions! Hope you dig it.. And also check out Braemer’s set and Dietrich & Strolch‘s liveset which they finished the evening with – really killed it!

_Ducks on Repeat – 2 Jahr Freundeskreis with Sascha Braemer

_Sascha Braemer – 2 Jahr Freundeskreis Set

_Dietrich und Strolch – 2 Jahr Freundeskreis with Sascha Braemer

Ducks on Repeat // Club Bonsoir Set

14 Aug

Here’s our set from Club Bonsoir a couple weeks back. Cheers to Trinidad for the session – wicked party! quaaack

_Ducks on Repeat // Club Bonsoir Set

01. Klezzic // Malente & Jay Robinson
02. Chanson De Jean (ZDS Remix) // Monkey Safari
03. Kagomba (Andhim Remix) // Kolombo, Kagomba
04. Herbalistic // Solo
05. Say Yes // Jay Lumen
06. Liverpool // Monkey Safari
07. Strawberry Swing // Solo
08. Hey Yah (JFTH Remix) // Tobias Nawrath
09. Knick Knack // Jon Rundell
10. Maracatumara (Flute Mix) // Gabe & Marcello V.O.R.
11. Viva La Vida // Flavio Lodetti & Alister
12. Agro Yoga (Superpingpong Remix) // Hanne & Lore
13. Blonde Flute // Andy Kohlmann
14. Monkey Slap // Monkey Safari
15. Blue (Uto Karem Remix) // Flavio Diaz
16. Hot Box // Eldoko
17. Der Gitarrenwemser // Hanne & Lore
18. Budgie Smuggler // Tom Flynn
19. Taksi Taksi (Aka Aka Remix) // Budzillus
20. At Night // René Bourgeois
21. Ostalgia // Frivolous
22. Fratzengulasch // Die Vögel

Ducks on Repeat // Hula Drop

4 Jul

Tune in to our new mix featuring some pushy tech grooves  and big wheel vibes in preparation for Melt! followed by some darker deeper stuff. Enjoy!

_Ducks on Repeat // Hula Drop

1. Snow Lady // Max Bett
2. Black Mamba // Olivier Giacomotto & John Acquavive
3. Lollywood // Joachim Pastor
4. Say yes // Jay Lumen
5. Digital Aboriginal (Joyce Muniz Remix) // Worthy & Yankee Zulu
6. The paccheri of uncle beppe // Siwell
7. Maracatumara (Flute Mix) // Gabe and Marcello V.o.r.
8. Kagomba (Andhim Remix) // Kolombo
9. Nuit // Alex Sander
10. Plink // Andy Kohlmann
11. Meiler ft. Thalstroem (Hakan Ludvigson Remix) // Aka Aka
12. Clap your Hands (Dub version) //Shanti Roots and Scheibosan
13. Salome (Audiojack Remix) // Channel X
14. Push and Pop // Drunkers
15. Green Potion // Konstantin Yoodza
16. Mockin smokin smile // Drunkers
17. Ostalgia // Frivolous

Strichpunkt Vol 3 // Meech vs 1984

8 Jun

Above is a short edit of our last event at Strichpunkt with special Discobelle guests Meech and 1984 in the mix and Pizz with the visuals! Below is a live recording of their set. Quack

_Strichpunkt Vol 3 // Meech vs 1984

Ducks on Repeat // Strichpunkt Vol 2

25 May

Here is a live recording of the warm-up set we did for Schlachthofbronx and Hood Regulators earlier this May at Strichpunkt.. Something a bit more heavy and tropical bassy! Quack

_Ducks on Repeat // Strichpunkt Vol 2

Zaap Festival Volume 1

12 May

The wait was long but time did fly! Zaap Collective and Squittybubbler present the first edition of the Zaap festival taking place tomorrow, Friday 13 at Usine a Gaz, Nyon! Also note that this is the Zaap Collective’s launch party.

The Zaap concept is basically to connect DJs, VJs and artists from around Switzerland and to create a brand in order to strengthen ourselves and our passion for electronic music. For this first edition there will be a night with six DJ’s between 21h and 3h. The entry will be 20.- Also below are promo mixes from the collective DJs!

– FOAMO (Chew The Fat!, UK)

– HOSTAGE (Nightshifters, UK)

– PLESH (Squitty Bubbler, UK)

and the collective DJs:

– DUCKS ON REPEAT (Zaap/Freundeskreis, CH)

– DEMON-D (Zaap/OhMyDays!, CH)

– SIR CHARLIE (Zaap/OhMyDays!, CH)

For visuals there will be our label VJ:

– PIZZ (Zaap, CH)

Check out a short teaser video Pizz made for this event:

We hope to see you there to support your local artists!

Ducks on Repeat – Strichpunkt Volume 1

7 May

Tune in to a live recording of our first session at the Strichpunkt, Luzern with some dooper tech for your listening activities! And drop by tonight where we’ll be warming up for Schlachthofbronx with some tropical bass and more.. Quack!

_Ducks on Repeat – Strichpunkt Vol 1


1. Conquer The Night – Original Mix / Umami

2. Belle – Original Mix / Sascha Braemer

3. Cherni Kotaraci (Stephan Panev Chop Chop Edit) / Milenita

4.  Babbel Net – Original Mix / B-Ju

5. Viva La Vida – Original Mix / Flavio Lodetti & Alister

6. Habanera – Original Mix / Chris James

7. Lurin – Original Mix / Kaiserdisco

8. Friends – Original Mix / Philip Bader & Sascha Braemer

9. Relajate (AKA AKA & Thalstroem Remix) / Milkwish

10. Marvel – Original Mix / Channel X

11. Codface – Original Mix / Slaaf

12. Gabba (Max Bett Remix) / Biohazart

13. 3-Balloons – Original Mix / Masomenos

14. People – Original / Lars Moston & Ben Mono

Katapult @ Strichpunkt

15 Apr


1 Apr

like to share with you my almost forgotten mix Clouds. It’s a collection of some nice melodic tech…sometimes deep other times light and peaceful….enjoy.

_Clouds – Dj Daboo

01. Warschauer Strasse – Oliver Koletzki
02.Musica Rodante (Original Mix) – Martin Eyerer
03.Mayas (Original Mix) – Nick Curly
04.Bright Star – Stimming
05.Telecaster – Gui Boratto
06.Milk & Honey (Basket Mix) – Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt
07.Sure I Can – Dyno Remix – Oliver Koletzki
08.Melodica – Stimming
09.Ode Ao Sol (Moonbeam Remix) – Pena And Perfect Stranger
10.Grace (Justin Martin Remix) – Mike Monday
11.Holding – Alex Metric
12.River’s Fate – Frivolous


31 Mar

Ducks on Repeat present another Electrolaps with guest dj: Pakalolo in the mix as well as visuals by Pizz. Round basslines, tight beats and ethno percussions all the way. Entry 10.- / Friendslist 8.- Starting time at 22:00 (April 1st, Friday) @ Gewerbehalle – Baselstrasse 46, Luzern. Hope to see you there. quack!

freundeskreis: MiniFest

24 Mar

Coming up this Friday and Saturday, freundeskreis presents the MiniFest in Südpol and Bourbaki featuring guest djs: Solo (Deadfish / Dirtybird), Mickey Morris and family (Bonsoir), DVW & Marc Feldmann (trinidad dj team), Kid Baba (pump it up)! From the label’s side is Ducks on Repeat with a one hour live set followed by a dj set, Maverick Renegade and Simon Marty! Hope to see you there for two evenings of electronic music.

Rok Afterhour Set with Simon Marty

22 Mar

Tune in to a live recording from our last dj set at the Rok Afterhour in the mix back to back with Simon Marty (freundeskreis)!

_Ducks on Repeat & Simon Marty – Rok Afterhour Set

Get Up! @ Vernissage, Zermatt

16 Mar

Here is a short video from last weekend’s gig at the Vernissage Club, courtesy of Pizz Prod. And below you can tune in / download 2hr50mins of our set that we recorded live. Unfortunately my laptop ran out of space so I had to stop the recording before the end of the night.. Enjoy!