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Monkey Safari // Big Mama

31 Aug

Tune in to Monkey Safari‘s Big Mama EP. A third release on Jackmode and a good one. My picks are Balkonia and Mehndi! Out on beatport September 13.

Dfind // Doopashi

29 Aug

It’s been quite a while now since my last mix, so here it is finally – some of my favorite dooper tech tracks at the moment.. Play it loud!

_Dfind – Doopashi

01. Adler & Finn – Paolo
02. Marco Fender – Concarne
03. Tomeka – Del Cielo (Rene Bourgeois Remix)
04. Felix Bernhardt – Die Lustige Lokomotive
05. Bacalao & Sonne – Tagliatelle Piano (Umami Remix)
06. Monkey Safari – Liverpool
07. Bengel, Bosche – Fartwind (Adler & Finn Remix)
08. Rene Bourgeois – Paris (Dan Caster Remix)
09. Andy Kohlmann – Summer Of Love (Instrumental)
10. The Chosen Two – The Concert (Sascha Braemer Remix)
11. L-Jems – Montenegros (Andy Kolmann Remix)
12. Daniel Steinberg – Aribaba
13. Rene Bourgeois – At Night (Umami Remix)
14. Budzillus – Der Untergang (Aka Aka Remix)

Midnight (Martin Dacar Rmx)

28 Aug

Tune in to this Martin Dacar remix of Niko Schwind‘s Midnight – a tech house freebie for all!

_Niko Schwind – Midnight (Martin Dacar Remix)

G-Revival / Rack n Ruin Rmx

27 Aug

Download the brand new Rack n Ruin remix of Gangsta Revival Free!
D-Rakkas of South Rakkas Crew has a new 8 song EP coming out on Mad Decent next Tuesday 8/30 . Preview all tracks here.
(Mad Decent Soundcloud, 2011)

_Gangsta Revival (Rack n Ruin Remix)

Stages of Life

26 Aug

Check out the new EP Stages of Life by Mendo. These two very groovy tracks are released on Cadenza. My personal pick is “Inocencia” , the mixture of the happy vocals and the jazzy trumpet work perfect together….a must dance track!!!

Inocencia (teaser)

Old school (teaser)

Justin Martin & Ardalan

26 Aug

A fresh tune from Ardalan and Justin Martin out now on dirtybird! Grab it here.

_Justin Martin & Ardalan – Lezgo

Also check out this Ardalan Remix out today!

_DJ Ferry – Monomal (Ardalan Remix)

Dance Me (Oliver $’s Hyphy Remix) – Riva Starr

25 Aug

Tune in to this unreleased remix of Riva Starr‘s Dance Me from Oliver $! He has kindly decided to give it away for free. Preview below and if you dig just hit him up on his new tumblr page for the freebie.

_Riva Starr – Dance Me (Oliver $’s Hyphy Remix)

Introducing Pasteman

25 Aug

Not sure how I stumbled across Pasteman from Leeds, but gotta say I’m impressed with what I hear! Lovin’ the ghetto BDs, bass and uk funk in there not to mention the familiar vocals heard from stanton warriors! Show him some love on his SC. Below are a few giveaways (just click on the track names to download).

_Pasteman – The Movement

_M.I.A. – Bucky Done Gun (Pasteman Remix)

_Pasteman & Herobot – Work (What You Waiting For)

Bonus: Graphics – Fine Yarn – Hit this guy up here to find out more!

Kittball Konspiracy Vol 2

24 Aug

Tune in to round two of the Kitball Konspiracy featuring Daniel Steinberg, Basti Grub, Juliet Sikora, Rainer Weichhold, Tube & Berger vs Vaiolino and more. Below are just a few of my picks from this compilation, click here to preview them all. Out on Kittball Records, August 26, 2011! Beatport here.

_Daniel Steinberg – Aribaba

_Tube & Berger vs Vaiolino -Puzzy

_Rainer Weichhold – Ohne Fun Kein Spass

Wafa vs Wolfie // Tom Tom

23 Aug

Tune in to another satisfying No Brainer release, this time a collaboration between London’s WAFA (Grizzly) and Sydney’s WOLFIE (Sweat It Out). (No Brainer Records SC, 2011) I’m feeling the driving beats from the two originals in this dog-step-fight while the Slap in the Bass and Arcade remixes have a uk funk vibe, one bassy the other a deeper wheel. The Riton mix is not so much our thing.. Preview below and be on the look out on Aug 26, 2011!

Guerrero Azteca (SaBBo Remix)

22 Aug

Grab this free download, courtesy of Javier Estrada and Sabbo and rinse your legs out to some heavy tribal triplets! You can also grab the whole Ritmos Del Mundo compilation here.

_Javier Estrada – Guerrero Azteca (SaBBo Remix)

Algorythmik // Morphism

22 Aug

Teaser of Algorythmik‘s upcoming album Morphism – out Sept 12 2011. Also grab this freebie of Circus World (Feat. Ben Sharpa & Wapi Wap)!

_Algorythmik – Morphism Teaser

Santos // Zagros Fest EP

22 Aug

Tune in to this recent EP from Santos featuring remixes from Riva Starr, Santé and Nicole Moudaber, out now on Rockets & Ponies. Below are two remixes but beatport here to preview the others – feelin’ the others as well.

_Santos – Zagros Fest (Riva Starr SuperDub)

_Santos – Zagros Fest (Santé Remix)

Sjoroem (Kosheen DJ’s remix)

19 Aug

Kosheen’s DJ’s remix of Sjoroem by Koen Groeneveld and Arturo Silvestre.
Fantastic mallet sounds run with some heavy bass….nice! Beatport here

_Sjoroem (Kosheen DJ\’s remix) – Koen Groeneveld, Arturo Silvestre

Nick Monaco // Nick’s Episode

18 Aug

Nick Monaco presents Nick’s Episode and Together coming soon on Anabatic Records with remixes from Ardalan and Munnibrotherz!

Released by: Anabatic Records 
Release/catalogue number: AB37
Release date: Aug 23, 2011

Demon-D // Black Crows EP

18 Aug

Tune in to Demon-D‘s (OhMyDays, Zaap) free new EP coming out August 25th on OhMyDays! Records on the rave side of the moon. Preview the original and the Hostage remix below. Also on remix duty are ShakeItMaschine, Pharoe, Third2Second and Meddler.

Grab it here for free!

Released by: OhMyDays!
Release/catalogue number: OMD003
Release date: Aug 25, 2011

_Demon-D – Black Crows

_Demon-D – Black Crows (Hostage Remix)

Introducing Juan Ddd

17 Aug

I’ve been meaning to introduce Juan Ddd for a while now, hailing from Colombia and killing it in the big wheelin’ tech drive vibe! Below are a few picks that are getting me goin! Go to his soundcloud to read for about him + tune in some more.

_Juan Ddd – Dropbox

_Juan Ddd – Techno Shark

_Juan Ddd – Mad Dog

_Juan Ddd, Fernando Tessis – Robotecno

Fake Blood // Deep Red EP

16 Aug

Looking forward to the new Fake Blood EP coming out in September on Cheap Thrills / Blood Music! Here is a short text from the Cheap Thrills SC:

Consisting of three fresh new productions that could only be the work of one man, the EP kicks off with the intense distorted sounds of ‘Deep Red’, a track with more twists and turns than an episode of Tales of the Unexpected and a bassline that hits like a slap in the face.

With no let up throughout, ‘Voices’ and ‘Medieval’ complete the EP, offering up everything from warped folk melodies and sublime piano riffs to those all important bouncing basslines, further proof, if needed, of Fake Blood’s skill in manipulating samples, noises and beats to create sounds unlike any other producer around.

Preview Deep Red below and click here to preview Voices!

_Fake Blood // Deep Red

Ducks on Repeat // Club Bonsoir Set

14 Aug

Here’s our set from Club Bonsoir a couple weeks back. Cheers to Trinidad for the session – wicked party! quaaack

_Ducks on Repeat // Club Bonsoir Set

01. Klezzic // Malente & Jay Robinson
02. Chanson De Jean (ZDS Remix) // Monkey Safari
03. Kagomba (Andhim Remix) // Kolombo, Kagomba
04. Herbalistic // Solo
05. Say Yes // Jay Lumen
06. Liverpool // Monkey Safari
07. Strawberry Swing // Solo
08. Hey Yah (JFTH Remix) // Tobias Nawrath
09. Knick Knack // Jon Rundell
10. Maracatumara (Flute Mix) // Gabe & Marcello V.O.R.
11. Viva La Vida // Flavio Lodetti & Alister
12. Agro Yoga (Superpingpong Remix) // Hanne & Lore
13. Blonde Flute // Andy Kohlmann
14. Monkey Slap // Monkey Safari
15. Blue (Uto Karem Remix) // Flavio Diaz
16. Hot Box // Eldoko
17. Der Gitarrenwemser // Hanne & Lore
18. Budgie Smuggler // Tom Flynn
19. Taksi Taksi (Aka Aka Remix) // Budzillus
20. At Night // René Bourgeois
21. Ostalgia // Frivolous
22. Fratzengulasch // Die Vögel

ReflexionSound // African Beat & Jah Works

14 Aug

And now for something different, roots for ya sunday – an old mix from a good friend of mine that goes by ReflexionSound! One Love

_ReflexionSound // African Beat & Jah Works


001.Shinehead- RAGGA MUFFIN
002.Beenie Man feat. Barrington Levy- UNDER MI SENCI
003.Reggie Stepper- UNDER MI SINTING
005.Jah Mason- DEM LOVE ME
006.Admiral Tibet- COULDN’T BELIEVE IT
007.Anthony B- GOOD COP
008.Capleton- CAN’T TAN YAH
009.Zippa Ras & Silva Cat- SHY EMPRESS
011.Culture Lion- RASTA RUN BOUT YAH